USG President Censured

The Undergraduate Student Government is deeply troubled by the events of the last three weeks that have brought to light the social media record of our President, Mayzer Muhammad. The statements have caused great pain amongst our community. We extend our most sincere apologies to the Jewish community and all other members of the St. Thomas community who have been, and continue to be, affected by the statements made. We condemn all anti-Semitic rhetoric and commit ourselves to a welcoming and inclusive community.  As an organization, the Undergraduate Student Government must take responsibility for the actions of our members. 

The Undergraduate Student Government convened on April 2, 2017 to discuss and deliberate the severity of this situation. The meeting opened with undergraduate students expressing their unanimous discontent with the anti-Semitic statements posted online. The Undergraduate Student Government joins our community in condemning these statements. We would like to thank all undergraduate students who shared their pain and personal stories. The Undergraduate Student Government and its members took all testimonial, both personal and through the online form, seriously. After listening to all those who were willing to speak at the open forum, the Undergraduate Student Government moved into an executive session. A passionate and genuine discussion followed, weighing heavily on the submitted student feedback.

A motion for censure -- a judgment involving condemnation of actions by a member of the body -- was brought to a vote. The censure condemned not only the remarks posted to social media, but also the inadequate apology put forth just before Spring Break. With an overwhelming majority, the censure passed. A subsequent vote to remove Mr. Muhammad did not gain the required two-thirds majority. 

During multiple meetings, Mr. Muhammad has expressed remorse and seeks forgiveness from all those affected, particularly the Jewish community, in order to create a more inclusive campus for all students. As your elected leaders, we are deeply sorry for the pain this situation has caused.

We understand that this has been a deeply divisive issue, with strong feelings on both sides. As we come together as a Student Government, we will work tirelessly to ensure everyone on our campus feels safe, welcome, and represented. We remain committed to our St. Thomas conviction of diversity, as we strive to create a vibrant, diverse community in which we can work for a more just and inclusive society.

-The Undergraduate Student Government

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