Intern Positions

STAR Interns


Anna DeGrave 

Major: Marketing Management, Fashion Merchandising 

Year: Senior

Hobbies/Involvement: I like running, playing soccer, hanging out with friends and family and shopping. I am involved in STAR, St. Catherine Fashion Association, Chamber Singers, Festival Choir, Delta Epsilon Sigma and Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Fun Fact: When I was little I was asked be in a parade at Disney World!

Finance & Large Events

Lian Gordon 

Major: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Year: Junior

Hobbies/Involvement: I work part time as a business analyst intern at Clean Energy Economy Minnesota. In my free time, I like playing and watching sports, hanging out with friends, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club tutoring children, and every year I attend multiple multicultural events that are held by student run clubs on campus. 

Fun Fact: I like to travel and visit new places that I haven't been before.


Erin Abbe (Left)

Major: Marketing Management & Operations and Supply Chain Management  

Year: Junior

Hobbies/Involvement: Residence Hall Association, National Residence Hall Honorary, Tommie Shop, Liturgical Choir 

Fun Fact: I would spend every day on a lake if I could!


Mackenzie Kelly (Right)

Major: Marketing Management 

Year: Junior 

Hobbies/Involvement: UST Campus Outreach, OCB Grad Services, traveling, reading, outdoor activities

Fun Fact: In 7th grade I happened to meet part of the MN Wild time while eating at a restaurant.


Chase Lau

Major: Computer Science 

Year: Junior

Hobbies/Involvement: Reading novels, writing heartfelt letters to loved ones, long walks on the beach. I’m involved with STAR, AFP club, CISC club, Concert Choir. Not looking for something superficial, only contact me if you’re looking for a real, emotional connection and/or want to trade Pokémon cards.

Fun Fact: Cherophobia is the fear of fun. Please do not apply if you suffer from cherophobia.


Cassi Noel

Major: Actuarial Science

Year: Senior

Hobbies/Involvement: VISION (Ecuador and Ghana), Delta Epsilon Sigma President, Gamma Iota Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Math and Actuarial Science Club, Festival Choir, PULSE, Aquinas Honors Scholar, Study Abroad (Madrid, Spain)

Fun Fact: I had seven ferrets when I was little—Chubsy, Kirby, Ollie, Oscar, Mr. Hanky, Junior, and Cooper.


Jamie Gruber

Major: Operations and Supply Chain Management 

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies/Involvement: Hall Association, Scuba Club, Netflix and baking

Fun Fact: When I was in 5th grade, I learned how to snowboard.


Warren Melton

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

Hobbies/Involvement: Men's Swim & Dive Team, Bass section leader for Liturgical Choir

Fun Fact: I can count to 100 with my eyes closed.

Movies & Trivia

Adam Rodgers

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies/Involvement: Playing/watching sports, grilling, fishing, video games, jogging, Movies and trivia intern for STAR

Fun Fact: I was born in Ohio.


Bonnie Holmvig

Major: Public Health and Catholic Studies

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies/Involvement: I enjoy teaching, baking, reading, and sewing

Fun Fact: I've been to the Amazon Rainforest twice.


Micaela Flores

Major: Exercise Science 

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies/Involvement: Football Manager, Tommie Central, Cru, Netflix, reading, shopping

Fun Fact: I was a royal ambassador for the city of St. Paul Park during high school.


Kaitlyn O'Neil

Major: Elementary Education 

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies/Involvement: Night Access/Desk Attendant, reading, Netflix, shopping, coffee- all day everyday.

Fun Fact: I have been to 7 different countries.