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What is ADJUST?                                                 

The Wellness Center’s mission is to assist students in developing healthy lifestyle choices and promote behaviors that result in enhanced wellbeing. We focus on developing the whole person by offering programs, resources, and educational material on health promotion and illness prevention.

The simplest adjustments in a student’s lifestyle can lead to a much healthier individual.  ADJUST’s goal is to make it easier for students to make these behavior changes by dividing our program focus among 6 different areas. A student can choose to focus on one area of their life, or many.  For a description of each area, see below:

College students are at high risk for not getting the right amount of sleep. Adjust your sleep habits to restore, rejuvenate, and energize both your body and brain! Our programs on sleep will provide you with the best strategies for getting the best Zzz’s.

It’s easy to get caught up in your busy lives as a college student. Stress can affect every aspect of our lives: including the physical, mental, and emotional. Take a moment to breathe, and discover our programs, which will provide you several techniques on relieving stress and allow you to adjust what will be best for your life.

No matter how you party, it’s important to be safe…especially if your choices involve alcohol. Programs in this area will provide you with a better knowledge of what the partying lifestyle in college could mean for you, as well as tips and simple adjustments that could be made.

Relationships are a vital part of your college life. Whether they are with roommates, friends, family, or significant others…it’s important to keep this love healthy! All relationships require adjustments through time – our programs are a great way to understand what a healthy relationship looks like.

Need to adjust your work out? Sweating it out will help you feel confident, relieve stress, and keep you in great shape! Designed for beginners to advanced, our programs will allow you to exercise while having fun with others.

Nutrition is key. Adjust the food you eat to energize and stay focused. Nutrition programs will help you discover many ways to stay healthy throughout your time at UST.

  Watch for additional ways to get involved with ADJUST and share with others at the University of St. Thomas how you will ADJUST your lifestyle in the upcoming months!




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