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Welcome to the Theology Department
The great eleventh-century theologian St. Anselm described Theology as “faith seeking understanding.”  Theology is the academic discipline that brings the tools of scholarship to reflection on God, God’s relation to the world, and the human experiences of both.

Our faculty
•    Our Department is one of the largest in any Catholic university in the country.  We have expert teachers in every area of Theology including the Old and New Testaments and all periods in Christian history.  We also have expert teachers in contemporary Catholic theology, morality and comparative religions.
•    We are active scholars.  Our faculty has produced many books and articles.  Several members of our department are recognized nationally for their work.
•    We are enthusiastic and passionate teachers dedicated to teaching and to undergraduate education.

Our courses
•    All students at St. Thomas take three Theology courses:  Our foundational course, Theology 101, The Christian Theological Tradition, is required of all students; students then have over 29 options for second-level courses numbered THEO2xx and THEO3xx; and one of some fifty third-level courses.  Our third level classes are bridge courses, numbered THEO4xx which are taught from a theological perspective but give the student an opportunity to draw from their entire program of study.

•    We also offer several courses designed for majors and minors.
•    We regularly offer study abroad courses during January-Term.

Our majors and minors
•    We have a two strong major programs, a general theology and a lay ministry concentration.
•    Our majors are well prepared to work in areas of Church ministry, to teach religion in schools or parishes, or to go on to graduate school.
•    Many of our majors study Theology along with another major course of study. Theology encourages them to consider fundamental life questions as they pursue other careers.
•    Many students take a Theology minor to complement their major fields of study.
•    Please see other pages on our website for fuller descriptions of our faculty, courses and programs.

If you are on campus stop by and visit us on the first floor of the John Roach Center for Liberal Arts.  You can reach me at

Bernard V. Brady, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor of Theology