Environmental Assessment

UST Greenhouse Gas audits


The UST Climate Action Plan‌‌ adopted 24 May 2010

The first greenhouse gas emission audit for UST was completed in April, 2008. The carbon calculator utilized was Cool Air-Clean Planet (CA-CP). The audit was completed by the Sustainability Working Group formed for the purpose of completing the audit and making recommendations to the Administration about the feasibility of signing the Presidents Climate Commitment.
Members of the working group were:

  • Elise L. Amel, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Department of Psychology, Director of Environmental Studies Program
  • Joshua Corteau, IRT Central Systems Operation Specialist
  • Robert Douglas
    Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Working Group
    Coordinator of Central Receiving and Recycling
  • Steven M. Hoffman, Ph.D., Professor and Chair
    Department of Political Science
  • Greg Mowry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Department of Engineering
  • Roger Weinbrenner, UST Grounds Turf Technician
    Facilities Management

In 2008, a report on UST's carbon footprint for the last three fiscal years was presented by Bob Douglas, chair of the Environmental Sustainability Working Group. The report was submitted to the Academic and Administrative Leadership and at the third “Great Conversation on Sustainability and Care of the Environment” sponsored by President Dennis Dease and Vice President for Mission, Gene Scapanski. The conversations on the Mission of St. Thomas were called for by the President in his Convocation address September, 2007.