Information Resources and Technologies

The Division of IRT has successfully implemented several “green initiatives” that promote sustainability. At the same time these initatives have also established “best practices” demonstrating that sustainability in not only for the common good but also makes good business sense.

These include but are not limited to:

      • Flat Screen/LCD Computer Monitors: IRT has replaced all of its leased computer monitors (CRTs) with flat screen LCD monitors.
      • Print Management Program - IRT has partnered with student leadership to reduce the amount of paper that is unnecessarily printed on campus. The program goals are to track campus printing activities, educate everyone who uses printing resources, and implement methods for reducing excessive paper use and printing. The University saved 1 million prints the first semester print management was implemented, 6.1 million student prints to date.
      • 3 year lease cycle for computing equipment
      • Relationships with "green" vendors like Dell and HP
        - One example of new sustainability practices with our vendors is in the packaging. This summer our vendors will be packaging multiple machines per box (instead of on ecomputer per box as was done in the past) to reduce the amount on packing materials that are used for shipping.
      • Working with departments to develop and utilize online applications and forms to reduce paper usage. Examples include: Optix, Talent Management, Admissions Applications
      • New more efficient HVAC equipment for Data Center
      • Server Virtualization – Server virtualization is the process by which the operations and data of several individual servers are combined into a single, physical machine. In addition to saving space, combining the operations and data of several individual servers into a single, physical machine allows users to reduce the energy spent powering huge racks of centralized computers and the air-conditioning systems needed to cool them.
      • Planning for the New Data Center includes looking at green models
      • OSF Library – Installed a central switch to power down all of the lights each night
      • IT – moving from 110 power to 220 power
      • Supporting and promoting teleconferencing options – Breeze, Tandberg, Blackboard Online Course Management
      • IRT no longer orders styrofoam cups and plates
      • AV Equipment – Projectors are set to automatically power down and lamps are recycled