Committee Summaries

UST Committees with representation from Non-Exempt Staff Council:

NESC Members serving on these committees will keep Council and constituents up to date on developments.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

NESC Representative: Rick Morcos   (alternate: Bill Zych)

The Diversity and Inclusion (formerly Affirmative Action) Committee's charge is to promote affirmative action and equal employment opportunities by bringing campus-wide perspectives and experience to the consideration of policies and procedures related to the selection, development and retention of a diverse workforce.  Mari Ann Graham is the chair of this committee, and the group has been meeting about twice a semester.  A male representative from NESC has been requested for the upcoming year.

Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)

NESC Representative:  Pa Nhia Lee 

The Budget Advisory Committee meets to review the university budget.  Meetings typically begin in October so the next fiscal year’s budget can be presented to the Board of Trustees at its February meeting.  Four to five meetings of this group have been scheduled in years past (meet July-Feb.).  Mark Vangsgard chairs this committee.  

Fringe Benefits Committee (FBAC)

NESC representatives:  Laurie Dimond and Lori Seavers  (Alternate:  Pa Nhia Lee)

The primary purpose of the Fringe Benefits Advisory Committee (FBAC) is to advise University Administration on all aspects of the university’s fringe benefits program. Deborah Sagstetter chairs this committee, and the group meets during the academic year, typically on the third Thursday of each month.

Library Leisure Reading Selection Committee

NESC representative:  Nancy Sannerud

This group makes suggestions for the Leisure Reading collection in the UST Libraries both at St. Paul and Mpls campus, keeping it as current and interesting as possible.  In-person meetings are not held.  The person who serves on this committee will take part in selecting reading material for the library's collection through an on-line process. John Heintz is the acting chair of this committee for AY1415.

Wellness Committee

NESC Representative: Megan Smith

Ad hoc committee of “wellness champions” – faculty and staff who will promote best practices, facilitate communications and recommend and support the implementation of wellness activities and programs at the university.  Alaina Ericksen chairs the committee.

Sustainability Committee

NESC Representative: Bill Zych

The Sustainability Committee will advance the University of St. Thomas’ mission to integrate sustainable values and promote a culture of long-range planning and sustainable design in our community. Bob Douglas chairs the committee.

Four Sub-Committees of the Non-Exempt Staff Council:

Elections Committee

In early spring semester, the committee will set up the elections process (call for nominations, verify participation and get supporting items, run the election, tally votes, and notify elected council members). Members running for re-election should abstain from joining this committee.

Representatives: Beth Bergfield, Nancy Sannerud, and Ann Serdar

Website/Media/Publicity Committee

Responsible for posting/updating staff council website, sending out emails to constituents from NESC email account, design/deliver advertising materials, distribute and collect paper advertising/RSVP/ballot for constituents who do not work at a computer on a regular basis.

Representatives: Beth Bergfield, Amy Petruck, and Lori Seavers

Welcoming Committee

This committee attends New Employee Orientation each month (3rd Wednesday) to explain the NESC and distribute welcome packages. The committee also send anniversary cards to employees.  The committee will also represent the NESC on any future mentoring programs providing by HR.

Representatives: Laurie Dimond, Pa Nhia Lee, Amy Petruck, Megan Smith, and Bill Zych

Appreciation Breakfast/Charitable Giving Committee

This group will plan the annual Staff Appreciation Breakfast. The committee also organizes the nomination and selection process for the annual Non-Exempt Staff Appreciation Award (given at the breakfast).  All council members will help host the event.

Representatives: Beth Bergfield, Rick Morcos, Nancy Sannerud, Ann Serdar, and Bill Zych