CAS Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Grants


 Art History


  • Animal Diversity (BIOL 302), Hangkyo Lim
  • Biology of Sustainability (BIOL 209), Chip Small, Jennifer McGuire, Leah Domine
  • Plants, Food and Medicine (BIOL 398),  Amy Verhoeven
  • Plant Physiology (BIOL 398), Amy Verhoeven: Course syllabus; Biofuels assignment
  • Topics in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (BIOL/NSCI 398), Sarah Heimovics
  • Tropical Neuroecology (BIOL/NSCI 490), Jennifer McGuire
  • Understanding the natural world using the Mississippi River as a model (IDSC150), Hangkyo Lim
  • UST Stewardship Garden, Adam Kay and Kyle Zimmer


Communication & Journalism

Computer & Information Sciences

  • Statistics I (Stats 220), Erin Curran


  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 252), Matthew Kim


  • Critical Thinking: Literature and Writing (ENGL 121), Elizabeth Wilkinson: Syllabus; Digital rhetoric project; Project schedule
  • Human Imagination, Nature, and Future (ENGL 212), Young-ok An
  • Literature of the City (ENGL 337), Olga Herrera: Course proposal
  • Native American Literature and the Environment (ENGL 337), Elizabeth Wilkinson

Environmental Studies

  • Humans and the Environment (ENVR 151), Paul Lorah


  • Conservation Geography (GEOG 331); Geography of Global Health (GEOG 298), Paul Lorah
  • Human Geography (GEOG 111); Landscapes: Physical Systems (GEOG 112); Remote Sensing (GEOG) 223; Weather and Climate (GEOG 230), David Kelley


Justice and Peace Studies

  • Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies (JPST 250), Mike Klein, Amy Finnegan
  • Leadership for Social Justice (JPST 365), Mike Klein

Modern & Classical Languages

  • Culture and Civilization of Latin America (SPAN 335), Paola Ehrmantraut: Course proposal


  • Introductory Ethics (PHIL 214), Tim Pawl
  • Philosophy of the Human Person (PHIL 115), Heidi Geibel


  • Biopsychology (PSYC 206), Uta Wolfe: Course description and syllabus
  • Psychology of Sustainability (PSYC 298), Britain Scott
  • Research Methods (PSYC 212), Uta Wolfe

Renaissance Program

  • Renaissance Program Studies (IDSC 333), Ray MacKenzie

Sociology and Criminal Justice

  • Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 100), Tanya Gladney


  • New Testament (THEO 210), John Martens