Classes Offered

The AARC will be offering Sculpt and Spinning classes this J-term 2015.

Classes will run from January 5th to January 29th.  Student Pricing per session: $40 Faculty/Staff Pricing per session: $55 

Both will be in the fitness rooms in the AARC

Visit Tommie Central in the Anderson Student Center to sign up for classes; or click on the links below to learn more about each class the AARC is offering.

All classes have limited space and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Strength and Yoga

This class begins with breath work, warming up the body through Vinyasa yoga. Then, the class moves into the strength section, utilizing kettle bells and other individual pieces of equipment. Prepare to see tabata intervals, every minute on the minute reps, and combined movements building to maximum loads. The class ends with some inversion work, mobility, and a yoga cool down. 

Learn more about Strength and Yoga


‌Sculpt is a yoga inspired workout that tones your whole body. Free weights used in the class allow you to personalize the intensity of your workout. During this program you will build lean muscle, burn calories, and boost your metabolism.

More about Sculpt class


Spinning is a great way to offer a calorie burn comparable to aerobics without the high-level of joint impact.

More about Spinning class

Basic Yoga

Yoga incorporates all yoga fundamentals and is designed to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance. This class is a great way to enhance all aspects of the body and mind. 

More about Basic Yoga class

Intermediate Yoga

Have you taken a few intro to power yoga classes, and you are curious about what is next?  Intermediate power yoga is a class designed to support your transition.

More about Intermediate Yoga


‌This class will incorporate all aspects of an energizing, calorie burning workout. This easy to follow Latin-inspired dance aerobics will move every part of your body. A sure way to fire anyone up!

More about Zumba class

Boot Camp

Do you want a true fintess challange? Boot Camp incorporates a wide variety of programs and exercises that will deepen your fitness base and sculpt your body.

For more information about boot camp, click here


‌TRX is high intensity resistance suspension training. During this 6-week program you will push your body to the next level. These intense workouts will build your strength, balance, and flexibility. Are you ready for the challenge?

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