Weight Room

The weight room accommodates all members of the UST community- students, athletes, and faculty/staff.

On the west side of the room are lifting platforms as well as very versatile and functional squat cages where most of our athletic teams train. Our general student population also uses the cages for benching, inclines, squatting, pull-ups dips and rows.

On the east two-thirds of the room we have two lines of selectorized weight equipment that everyone can use. The first is the FreeMotion line and the second is the Life Fitness signature series line. The Life Fitness line is very easy to use and will be appreciated by the novice lifter. The FreeMotion line has a slightly longer “learning curve” but provides a great workout. There is also a dumbbell area and adequate floor space for walking lunges and kettle bell work.

The following links are printable sheets for three different weight workouts. These sheets are specific to equipment in the Weight Room of the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex.

Dumbbell/Free weight Workout
Free Motion Machine Workout
Life Fitness Machine Workout