Frequently Asked Questions

What is STAR?

STAR is the main event-planning body for the University of St. Thomas. STAR organizes and facilitates activities on and off campus using 40% of the student activities fee. STAR focuses its programming efforts in the areas of concerts, entertainment, lectures, movies, and various special events.

Through events, STAR provides social and educational opportunities as well as a forum for exploring controversial issues. Through programs such as dances, concerts, and comedians, STAR gives students an opportunity to interact with one another outside the classroom.


What is the history of STAR?

Before STAR became an official organization, all of the programming efforts directed towards students of the University was done by a committee of ACC, originally referred to as "The Weekend Programming Committee." This was the arrangement throughout much the University's history, only recently did STAR and ACC separate to form two different student organizations.

As the student body began to grow throughout the late 1980's, so did the responsibilities and commitments of ACC. As the demand for campus programs began increasing, so did the time and effort needed plan and implement these programs. Due to this increasing burden on the resources of ACC it was decided that a new organization should be formed to deal exclusively with event programming for the student body.

Officially in 1992 the "Weekend Programming Committee" of ACC split to form a new organization, STAR. It was the mandate of STAR to provide educational and social opportunities to build a strong campus community through coordinating innovative student events.