The University of St. Thomas

Undergraduate Research Grant Programs

Summer Housing Grants

The Summer Housing Grant Program provides funding to allow students who are engaged in individual summer research or working on a collaborative research project with a faculty member to live in a residence hall at UST during the summer.

It is important to note that Summer Housing Grants do not guarantee placement in a residence hall.  If you awarded a Summer Housing Grant, Residence Life will contact you with a Housing Form which must be completed and returned to them.  These Summer Housing Grants simply helps to pay for the room: they do not reserve a room.

Summer Housing Grants are for the amount of $700 and they do not cover board or other expenses.

- For Young Scholar and Community-Based Research applicants, applications are due on: Friday, February 27, 2014 for summer 2014 residency.

- For all other applicants, applications are due on Friday, March 21, 2014 for summer 2014 residency.



Application Form

Microsoft Word

  1. Right-click link below (control-click for mac)
  2. Choose save target as
  3. Specify a save location
  4.  Save the Student Housing Application Form.