Operational Excellence

In an increasingly competitive academic market, the University’s continued success depends on its operational excellence. Operational excellence is characterized by on-going cooperative initiatives to implement and maintain strategic planning; decision-making processes and governance that mirror the organizational integrity of the University as a whole; and the enhancement of University-wide formative review and mutual accountability of programs and units.

Goal: The University of St. Thomas seeks to infuse operational excellence throughout the institution in both long-term planning and short-term management.

Committee Members

  • Lisa Keiser, Non-exempt Staff, Steering Committee     
  • Marty Johnston, Physics, Steering Committee
  • Monica Hartmann, Economics, CFNE
  • John Olson, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Steering Committee
  • Michael Cogan, Institutional Effectiveness, Steering Committee


  • Nora Fitzpatrick, Law
  • Karen Julian, Enrollment Services


  • Matthew George, Music