One University

As the University becomes a more complex organization, we actively seek both formal and informal opportunities for us to function as one University. Respecting the needs of individual units within the University to pursue their unique mission while committed to the principles of Shared Governance, the University as a whole provides avenues to all of its members to contribute to the overall mission of the University of St. Thomas. By doing this, we affirm that we are a community of faculty, staff, students and alumni working together for the common good of the University.

Goal: The University of St. Thomas seeks to find formal and informal structures that will support both a system of integrated decision-making for all units on campus as well as a campus culture where meaningful relationships develop among people otherwise separated by profession, discipline, geographical location or organizational structure.

Committee Members

  • Mariann Kukielka, Undergraduate Student, Steering Committee
  • Aaron Macke, Residence Life, Steering Committee
  • Kathy O’Neil, Exempt Staff Council, Steering Committee
  • David Rigoni, Leadership, Policy, and Administration, CFNE
  • Christopher Vye, Professional Psychology, Steering Committee


  • Bryan Gates, Admissions
  • Susan Anderson-Benson, Selim Center for Learning


  • Sue Myers, Theology
  • Carey Winkler, Social Work