Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Application

Academic Coaching allows you to work one on one with staff to reflect on your experiences and create plans for change. You are unique! Your Academic Coach will get to know you - your strengths, your goals, and what motivates you. In a reflective process, your Coach will help you define your goals and then find and implement the tools and strategies that work best for YOU. The keys to a productive Coaching experience are regular, open, and honest communication. We ask that students applying for this program meet for an initial 1 hour appointment, then for 30 minutes every other week throughout the semester. When completing the application, you will have the opportunity to rank the coaches you are interested in working with. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call 651-962-6300.

Joanie Kyllo:

I have been an Academic Counselor at St. Thomas since 2006.  For the first 10 years, in the College of Business and, since then, in Academic Counseling where I also work with students on Academic Probation.  Prior to that I was a Career Counselor for about eight years specializing in helping people with major/career exploration and confirmation. 

 As someone who myself wasn’t a “natural” in school, I love working with students helping them toward achieving their academic and career goals while also focusing on school/life balance.  As your coach, I strive to provide an open and trusting environment for the student to make self-discoveries, set priorities and refine their time management skills, assist in creating personalized action plans according to each student’s goals, apply strategies for studying effectively, and identify campus resources designed to promote student learning and development. 

 In my free time I love to relax watching movies, play board and/or card games, and just spend time with family or friends.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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Kelly Petersen:

I have been working with students on Academic Probation at St. Thomas since 2005, and it’s my favorite part of my job. I enjoy the process of helping students reflect on their strengths and struggles and then working together to find tools and strategies to achieve success. I’m also a self-professed time management nerd and I like helping people figure out different ways to organize and think about their time. In my free time I love to read, knit, and hang out at that Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia). My life motto is, ‘I am still learning’ and I’m excited to work with students who are open to trying new things.


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Drew Puroway:

I have been working with college students on various parts of life for over 15 years. I love hearing people’s stories and working with students to become the people they want to be in those stories.  As a coach, I strive to foster a loop of reflection and awareness for positive change.  I believe that not everyone masters healthy academic habits in the same way, and seek to help students discover what works for them (we all have different points of motivation).  I am committed to social justice and service to the common good.  In my free time I enjoy making music, reading, and playing games with my three young children. 


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