Quit It to Win It

Spring is the time to start fresh, so why not do that by quitting smoking?!


Friday, April 4, 2014
10:09 AM - 10:09 AM


Around Campus


UST undergraduate students who can quit smoking and stay tobacco free for the entire month of April will be entered into a drawing for a $200 gift certificate to the Bookstore.  Students are also encouraged to have an ally to help them with the process; if you win so does your friend, receiving a $75 gift certificate to the Bookstore. 

The Quit It and Win It contest also provides extra supportive help for those who are trying to quit smoking.  You will get weekly helpful emails, 3 free cessation meetings with health services, a free Quit Kit, access to the cessation support group provided by Counseling and Psychological Services and free nicotine gum throughout the month.


Students participating in the contest will need to provide a urine sample before and after, as well as meet with Health Services 3 times during the contest.  Please call Health Services at 651-962-6750 to register for the contest and set up your first cessation meeting.