Information Literacy

Academic Affairs partners with St. Thomas Libraries to promote Information Literacy. Please visit the following link for full information:

What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy is a broad term that speaks to our ability to find, evaluate, use, and produce information in effective and ethical ways.

Under the umbrella of information literacy are more specialized literacies that include:

  • Research Literacy
  • Visual Literacy
  • Media Literacy
  • Quantitative/Statistical Literacy
  • Scientific Literacy

Living in an information age makes information literacy an essential and continually developing skill for the 21st century.

Information Literacy Assignments

Faculty can insert this Information Literacy image in their syllabi next to assignments, activities, topics that call on and help develop skills in the specialized literacies listed above.

Information Literacy Symbol

(click here to download the image)

We want to know what you’re doing in your classes. If you have an assignment, activity, topic, etc. that connects with information literacy, please share it with the Office of Undergraduate Studies, which will allow us to share your good ideas with other faculty.