Health Insurance for F1 and J1 students


Health insurance is required of all F-1 and J-1 international students. When you register for classes you will automatically be enrolled in our UST Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan) and billed $1,008 for fall semester and $1,386 for the spring/summer semester. Coverage for fall term is from August 15, 2013, through January 14, 2014, and coverage for spring term is January 15, 2014, through August 14, 2014. The insurance will assist in paying for accident and illness expenses that may arise while you are attending the UST.

No insurance will cover a "pre-existing condition" or illness that you had before you bought the health insurance policy. If you had insurance in the U.S. immediately before taking our policy then you can waive the pre-existing condition clause. Dental and optical care is not covered under the health insurance plan in the U.S., so we strongly urge you to get dental and optical work done before you leave home. Students do have the opportunity to purchase dental and vision discount programs.

Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan

Some Highlights of the 2013-2014 plan include:

  • 100% coverage for care received at the UST Student Health Service.  $25 co-pay waived for the first 4 visits per year.
  • $2,000,000 coverage
  • No Deductible for care received at UST Health Services
  • Maximum $2,500 out-of-pocket expense
  • Prescription coverage plan ($10 co-pay for generics; $40 co-pay for formulary; $70 co-pay for non-formulary) Prescription drug annual deductible $50
  • Access to local and national preferred providers
  • Access to Dental, Vision, Fitness, and alternative Health Care Discount Programs
  • Travel Assistance Service and Worldwide Medical Coverage while studying abroad
  • 24 hour nurse telephone line
  • Students that graduate have the option to continue coverage for 6 months after coverage ends
  • Disease management program

Benefit Summary
Travel Coverage
Continuous Coverage after graduation

If you have questions about this plan, please contact the UST Student Health Insurance Office at 651-962-6752 or at You may also review Aetna Student Health's website at

Insurance Waivers

J-1 international students are not eligible to waive the UST-sponsored plan due to Department of State requirements.

F-1 international students who want to waive the UST-sponsored health insurance plan should submit their U.S.-based health insurance information (must meet the minimum coverage requirements listed below) via Murphy Online at:

Fall:  We will accept waive requests for Fall 2013 term from July 15, 2013, through September 30, 2013.  However, in order to allow time for questions, we strongly encourage you to request your waiver by September 15, 2013.  

Spring We will accept waive requests for Spring 2014 term from January 1, 2014, through February 28, 2014.  However, in order to allow time for questions, we strongly encourage you to request your waiver by February 14, 2014.  

If your waive request is approved, you will still be enrolled in and billed $36/semester for an evacuation and repatriation plan.

Your alternative insurance policy must meet the following coverage requirements in order to have a waive request accepted. The alternative policy must:

  • Be written in English
  • Be a U.S.-based insurance company with a U.S. claim address
  • Be converted to U.S. dollar values
  • Provide at least U.S $100,000 coverage per accident or illness
  • Have a deductible not greater than $2000 per condition
  • Have a waiting period for coverage of a pre-existing condition no longer than 12 months
  • Treat pregnancy/maternity as any other illness
  • Provide continuous coverage during academic semesters and University breaks and vacation periods (including Winter break, J-term and summer break)

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