Catholic Mission

As a Catholic University, the University of St. Thomas values its diverse community of students, faculty, staff and alumni. Based on Catholic intellectual tradition, the University promotes the integration of knowledge; dialogue between faith and culture; the development of morally responsible persons; the active engagement of its community in the work toward a more just and civil society; the commitment to sustainable stewardship of environmental resources; and the concern for the development of the whole person, including supporting the spiritual formation of its community members.

Goal: The University of St. Thomas will be recognized as an inclusive and welcoming Catholic community that transforms persons and their communities through sustained opportunities for personal reflection, ethical development, service to and dialogue between various communities.

Committee Members

  • Bernie Brady, Theology, Steering Committee
  • Daryl Koehn, Ethics and Business Law, CFNE
  • Rob Vischer, Law, Steering Committee


  • Josh Hengemuhle, Dean of Students
  • Sharon Howell, Dean of Students
  • Megan Smith, Campus Ministry


  • Massimo Faggioli, Theology
  • Kendra Garrett, Social Work
  • Mark Neuzil, Communications and Journalism


  • Gina Bugliosi, Graduate Student, School of Divinity