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On Campus Resources

  • Veterans Resources
  • Leadership Academy Session: “We All Serve – Veterans of America”Returning to an “ordinary” life can be an intense challenge for veterans coming home from military service. This session is designed to help the UST community better support veteran students, staff, and faculty members, as well as those who are family members of veterans. Participants will learn about what types of issues veterans may face, how they may experience the UST culture, and how each of us can create an inclusive environment for them to succeed.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
    • Veterans Needs
      “Most of our veterans are highly motivated young men and women who have served our country well, but may have difficulty making the transition from the very structured life in the military to the unstructured life of a college student. They may also be dealing with transitions as a result of injuries, combat situations, or family stress. On the other hand, most just want to be treated like other students and don’t want to be singled out for special treatment. If you have concerns about a student who is a veteran, or any other student, please call us and consult about the best way to deal with your concerns.” 
      Jeri Rockett, Ph.D., L.P., Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
    • How Can I Best Help a Student with Problems?
      The best thing you can do is call the Counseling and Psychological Services Office at (651) 962-6780 and consult. Faculty and staff are here at UST because they care about students. The best way to show you care is to ask for advice early on. Counseling and Psychological Services staff can consult with you about maintaining your professional role while still helping the student.
  • Duane Bauer, Higher Education Coordinator for the Central Metro Region of the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Duane is a representative of the Higher Education Veterans Program that provides veterans and their families with a localized place to go:
      • to gain information regarding their benefits
      • to find resources that may assist them in transitions
      • to be with others that may have the same “shared” experiences
      The ultimate goal of the Higher Education Veterans Program is to empower veterans to create and maintain a network to assist in their lives. The active members of the military have a service network in place to help with all the needs of the military community. Yet, once the service person and families leave that network, they are on their own to navigate life and the community. St. Thomas wants to help them be successful.
    • Duane comes to the St. Paul campus on the first Wednesday of each month from 11am - 3pm . Students can visit him in the lower level of the Murray Herrick Center next to Off-Campus Student Services. Duane comes to the Minneapolis campus on the third Wednesday of the month from 12pm - 4pm. Students can visit him on the first floor of Terrence Murphy Hall next to the UST Bookstore.

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  • For detailed information on the students receiving veteran benefits, please click here.