Campus Projects

Departmental Sustainability Initiatives

Other departments involved in sustainability efforts on campus

    • UST's Geography Department went carbon neutral in 2007. Using a carbon calculator, the department determines what its carbon footprint is and purchases carbon credits to offset the greenhouse gases. To raise funds for the carbon offsets, the Geography Department sells cookies on the St. Paul quad over convo hour.
    • UST's Daniel C. Gainey Conference Center in Owatonna switched to compact fluorescent bulbs three years ago, recycle their horse manure as fertilizer and buy local, organic produce and flowers for events.
    • The Luann Dummer Center for Women reports that it has eliminated plastic bottles from all meetings.
    • The Child Development Center has begun working sustainability into its curriculum, teaching children the importance of picking up trash and reusing materials. To that effect, Rebecca Swiler, director of the center, explains, a "tremendous amount of recycled products are used in the children's artwork." She also notes that the children learn about local, organic produce by planting-and eating-vegetables in the gardens around the building. The center also hosts a clothing exchange. The message it gives parents: "Just because something is used, doesn't mean it can't be useful." Swiler notes that the center has reduced its own waste over the last 10 years by converting many of its printed forms and newsletters to electronic formats.

Psychology 212 - Section 1 Survey's UST on Sustainability Issues