Graduate / Professional Student Memberships

All St. Thomas graduate and professional students are eligible to purchase a non-refundable term membership for any of the following terms. Memberships are available starting the first day of each term and will continue to be available throughout. Memberships are pro-rated for the term the first day of each month.  All membership rates will remain the same regardless of the length of the month, or building availability around University closings.

Memberships may be purchased through the button below. Once purchased, a valid University of St. Thomas identification card must be present for access into the fitness areas.

Memberships are nominally priced relative to other local alternative. Individual graduate and professional student memberships will be $15 per month, payable only up front on a semester basis;

  • Spring semester (January 1- May 31): $75
  • Summer (June 1- August 31): $45
  • Fall semester (September 1- December 31): $60

Prices do not include tax, and it may take up to 24 hours after point of purchase for your membership card to be active.

In the event graduate/professional student status is terminated, individual will no longer be eligible to access the facility.‌