The students, faculty, and staff of St. Thomas, an urban university in a globally diverse community, actively engage with the world as global citizens. St. Thomas seeks to understand cultural, social, political, economic, and environmental systems of the world and promotes ethical global citizenship by developing global knowledge, competencies and awareness so that we live, work, and contribute meaningfully in an increasingly interconnected world.

Goal: The University of St. Thomas will infuse global perspectives, and promote global citizenship and community engagement in teaching, learning, research and discovery in tangible and meaningful ways.

Committee Members

  • Jill Manske, Biology, CFNE
  • Lalith Samarakoon, Finance, Steering Committee


  • Chirayu Dongre, Academic Counseling
  • Christina Hilpipre-Frischman, International Admissions


  • Amy Finnegan, Justice and Peace Studies
  • Camille George, Engineering
  • Elizabeth (Lisa) Schiltz, Law


  • Juan Ferreras Camilo, Undergraduate Student

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