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Interested in getting involved with the sustainability movement on campus? Check out the possibilities below:

Ride the Bus!

Riding the bus reduces your carbon footprint, saves money, and allows use of your commuting time to read, relax, and enjoy the scenery

UST Stewardship Garden

In 2009, a coalition of the Green Team, the Students for Justice and Peace, the Biology Club, the Biology Department and the Environmental Studies Program proposed the creation of an organic food production garden on the University of St. Thomas campus. The proposal was approved in the fall and the garden was planted in late spring of 2010 in the backyard of 2140 Summit Ave.  This past 2014 summer, there were 32 vegetable plots planted in the new location south of Brady Educational Center.  The plots were planted with various combinations of compost, no compost, organic-synthetic-or-no fertilizer. mulched or unmulched, wetter or dryer plots to see what combination may increase garden health and productivity. This past summer, over 2500 lbs of produce from the garden was delivered to area foodshelves and sold at the Friday Stewardship Garden market on Friday afternoons outside ASC. Updates on the Stewardship Garden may be found on their facebook page with photos and events.

To volunteer for working on the garden or to find out more about the project, contact Haley Zimmerman or Biology Professor, Adam Kay.

The Green Team

The Green Team exists to "challenge St. Thomas to be a more ecologically sound campus and to raise environmental awareness within our community, both on and off campus." The group each semester sponsors the Mississippi River Clean-up in cooperation with the DNR Adopt-a-River program. it also regularly organizes educational activities, which have included the Earth Week Symposium, camp outs and yearly field trips to the Will Steger compound in northern Minnesota and the Anathoth Community Farm, a Luck, Wisconsin, commune focused on maintaining a negative carbon footprint.

The Green Team welcomes new teammates. If you are interested in more information, contact Green Team Chairs, Abbie Lukowicz or Nathan Beacom

USG Student Sustainability Committee: 

The USG Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) works with the campus community and surrounding St. Paul area to address sustainability issues. As part of the Undergraduate Student Government, the SSC strives to collaborate with other environmentally-conscious clubs and organizations, as well as the UST Sustainability Committee, to take up sustainable initiatives at our institution. The SSC has organized events, games, and informational resources during UST's annual celebration of Earth week, the week of April 22nd. It has also worked with Student Orientation and Campus and Residence Life to educate incoming students and resident assistants on eco-consciousness. Further, it aims to reduce UST's carbon footprint and focuses on establishing a more environmentally-minded community both on and off campus.

For more information about the USG Sustainability Committee and it's bottled water initiative, contact committee chair: Margaret Chelsvig


BEAST is Bicycle Enthusiasts at St. Thomas, promotes bike culture on the UST campus and in the broader local community by: creating a community bike space, advocating for bikers, supporting commuting by bike, providing maintenance, and safety education. The group also seeks to connect with other bike organizations beyond campus.

In 2008, BEAST initiated the UST bike share program for the university community. The rising costs of gas and public transportation have made transportation unaffordable for many people. The bike share program provides an affordable and sustainable solution to the limited choices of transportation that are currently available. The bike share program allows anyone who needs access to a bike to be able to check out a bike with a bike lock free of charge. To check out a bike, go to the Wellness Center and ask for details.

To get involved with BEAST, contact BEAST President, Matt Ghiloni

Engineers for a Sustainable World

ESW mobilizes students and professionals through education, technical projects and collaborative action to impact local and global sustainability challenges.
Their goals are:
Bring together students and professionals of various disciplines to create lasting solutions with immediate impacts.
Encourage innovative ideas that promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability.
Increase community participation in sustainable engineering and development worldwide.

For more information about ESW, contact club President, Andrew Kasper.

Net Impact

Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to make a positive impact on society by growing and strengthening a community of leaders who use business to improve the world.

The UST Net Impact chapter is part of the Opus School of Business and collaborates with existing organizations that have similar goals to provide practical insights on sustainable and responsible issues of business.  

For more information, contact Net Impact President, Dan Goettsch.

Environmental Law Society

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) seeks to increase understanding and disseminate information regarding environmental issues and the immediacy of their effects. The society acts to pursue creative, ethical and effective methods to address those issues regionally, nationally, and globally, while providing an exploration of careers in the field.

To join or find out more information about ELS, contact co-leaders Laura Gisler and Steven Kool

Students for Justice and Peace

SJP works for positive social change on our campus and in our world.  They meet to learn about issues involving international conflicts, local labor issues, efforts for peace, and community organizing.  Students take an active leadership role in determining topics and making connections with other groups on and off campus. SJP plans creative, nonviolent events that respond to issues of concern to students and the campus community.
For more information about SJP, contact Project Coordinators Grace Nelson, Claire Winzenburg or Laura Roberts

The Recycling Team

The Recycling Team are UST student workers who collect campus recycling, sort, inventory, and deliver recycling commodities to area vendors and processors. These students are employed under the UST work-study financial award program and work flexible hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Applications for a position on the Recycling Team may be submitted through UST Human Resources job postings
Applications for the fall semester are accepted in August, for the spring semester in January, and for the three months of summer in May.  
For more information about joining the Recycling Team, contact Bob Douglas