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Undergraduate Research Grant Programs

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One of the distinguishing features of the undergraduate experience at the University of St. Thomas is the degree to which students are encouraged to carry out innovative research and pursue creative projects in close partnership with faculty members across the broad range of disciplines studied here. 

The Undergraduate Research Grant Program provides funding to support the kinds of student/faculty partnerships that make the St. Thomas undergraduate experience uniquely fulfilling.  Students can receive support for collaborative study during the academic year (Collaborative Inquiry Grants) or during the summer (Young Scholars Grants and Community-Based Research Grants), and can also receive funding to live on campus while conducting summer research (Summer Housing Grants), travel to conduct research (Student Research Travel Grants) and travel to present papers at academic conferences (Student Conference Travel Grants).


The Grants and Research Office is pleased to announce that beginning January, 2014 the application and review process of the Undergraduate Research Grant Programs has been revised and changed. The new applications will offer more detailed instructions and guidance. There will be a technical application and a non-technical application. Students, with their mentors, will choose which application best suits the design of their project. Please visit the various grant program tabs for more information on these changes.


Quicklinks to Applications

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  1. Collaborative Inquiry Non-Technical 
  2. Collaborative Inquiry Technical
  3. Young Scholars Technical
  4. Young Scholars Non-Technical
  5.  Summer Housing
  6.  Student Travel
  7.  Community-Based Research Technical
  8. Community-Based Research Non-Technical
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