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Global Catholicism
Title:Global Catholicism
Course Number:471
College:College of Arts & Sciences
Instructor:Faggioli, Massimo -
Time:0955 - 1135
Location:John Roach Center St Paul
Room:JRC 222
Credit Hours Start Date End Date Days Available Enrollment Maximum
4 09/04 12/20 -  T  -   R  - 0 20 20
Course Description:
By tracing historical developments that are now shifting the axis of the Christian world beyond Euro-American culture amid the challenges and opportunities of globalization, this class will offer students practice at reading the signs of the times for clues as to the priorities for the church, and potentially their own vocations. The history of Christianity is a history of inculturation in diverse geographical and cultural settings. The course will investigate the need and challenge of inculturating the Christian gospel amid diverse locales and worldviews; it will explore how differing cultural perspectives can inform Christian teaching, while in turn Christian teaching grounds and guides the process of inculturation. Specific topics may include: the worldwide growth of Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity and its implications for the ecclesiology of the Roman Catholicism and other historic churches; the development of Catholic theological perspectives concerning the engagement of Christian faith with “the world” and its political cultures; the Christian duty of global solidarity and its potential to reshape national, ethnic and class loyalties. Prerequisite: THEO 101 (or 102 and 103) and one 200- level or 300-level THEO course; PHIL 115