About Vianney Media

Founded in 2012, VianneyMedia is an apostolate based upon Pope Benedict XVI's call for a New Evangelization and as an outreach tool for Saint John Vianney College Seminary. 

Vianney Media was founded by seminarians and is designed to bring the life of Saint John Vianney College Seminary outside of the seminary and campus and into the world using the latest forms of technology and social communication. This is just one way to show the world the future of the priesthood.

With the support of the Saint John Vianney administration and staff, Vianney Media continues its mission by maintaining an active Facebook page, by recording homilies, talks by seminarians and visiting bishops and priests, as well as operating a YouTube channel. We also play an integral role in the maintenance of this website and other similar projects throughout the seminary. 

VianneyMedia enjoys a healthy and productive relationship with several departments, including The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity, the University of St. Thomas, Information Resources & Technologies, Web and Media Services, and TommieMedia, the student run news source on campus.