Diversity and Inclusive Culture

With a commitment to the full dignity of all human persons, we support an inclusive culture characterized by the connectedness of all human endeavors, principles of mutual trust and mutual respect, and the cultivation of a spirit of empathy. An inclusive culture integrates various aspects of identity in order to enhance academic excellence in light of the complexities of the contemporary world.

Goal: The University of St. Thomas will be known for its strong commitment to developing an inclusive culture, which is founded on principles of mutual trust, mutual respect and empathy. This culture will attract, support and retain a diverse community of students, faculty and staff, and will infuse the curriculum, enhancing academic excellence and relevance.

Committee Members

  • Wendy Wyatt, Communications and Journalism, Steering Committee
  • Jennifer Wright, Law, CFNE
  • Corrine Carvalho, Theology, Steering Committee


  • Bill Woodson, MBA Programs
  • Kimberly Schumann, Disability Services


  • Paola Ehrmantraut, Modern and Classical languages


  • Jordan Graf, Undergraduate Student
  • Eric Hsu, Undergraduate Student
  • Amanda Wright, Graduate Student