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College Student Health Information


The BACCHUS Network™ is a university and community based network focusing on comprehensive health and safety initiatives.

General Health Resource/Databases


A consumer health information web site from the U.S. government. Databases, government agencies, and not-for-profit web links are included.

 Mayo Clinic

This famous clinic's web site provides accessible health information and allows users to email questions to clinic physicians.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This web site contains general health information, data, and statistics from the CDC research studies, publications, traveler's health information and more.


Aetna web site full of general health information.

Your Disease Risk

Discover your risk for the developing the 5 most common diseases and get personalized tips for preventing them.

American Lung Association


American Dietetic Association

Nutrition information, resources, and access to Registered Dietitians provided by ADA and the National Center for Nutrition and Dietetics.

BMI Calculator


Joe Chemo

Tobacco Free U


Facts on Tap

This site contains ideas about moderate use of alcohol aimed at high school and college students.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

The federal government's site for research, publications, news and events alcohol and other drug use. This site contains fact sheets on psychoactive substances - both street drugs and prescription medications.

The Marin Institute

The Marin Institute is an alcohol industry watchdog and contains many solutions to community alcohol problems.

Center on Alcohol Marketing & Youth

CAMY monitors the marketing practices of the alcohol industry, particularly as it relates to the targeting of youth. The site contains great fact sheets, research papers, and a gallery of the marketing images used by the industry.

Substance Abuse Problems


A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people recover from alcoholism and other drug addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people recover from alcoholism and other drug addiction.


Shape Up America

This site contains information about exercise and nutrition as a means of staying (or getting) in shape. The Resource Center has many calculator tools such as "Meal and Snack Calculator".

The Right Running Shoes

An interactive guide to fitness shoe selection.

American Heart Association

The premier website for all things related to heart health.

Mental Health Links

American Psychological Association

A site for those who are interested in psychology as a career or for those researching a psychological topic. Links to various searches for books and journals.

National Institutes of Mental Health

A general site for public mental health issues with information regarding medications, learning disabilities, depression, etc. Access the information by going to the section called "For the Public."

American Psychiatric Association

A site with links to informative pamphlets on a wide assortment of psychological and psychiatric issues.

Internet Mental Health Resources

A site with links to hundreds of other resources for everything from AIDS, Alzheimer's, eastern psychology, loss/bereavement to Tourette's Syndrome, women's issues, and violence.

American Psychological Association Helping Series

For short articles of tips and help.

Body Image & Eating Disorders

National Eating Disorders Association

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