University of St. Thomas Chapter Alpha Sigma 

(Updated 09/29/2021)

St. Thomas Student Officers

Adam Revoir, Chapter President -
Michael Vance, Chapter Vice Presidence -



St. Thomas General Information

Please click here for information, benefits, etc., on UST's Delta Epsilon Sigma chapter: DES General Information

Award Opportunities

Please click here for information on award opportunities available through DES.

Writing Contest

Please click here for information on the DES Writing Contest.

2019 Induction Banquet - Keynote Speaker K. David Hirschey

Please click here to view the slides for K. David Hirschey's presentation ‌‌at the March 11, 2019 DES Induction Banquet. Professor Hirschey spoke on Culture and Change: Culture and Change - K David Hirschey - March 11 2019

Sponsorship at St. Thomas

Dr. Sheneeta W. White, Associative Vice Provost for Student Achievement;
Associate Professor, Operations and Supply Chain Mgmt -

Erica Berglund, Administrative Assistant -

Office: Aquinas Hall 110 - 651.962.6023
Mail: 2115 Summit Ave, Mail AQU 110, Saint Paul, MN 55105


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