Step 3:

Effective ways to advertise your event.

Here is a list of ideas for you to consider as you plan advertisements for your event:

  • Be sure to target areas that are "high traffic" for your target audience.
  • Be creative in your advertisements. Try to go above and beyond posters, and announcements. Creative ideas include email lists, balloons, chalking, music, giveaways, etc... Before advertising be sure to contact the correct people to give permission for your advertisement as well as secure the space and supplies. Questions in regards to advertisement can be directed to Campus Life or STAR.
  • When advertising be aware of all the resources around campus to use. These include the PR room in Koch Commons, the supplies in the Campus Life area, Print Inc., and the Service Center.
  • You can contact either the Bulletin or possibly the Aquin to advertise your event. or

    If you are applying for cooperative programming this step can be done in conjunction or after the next step, Step 4