The University of St. Thomas

Major in Theology in Ministry

Major in Theology with a Ministry Concentration

The Lay Ministry Concentration is a specialization within the undergraduate theology major. It combines academic study (KNOW), observation of working ministers (SEE), and internship opportunities (DO), in order to provide students with the theological foundation, pastoral skills and spiritual formation necessary to assume entry-level positions in lay ecclesial ministry. Opportunities include pastoral ministry, youth ministry, religious education and faith formation, as well as a variety of support services for church and faith-based organizations.

Students who complete the program will have satisfied all of the theological competencies approved by the U.S. Conference of Bishops for lay ministers in the Roman Catholic Church, including the theology of revelation, God, church, sacraments and worship, morality and Catholic social teaching, ecumenism and interfaith relations.

Ecumenical in nature and designed in cooperation with ministers from local Protestant churches, the program also welcomes students of other Christian traditions.

Course Title Credits
THEO 101 Christian Theological Tradition 4 cr.
THEO 205 Introduction to the Old Testament (or a 300-level course in Old Testament) 4 cr.
THEO 210 Introduction to the New Testament (or a 300-level course in New Testament) 4 cr.
THEO 215 Christian Morality 4 cr.
THEO 323 Church and Sacramentality 4 cr.
THEO 405 Spiritual Formation 0 cr.
THEO 406 Pastoral Ministry 4 cr.
THEO 407 Catechesis and Faith Formation 4 cr.
Plus four credits from the following:
THEO 200 Christian Belief: Ancient and Contemporary 4 cr.
THEO 220 Early Christian Theology 4 cr.
THEO 373
Person and Mission of Jesus 4 cr.
Plus eight credits from the following:
THEO 302
Second Vatican Council 4 cr.
THEO 240 Theology of the Protestant and Catholic Reformation 4 cr.
THEO 325 Catholic Social Traditions 4 cr.
THEO 310 Christian Worship 4 cr.
Plus four credits from the following:
THEO 417 Internship for Ministry 4 cr.
THEO 445 Theology and Education 4 cr.
Total 64 cr.