Excellence in Teaching and Professional Engagement

St. Thomas provides a quality education relevant to meet both the contemporary needs of society and the development of the whole person through the professional caliber of faculty and staff. Faculty and staff at St. Thomas are recognized for their participation in on-going professional development and engagement. Our nationally recognized faculty advance research and scholarly inquiry, often in partnership with students and staff, creating a vibrant community of academically engaged professionals.

Goal: The University of St. Thomas continues to recruit, retain, and develop excellent faculty and staff by providing increased opportunities for research and professional development, broadly defined, investing in facilities and technology that supports research, and rewarding nationally recognized professional engagement, including, but not limited to publication and service to the professions.

Committee Members

  • Mick Sheppeck, Management, CFNE
  • Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell, Art History, CFNE
  • Jon Stoltz, Philosophy, CFNE
  • Annmarie Thomas, Engineering, Steering Committee


  • Lisa Burke, OCB Technology and Web
  • Lucy Payne, Academic Assessment and Accreditation
  • David Steele, Grants and Research Office


  • Jennifer McGuire, Biology
  • David Williard, History