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The Christian Theological Tradition

The culmination of a two-year collaborative effort of the entire Theology Department at the University of St. Thomas, The Christian Theological Tradition textbook is an introduction to the whole of Christian history (in the context of the Catholic tradition)--from Genesis to Vatican II. It provides readers with the basic knowledge necessary for further study in theology and prepares them with the background and context for critical reading of primary texts. A mix of broadly-focused and narrowly-focused chapters provide socio-historical contexts for the development of religious movements and/or theological issues as well as in-depth discussions of major figures and their writings. Contents include chapters about:

THE OLD TESTAMENT: The Primeval Story; God's Covenant with Israel; Judges, Prophets, Kings; Second Temple Judaism.

THE NEW TESTAMENT: Jesus and the Gospels; Apostolic Missions.

THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY: Christianity after the Apostles; The Age of the Imperial Church; Augustine of Hippo; Eastern Christianity; Islam; Christianity in the Early Medieval Period; Christianity in the High Middle Ages; Thomas Aquinas; Christianity in the Late Medieval Period.

THE MODERN PERIOD: The Renaissance; Martin Luther; Other Protestant Reformers; The Catholic Reformation; Global Expansion and the Colonial Churches; Modern Challenges to Christianity; Christianity in the USA; Christianity and the Contemporary Situation.

The book is written for anyone interested in the Christian theological tradition, and is now published in its third edition.