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Ask a Nurse:

Many health insurance companies provide 24 hour online nursing support services that can assist you with basic medical questions and help direct you to the appropriate level of care. For example, you may have a headache or sore throat, and wonder if you should go to an urgent care or wait until the next day and see your provider in the clinic. The online nursing support number is usually located on the back of your insurance card or on the insurance company's website. For the students on the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan, you may call 1-800-556-1555.

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Friday, April 18th and
Monday, April 21st:
Health Services will be
closed for Easter Break.

Thursday, April 24th:
Health Services will be
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for professional development.

Lower level of Brady Residence Hall on the St. Paul Campus



Emergency Information

Call 2-5555 for On-Campus Emergencies

Call 911 for Off-Campus Emergencies