Committee Summaries

Five UST Committees with representation from Non-Exempt Staff Council:

NESC Members serving on these committees will keep Council and constituents up to date on developments.

Affirmative Action (AAC)

Rick Morcos   (alternate: Bill Zych)

The Affirmative Action Committee's charge is to promote affirmative action and equal employment opportunities by bringing campus-wide perspectives and experience to the consideration of policies and procedures related to the selection, development and retention of a diverse workforce.  Susan Alexander is the chair of this committee, and the group has been meeting about twice a semester.  A male representative from NESC has been requested for the upcoming year.

Budget Advisory (BAC)

NESC Representative:  Corey Getchell   (Alternate:  Deb Cattoor)

The Budget Advisory Committee meets to review the university budget.  Meetings typically begin in October so that the next fiscal year's budget can be presented at the February meeting of the Board of Trustees.   Mark Vangsgard chairs this group.

Fringe Benefits (FBAC)

NESC representatives:  Pa Nhia Lee and Laurie Dimond  (Alternate:  Barb Joynson)

The primary purpose of the Fringe Benefits Advisory Committee (FBAC) is to advise University Administration on all aspects of the university’s fringe benefits program. Sara Gross Methner chairs this committee, and the group meets during the academic year, typically on the third Thursday of each month.

Library Leisure Reading Selection Committee

NESC representative:  Ann Schiffer

This group makes suggestions for the Leisure Reading collection in the UST Libraries both at St. Paul and Mpls campus, keeping it as current and interesting as possible.  In-person meetings are not held.  The person who serves on this committee will take part in selecting reading material for the library's collection through an on-line process.  Linda Hulbert in the library will provide training.

Four Sub-Committees of the Non-Exempt Staff Commitee:

Elections Committee

Corey Getchell, Julie Kimlinger, Dede Hering, Laurie Dimond, and Beth Bergfield



Beth Bergfield, Julie Kimlinger, Ann Schiffer, and Debbie Cattoor

Responsible for posting/updating staff council website and keeping campus aware throughout the year of NESC news, events, help promote NESC fund drives, etc.

Welcoming Committee

Pa Nhia Lee, Debbie Cattoor, Ann Schiffer, Dede Hering, Barb Joynson

Will send throughout the year to all new staff members a welcome message – an important first contact with the NESC - as well as staff anniversary greetings.

Charitable Giving/Appreciation Breakfast

Entire Committee – especially Laurie Dimond and Julie Kimlinger

This group will select the organization for the year which will benefit from the drive, and plan the annual Staff Appreciation Event.