Sustainability Across the Curriculum

Why Integrate Sustainability Across the Curriculum?

Sustainability is central to the mission of UST. Learn more.

Resources for Integrating Sustainability into Curriculum

Learn about resources at UST to integrate sustainability into your courses. Take a look at syllabi across disciplines and universities as well as sustainability journals and books to provide inspiration and tools for integrating sustainability themes into any course!

College of Arts and Sciences Sustainability Curriculum Grants and Award

CAS offers course development grants to integrate sustainability into courses, and CAS recognizes innovation and excellence in the integration of sustainability into curriculum through the annual CAS Curricular Innovation in Sustainability Award. Calls for the curriculum grant proposals and award will be announced in February. 


Questions? Ideas?

Please contact Dr. Maria Dahmus if you have questions about integrating sustainability across the curriculum. Dr. Dahmus develops Academic Sustainability Initiatives for the College of Arts and Sciences to facilitate the integration of sustainability across the curriculum and co-curricular activities.