The members of the steering committee and subcommittees represent faculty, staff, and students from across the university, and drew from the working vision statement to draft a set of objectives and initiatives around seven working goals.


Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Tony Andrade-Vera, graduate student

Dr. Bernard Brady, Theology

Dr. Corrine Carvalho, Theology (steering committee co-chair)

Dr. Michael Cogan, Institutional Effectiveness (steering committee co-chair)

Dr. Monica Hartmann, Economics

Dr. Marty Johnston, Physics

Lisa Keiser, Non-Exempt Staff Council

Dr. Daryl Koehn, Ethics and Business Law

Mariann Kukielka, undergraduate student

Dr. Terence Langan, Arts and Sciences

Dr. Paul Lorah, Geography

Dr. Aaron Macke, Residence Life

Dr. Jill Manske, Biology

Dr. John Olson, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Kathy O’Neil, Exempt Staff Council

Dr. David Rigoni, Leadership, Policy, and Administration

Dr. Lalith Samarakoon, Finance

Dr. Mick Sheppeck, Management, CFNE

Dr. Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell, Art History

Dr. Jon Stoltz, Philosophy

Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, Engineering

Dr. Christopher Vye, Professional Psychology

Jennifer Wright, Law

Dr. Wendy Wyatt, Communication and Journalism



Susan Anderson-Benson, Selim Center for Learning

Gina Bugliosi, graduate student

Lisa Burke, Opus College of Business

Chirayu Dongre, Academic Counseling

Dr. Laura Dunham, Entrepreneurship

Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut, Modern and Classical Languages

Dr. Massimo Faggioli, Theology

Dr. Amy Finnegan, Justice and Peace Studies

Juan Ferreras Camilo, undergraduate student

Nora Fitzpatrick, Law

Cynthia Fraction, Excel! Research Scholars Program

Dr. Kendra Garrett, Social Work

Bryan Gates, Admissions

Dr. Camille George, Engineering

Dr. Matthew George, Music

Jordan Graf, undergraduate student

Josh Hengemuhle, Dean of Students Office

Christina Hilpipre-Frischman, International Admissions

Sharon Howell, Dean of Students Office

Eric Hsu, undergraduate student

Dr. Ann Johnson, Faculty Development

Karen Julian, Enrollment Services

Dr. Adam Kay, Biology Department

Vern Klobassa, Student Engagement

Dr. Jennifer McGuire, Biology

Dr. Sue Myers, Theology

Dr. Mark Neuzil, Communications and Journalism

Dr. Lucy Payne, Academic Assessment and Accreditation

Lisa Schiltz, Law

Kimberly Schumann, Disability Services

Megan Smith, Campus Ministry

Dr. David Steele, Grants and Research Office

Rob Vischer, Law

Dr. David Williard, History

Carey Winkler, Social Work

Bill Woodson, Business

Amanda Wright, graduate student