Step 4:

How to apply for Cooperative Programming?

When applying for Cooperative Programming money there are 3 steps that need to be completed, as well as some general requirements that STAR has.


STAR requires that the event be non-exclusionary, campus wide, and follow the guidelines and mission of the University. The event must also benefit the St. Thomas community. If the request is for the purchase of t-shirts, the STAR board will not exclusively fund apparel for the requesting group. The t-shirts must be free for all St. Thomas students as a giveaway or prize. The cooperative program must not contradict the goals of STAR. You will be asked to fill out an Event Request Form, which can be obtained from Campus Life. Lastly, the event cannot conflict with previously scheduled STAR events.

Step1: Write a proposal letter to STAR

STAR requires that all organizations seeking cooperative programming funds write a detailed letter about the event. All pertinent information about the event should be included. Some examples are the speaker's name and biography, the history of the event, the agency of the performer, other sponsors, the support needed from STAR, and a breakdown of the necessary funding.

The proposal letter and the Cooperative Programming Application (obtained outside the STAR office, or downloadable at the bottom of this page) should be addressed to the Attention of the STAR President, and brought to the STAR office (MHC 112-F) BEFORE noon on the Thursday before the week you are planning to attend the STAR board meeting (see below). It also needs to be at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event.

Step 2: Personally request funds at a STAR meeting

STAR also requires all organizations seeking Cooperative Programming funds to send a representative to the STAR board meeting at least two weeks prior to the event. Board meetings are held every Tuesday at noon (contact the STAR President for location). This meeting allows STAR and the organization to clear up any questions or concerns. Following your presentation, the STAR board will consider your request and the president will you with the decision.

Step 3: Meet with STAR President to finalize contract

If STAR agrees to the cooperative programming, it is the responsibility of the organization to contact the STAR president upon receipt of the approval letter/email. The STAR President and the organization representative will meet to finalize the Cooperative Programming contract between STAR and the particular organization. A copy of this contract can be found at the back of the application.

The organization will have three days from the date of the approval letter/email to contact STAR and complete the contract. Please note that without this contract all funds offered in the approval letter will be considered null and void.

To download a copy of the STAR Cooperative Programming Packet please click here.

Once you have completed these steps you will be ready for Step 5.