What is #TommieLink?

#TommieLink is a fun social media based Fall Welcome program that gets students connected to events, services, and to one another.  In addition, students who participate have the chance to win prizes.  Students can stay up-to-date about #TommieLink events with UST Student Affairs on social media:

How does it work?

  1. Attend #TommieLink Events (see list below).
  2. Take a picture with Tommie (cutout).
  3. Your picture will be uploaded to the sponsoring department's facebook page or tweeted by the department.
  4. Retweet your picture or tag yourself in your picture on the department's Facebook page.
  5. You get entered into a prize drawing for each event.
  6. You get one grand prize entry for every #TommieLink picture you retweet or tag yourself in.

Target Run

9:15-11:30 pm
Palmer Field
Residence Life at University of St. Thomas

Midwest Dueling Pianos

8:00 pm
ASC Woulfe
St. Thomas Activities and Recreation

Bagel Wednesday

8-11:00 am
ASC 253
Off-Campus Student Services (St. Thomas)

Root Beer Floats with ISS

Noon-2 pm
ASC 218
International Student Services - University of St. Thomas

Bowling in ASC

11 am-2 pm
ASC LL Bowling
UST Anderson Student Center

New Commuter/Transfer Student Ice Cream Social

11:30 am-1 pm
ASC 202


UST Student Affairs

Student Diversity and Inclusion Services Open House

1-4 pm
ASC 224
UST Student Diversity and Inclusion Services

What is Your Green Dot

Noon-1:30 pm
ASC 237
UST Green Dot

Mindfulness Meditation

Noon-1:00 pm
MHC 355
Project for Mindfulness and Contemplation

Cookies and Kegs

Noon-1 pm
Lower Quad
UST Wellness Center

Grocery Bingo

ASC Scooters
UST Wellness Center

Career Development Center

Noon-1 pm
MHC 123
University of St. Thomas Career Development Center

Fall Activities Fair

Noon-1 pm
Monahan Plaza
UST Campus Life

Undergraduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions

Jobs at UST