Student Affairs Mission

In support of the broader mission of the University of St. Thomas, the Division of Student Affairs creates holistic educational environments that prepare students to live, learn and contribute to our intercultural society.

Anderson Student Center

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The Anderson Student Center is a premiere, LEED Gold, community gathering space for student, faculty, staff, and alumni. The award winning 225,000 square foot space offers an exceptional co-curricular environment that includes meeting rooms, food venues, recreational and reception areas, a student leadership center and the fabulous Woulfe Alumni Hall

Campus Life

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Campus Life creates experiences for students to interact and share interests, develop individual and group leadership and engage in creative programming that promotes inclusive communities. The department oversees 140 clubs and organizations, the Aquinas Yearbook, and club sports while directing spirit initiatives and leadership programs.

Career Development Center

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The Career Development Center strives to personalize and diversify career services for students through technology and by adapting to the needs and developmental stages of a changing student body.

Child Development Center

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With classrooms for children on the main floor and apartment residences for students on the second floor, this facility offers a unique living and learning experience with the the St.Thomas community.

Counseling and Psychological Services

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Supporting the University of St. Thomas mission, Counseling and Psychological Services promotes the mental health, interpersonal relationships, and academic performance of UST students. We contribute to a healthy campus learning environment by providing psychological services to all who work, train, and study at the University.

Dean of Students

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The Dean of Students Office cultivates the retention, growth and success of students. The staff educates and empowers students regarding their rights and responsibilities as members of the St. Thomas and surrounding community. The office ensures the university community functions as freely as possible from disruptive and inappropriate behavior through the oversight for student conduct, bias related incidents and sexual violence/harassment protocol. The department staff support students and their families in crisis or challenging situations and through collaborative programming in their transition to the university.

Health Services

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UST Health Services is the second largest comprehensive post-secondary health care center in the state. The purpose of Health Services is to provide high quality, cost effective, convenient, safe medical care and health education to ensure a healthy community

Off-Campus Student Services

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Off-Campus Student Services is dedicated to students by providing hospitality, information, programs, resources and services to all students with an emphasis on commuters.

Orientation / Registration

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Orientation & Registration welcomes new undergraduate students and their families to the St. Thomas community and provides them with information and support to ease their transition to college.

Parent Resource

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The University of St. Thomas values the opportunity to work with students and their families throughout their entire University experience.  The campus goal is to create a partnership that enhances our students’ success.

Residence Life

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Housing over 2500 students, the Department of Residence Life creates vibrant communities in residence halls, apartments, and houses on the St. Paul campus.  90% of the first year class chose to live on campus.

Student Diversity and Inclusion Services

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Student Diversity & Inclusion Services (SDIS) enhances the climate for diversity on campus through programs and initiatives aimed at undergraduate students.  The work of SDIS is based on four pillars:  education, leadership, advocacy, and community.  The primary objective is to ensure the retention, graduation, and satisfaction rates of students of color are equitable to their peers.  SDIS staff also aim to increase the capacity of all students to work and serve in the diverse world in which we live.

Wellness Center

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The Wellness Center is dedicated to assisting students in developing healthy lifestyle choices and promoting behaviors that result in enhanced wellbeing.The Wellness Center embraces the concept of wellness in developing the whole person by offering programs, resources, and educational material on health promotion and illness prevention.