Step 2:

How to get started?

Here is a list of ideas for you to consider as you begin planning your event:

  • Are you able to procure the necessary facilities for your event? If you're event is on campus you can reserve facilities through the request for services webpage at You will need to login to the RFS and be able to provide an account number, dates and times, as well as other specifics needed in regards to your event.
  • Do you have the proper skills and connections to contact the appropriate people for your event? Whether you are dealing directly with a performer, or a business front different skills will be needed. If you have questions about contacting people do not hesitate to contact STAR with questions.
  • Be sure to call around and determine the best price, as well as the quality of the program that will be provided.
  • Be sure to fill out the proper paperwork, with the proper signatures as soon as possible. You cannot foresee all the possible difficulties that may arise, and as the event approaches you will have greater time constraints to deal with.

    Once you have completed these steps you are prepared to begin the next phase in your event, step 3.