Videos on Sustainability at UST

Below is a list of videos that show more about sustainability at the University of St. Thomas.

A Vision of Sustainability - Full Documentary (23 min.)

This 23-minute documentary was produced by Tim Scully's videography class in collaboration with Environmental Studies students, professors and University of St. Thomas administrators. It focuses on the university's commitment to be carbon neutral by 2035, and the many projects by students and the overall university to meet this goal.

You can also view smaller segments of this longer video, each dealing with a different topic. (Each video title is based on a word or phrase from the university’s mission statement.)

A Vision of Sustainability - Inspired (3:00)

Explains why the University of St. Thomas has committed to becoming carbon neutral in a very short time and what it means.

A Vision of Sustainability - Educates (3:01)

Addresses why becoming carbon neutral is desirable, given threats to the environment, such as climate change.

A Vision of Sustainability - Think Critically (4:12)

Introduces the challenges presented by the university’s carbon-neutral commitment, and efforts such the LEED-Gold certified Anderson Student Center and UST’s use of wind power for electricity.

A Vision of Sustainability - Act Wisely (3:48)

Features student projects that attempt to meet the challenges of going carbon neutral.

A Vision of Sustainability - Work Skillfully (2:53)

Looks at the future of sustainability at the University of St. Thomas, including the potential for student projects.

A Vision of Sustainability - Advance the Common Good (4:50)

Discusses why sustainability projects are important in the education of St. Thomas students, and features interviews with UST grads about their projects.