Online Consulting

Online assistance through email is available to all writers. Those living far from campus or who work full time and take classes at night will find online consulting very convenient. We do, however, recommend that writers -- especially first year undergraduates or those in the very early stages of their projects -- be consulted in person.  

We work online as we do in person: we ask questions and provide suggestions on your document. We will insert comments using the commenting feature in Microsoft Word and return our reponses to you as soon as possible (give us 2 business days).

We do not edit or proofread texts, but can recommend freelance editors upon request.  

Email us directly if you have a document that exceeds 10 pages.

To request online assistance:

  1. Complete the form below to submit your request.
  2. Wait for confirmation from us.
  3. Attach your draft to the confrmation email we'll send you.
  4. You'll receive our feedback in two business days. 

Your draft may be used for training purposes.

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