5th Annual Fitness Challenge vs Augsburg

St. Thomas needs your energy!


8 Week Program


This competition is sponsored by the UST’s Vitality Program and the Augsburg College Faculty/Staff Wellness Program


Fifth Annual Faculty and Staff 2014 Fitness Challenge

University of St. Thomas vs. Augsburg  


Dust off those tennis shoes, skates or snowshoes, skis or whatever you have that gets you to exercise!

Are you ready to take on Augsburg in our fifth annual Fitness Challenge?   It is an eight (8) week competition between Augsburg and St. Thomas.  We need to join forces and spread the word to encourage all of our UST faculty and staff to be competitive in this year’s challenge.   Sign up today and log your individual minutes each week.

Work out anywhere, any time, and any physical activity.  Start Moving!

The competition starts Wednesday, February 19 and ends Tuesday April 15, 2014.

If you participate in all 8 weeks of the Fitness Challenge you will earn an extra 350 Vitality points.

Not signed up for Vitality?  Sign up today, it is free and easy. https://www.powerofvitality.com/vitalityportal/login


How does the Fitness Challenge work?   

1)     Register to participate in the Fitness Challenge on the following linkhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fo33x3A-kqAIf2MkGN08C3dtN-Uhqv_9Mc7O2pxf40A/viewform


2)     Keep track of the number of MINUTES you work out each week starting Feb. 19. You are eligible to log a maximum of 90 minutes per day.


3)     Once registered, look for emails giving you week by week instructions.


4)     You can join in at any time in the program and your minutes start at that particular time.


5)     Every week we will announce the college winner along with the top two UST winners.


6)     If you are the top winner for the week, you will receive an extra 35 Vitality points plus other prizes will be awarded. ++

90 minutes per day maximum = 630 minutes maximum for  one week


Week #1:  Wed, Feb. 19, ends Tues, Feb. 25

Week #2:  Wed, Feb. 26, ends Tues, March 4

Week #3:  Wed March 5, ends Tues, March 11

Week #4:  Wed, Mar 12, ends Tues, March 18

Week #5:  Wed, Mar 19, ends Tues, March 25

Week #6:  Wed, March 26 ends Tues, April 1

Week #7:  Wed, April 2, ends Tues, April 8

Week #8:  Wed, April 9, ends Tues, April 15


This competition is sponsored by the UST’s Vitality Program and the Augsburg College Faculty/Staff Wellness Program

Any questions should be directed to Lisa Keiser –2-5982, Colleen Stephens –2-6300 or Tonia Peterson – 2-6305


++You are only eligible to win the extra 35 points once per the entire 8 weeks of competition but if you belong to the AARC, you still can accumulate your points every time you swipe your card to workout.