So what is the Undergraduate Student Government Anyway?

As the governing body of the St. Thomas undergraduate student population, USG is dedicated to advocating student concerns by working with faculty, staff, the administration, community leaders, and fellow students to promote positive change while staying true to the Catholic identity of the institution.

The USG is comprised of 40 representatives who act as the voice of the students at the University of St. Thomas. Members of USG serve their constituents by working with faculty, staff, administration and other students in an effort to provide students with an exceptional college experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

The USG works with the students to sponsor forums and dialogues that pertain to topics and issues important to the students of UST. The USG works to inform students about current campus events and issues that affect the students’ lives; through a close working relationship with the faculty, staff and administration, the USG communicates important student concerns and input. Additionally, the USG allocates the student activity fee and manages the conference and competition budget for over 130 UST clubs and organizations; this sponsors cooperative programming, club activities and conference and transportation needs. Further, we appoint student representatives to a plethora of university and USG committees (Such as Student Affairs, Undergraduate Policy and Planning, Residence Life Advisory and more) as well as liaisons to the Board of Trustees; this allows for student input on important campus decisions. We look forward to having you involved in campus life and encourage you to contact us with any questions you have.