The University of St. Thomas


Mission of the Theology Department of the University of St. Thomas (revised 2001)

As faculty of the University of St. Thomas, our mission is to teach with excellence, to contribute to the scholarship of our discipline, and to serve the University and community.

As professors of theology, we seek to promote the understanding of the Christian theological tradition among our students, both Catholic and non-Catholic, and teach our students to think critically about the faith so that they are adequately equipped to deal with questions that are of far-reaching concern for themselves and for human beings in general. In so doing, we also provide them with a foundation for dialog with other religious communities.

As partners in the liberal arts mission of the University of St. Thomas, we seek to prepare students, both majors and non-majors, to participate in the larger society as educated, well-informed, and theologically reflective persons, whose moral decision-making is informed by the social teaching of the Catholic tradition.

Recognizing that this department is somewhat unique among departments and programs at the University of St. Thomas in its ability to articulate the Catholic theological tradition, we seek to complement and enhance the discourse of the university community as it continues to realize its Catholic identity.