What We Post

The social media manager will post content up to three times per day on Facebook and a minimum of five times per day on Twitter, depending on the urgency and timeliness of content and the nature of existing conversations taking place on each channel at a given time.

Posts will consist of a mix of status updates, multimedia and links from both internal and external sources, including:

  • Status updates
  • Original photos
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • St. Thomas Newsroom stories
  • Links
  • Department-level content already shared on either Facebook or Twitter
  • Relevant external content
    • UST in the news mentions
    • Accomplishments of students, alumni and fac/staff recognized by external sources
    • Trending worldwide topics with UST angles

To be considered as a post on one of the key social media channels, content must have university-wide appeal. In particular:

  • Events must be sponsored by the university, open to the public and have existing content on the UST website to link to or an existing Facebook event page to share.
  • Remembrances and prayer requests must be UST student, alumni or fac/staff affiliated and preference is for the link to go to a St. Thomas Newsroom “In Your Prayers” page when available.
  • Requests for support of particular causes must have a UST affiliation with the exception of major local or national incidents (Examples: 35W bridge collapse, Boston Marathon, 9/11). Key UofStThomasMN social media channels will only share the facts and related hashtags without editorializing. The type of non-UST-affiliated content that is shared is done so at the discretion of the social media manager.
  • News items must come from reputable, vetted sources.

Do you have something to share?

If you have an idea you'd like to be considered for posting on UST's social networks, email socialmedia@stthomas.edu.