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Majors & Minors

Majors & Minors

There are four programs of study within the Theology Department at St. Thomas:

Major in Theology

The major in Theology involves an intensive investigation of theological questions in biblical, historical, systematic, and moral theologies.  Students may choose to pursue Theology as their only major or in combination with a major in another discipline.  Students who wish to pursue graduate study in Theology should follow this track.  Graduates with degrees in Theology frequently pursue careers in law, public service, education, and ministry.  Students graduating with a major in Theology will be proficient in their area of study.  They will demonstrate an ability to reflect on the theological and moral issues of contemporary society.

The major in Theology requires a total of 40 credits in Theology.  See the "Major in Theology" link in the menu to your left for details.  

Major in Theology with a Ministry Concentration

The Lay Ministry Concentration is a specialization within the undergraduate theology major. It combines academic study (KNOW), observation of working ministers (SEE), and internship opportunities (DO), in order to provide students with the theological foundation, pastoral skills and spiritual formation necessary to assume entry-level positions in lay ecclesial ministry. Opportunities include pastoral ministry, youth ministry, religious education and faith formation, as well as a variety of support services for church and faith-based organizations. Students who complete the program will have satisfied all of the theological competencies approved by the U.S. Conference of Bishops for lay ministers in the Roman Catholic Church, including the theology of revelation, God, church, sacraments and worship, morality and Catholic social teaching, ecumenism and interfaith relations. Ecumenical in nature and designed in cooperation with ministers from local Protestant churches, the program also welcomes students of other Christian traditions.

This concentration requires a total of 44 credits in Theology.  See the "Major in Theology with a Ministry Concentration" link in the menu on your left for details.

Minor in Theology

The minor in Theology provides students majoring in other disciplines a certain core of theological questions and skills of analysis.  The minor in Theology requires 24 credits in Theology.  See the "Minor in Theology" link in the menu on your left for details.

Certificate in Lay Ministry

The Certificate in Ministry will consist of eight (8) four-credit undergraduate courses chosen from among the approved courses in the Concentration in Lay Ministry. See the "Certificate in Lay Ministry" link in the menu on your left for details about this program.  The specific choice of courses will be done in consultation with an advisor, who may, on occasion, substitute other courses if the person's previous experience warrants it.



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