Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes, May 23, 2012



NESC Meeting

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.



Attendees:  Deb Cattoor, Barb Dunker, Mike Elwell, Corey Getchell, Christine Igielski, Julie Jepma , Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Jeanne Kittleson, Pa Nhia Lee, Maureen Murphy, Kathy Sauro, Ann Schiffer, Brittney Wolf


Absent:  Jeff Akemann, Nancy Bruggeman, Roger Cooney


1.  Reflection: Chris Igielski


2.  Approve Minutes:  Minutes from the April 17, 2012 meeting were unanimously approved.


3.  Committee Updates – No updates at this time.  Replacements for seats being vacated will be determined at the June meeting.


4.  Old Business:

  • Spring Brown Bag – Container Gardening

Brittney, who coordinated the event, reported that the Container Gardening session held on April 23


, and presented by Barb Voorhees-Blaha on the Minneapolis campus was very interesting and educational.  Approximately 8-10 people were in attendance.   


  • Caregivers Support Group Session

Barb announced that the next gathering of the caregivers group will be held on Thursday, June 21


at 12:00 p.m.  Pat Stankovitch, Director of Psychological Services at the Inter-professional Center for Counseling and Legal Services at UST, has graciously agreed to facilitate a discussion with us (likely on the St. Paul campus).


  • Notes for New Members-How to find NESC Past Information on the Website

Per Chris, the instructions for accessing this information are as follows:

a>   Start

b>   Run

c>    UST-deptstore1 (enter)

d>   Department folder

e>   Staff Council folder

f>    Non-Exempt folder


  • Notebook Hand Over

Chris asked that individuals leaving the council, please give their binders to incoming members. 


  • Goals/Achievements 2011-2012

To be discussed in further detail at the June meeting.




5.  New Business:

            The following items were briefly touched on due to the abbreviated meeting, and will be 

            discussed in more detail at future meetings:


  • New Council-Items to Consider for Next Year

  • By-Laws Review (Last revision 2005?)

  • Meeting Schedule/Day/Time/2 Campus Videoconference Nov-Feb?


  • Appreciation/Welcome/Wrap-Up

Chris expressed her appreciation to the exiting members of the council for their dedication.  She also presented Barb Dunker with a gift for always going the extra mile for the group! 


Thank you, Chris for all your hard work as chair during your term as well…you will be missed!!


The new members were welcomed and introduced. 


4.  Adjournment

            Meeting Adjourned at 1:00 p.m.




Thursday, June 21st from 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Location:  To be Determined (on the St. Paul Campus)

Meeting Minutes, June 21, 2012

NESC Meeting Minutes   

Thursday, June 21, 2012

1:30 – 3:00 pm  Room 237 Anderson Student Center


Members Present: Debbie Cattoor, Barb Dunker, Corey Getchell, Julie Jepma, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Kathy Sauro, Ann Schiffer.

Unable to attend:  Mike Elwell, Brittney Wolf.


Reflection:  Barb shared her thoughts on the importance of generosity of heart, valuing people, listening to what they have to say, and growing in order to give.  She thanked the members for being willing to serve on this committee and invited us all to lead by example so that we might help make the university a success.


Finding NESC past information in Deptstore:  If anyone is having trouble finding the Staff Council folders in deptstore please contact Barb.  Just a reminder of the steps:  Start; Run; UST-deptstore1; (click OK); Deptsl-q; Staff Council; Non-Exempt.


Officers selected for upcoming year

President – Barb Dunker

Vice-President – Lisa Keiser

Secretary – Brittney Wolf and Julie Kimlinger

Treasurer – Corey Getchell


Meeting Schedule for 2012-2013:

It was agreed that we will try to meet on the second Thursday of each month at 2pm during the academic year.  This summer in July and August we will begin at 1:30 instead of 2:00 to accommodate the Mpls-St. Paul shuttle schedule.  We will plan to videoconference the November and December meetings.    


Tentative Meeting Schedule and Requested Locations:

(please see updated schedule --  now posted on website)                           


July 12             1:30 – 3:00       Mpls                            TMH 289

August 9         1:30 – 3:00       St. Paul                        ASC 237

September 13  2:00 – 3:30       St. Paul                        ASC 237

October 11       2:00 – 3:30       Mpls                            TMH 289

November 8    2:00 – 3:30       Videoconference         TMH 290 and LIB 102

December 13   2:00 – 3:30       Videoconference         TMH 290 and LIB 102

January 10       2:00 – 3:30*      St. Paul                        ASC 237

February 14     2:00 – 3:30       Mpls                            TMH 289

March 14         2:00 – 3:30       St. Paul                        ASC 237

April 11           2:00 – 3:30       Mpls                            TMH 289

May 9              2:00 – 3:30       St. Paul                        ASC 237


You will receive Outlook Calendar meeting invitations so that you can get these dates and times on your calendars. 

*If J-term shuttle warrants, we could have the January meeting at 1:30 instead of 2:00 pm.  


Barb distributed monthly calendars for all to use – if you did not get a set please let Barb know.

Committee Sign-Ups

  1. Lisa distributed descriptions of the University Committees which welcome representation from the Non-Exempt Staff Council.  Descriptions will be posted in deptstore.   Members volunteered to serve in these ways:


Academic and Administrative Advisory Council (AAAC)              Barb Dunker

Affirmative Action (AAC)                                         Debbie Cattoor; Barb Joynson, alternate

Budget Advisory (BAC)                                             Julie Jepma; Corey Getchall, alternate

Fringe Benefits (FBAC)                                              Kathy Sauro and Pa Nhia Lee; Brittney Wolf, alternate (?)

Human Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC)    Ann Schiffer; Pa Nhia Lee alternate

Library Leisure Reading Selection Committee        Barb Dunker


Each member will write up reports from their committees and keep Council up to date on developments.


  1.  Lisa also distributed a description of the committees within the Council and these volunteers will serve:


Elections Committee              Lisa Keiser, Kathy Sauro, Julie Jepma

Website/Media/Publicity       Julie Kimlinger, Ann Schiffer, and Debbie Cattoor

            *This committee will incorporate the work previously done by the Bulletin Board committee 

Welcoming Committee          Pa Nhia Lee, Debbie Cattoor, Barb Joynson, and Ann Schiffer

            *Send throughout the year to all new staff members a welcome message – this message is an important first contact with the NESC and will be worked on during next meeting.

            *Send to all non-exempt staff an anniversary greeting

Appreciation Breakfast          Entire Committee – Corey Getchell in particular

            *This committee will incorporate the work previously done by the Charitable Giving committee        


Design ways to better communicate with our constituents who we are, what we do, and how they can become active and participate  –

Brainstorming on outreach ideas:

–       talk to them - Seek out ideas from the people working in your areas and bring to the Council

–       place posters where they will be seen, for example by the timeclocks in Physical Plant

–       create a presence on Facebook; ask custodial staff supervisors to remind PHP staff of our support for them;  -

–       ask John Bannigan to share some time with us while he makes his rounds so we can invite PHP and Food Service employees to become more active and aware of staff council activities and issues

–       invite all to meet the candidates in person at a noon-brown bag – include pictures of who is running for office if they are willing – offer incentives to all who vote

–       let staff know of the benefits gained by keeping funds on your Express Card – hold a brown bag about these things

–       Invite all to an Ice Cream social to reach out and share these tips – decide date at July meeting

–       Learn about the Verizon discounts and share that information

–       Gain access to the non-exempt distribution lists – send messages more often

–       August 12 Twins Tickets – will be for sale in Tommie Center

–       Sell updated Cookbooks – add pages – perhaps a gluten free section – special diets –

–       Homecoming Taste of Saints – bundle the cookbooks with the popular mittens!

–       Invite Sara Gross Methner of Human Resources to upcoming meeting to touch on questions regarding Roth IRA, Healthcare program, performance evaluations, donation of vacation hours; job sharing;  changes in tuition remission benefits.

–       Invite Brian Brown from University Relations – tell about University Relations ways to help us get word out about the work of Staff Council

–       Send ideas as they come to you to Barb Dunker



Next Meeting will be July 12 at 1:30  1:00 pm in TMH 289

Reflection: Lisa Keiser

Meeting Minutes, July 12, 2012


NESC Meeting Minutes


Thursday, July 12, 2012 

1:00 - 2:30 pm

Attendees:  Debbie Cattoor, Barb Dunker, Mike Elwell, Corey Getchell, Julie Jepma , Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Ann Schiffer, & Brittney Wolf


Absent:  Kathy Sauro


1)     Reflection: Group Reflection


2)     Approve Minutes:  Minutes from the June 21, 2012 were unanimously approved.


3)     Committee Reports – No updates


4)     August 9 Council Meeting

  • The meeting will be held from 11:00 – 3:00pm in order to address goals; the council’s past, present and future; and to meet with Sara Gross Methner (HR) to discuss PLT and health-related benefits.
  • Prior to meeting with Sara, the council will prepare a list of 3-4 items to discuss. The council came up with 3 items that need to be discussed with Sara (this list will be finalized on August 9, prior to Sara’s appearance at 2:00pm):
    • Donating vacation
    • Roth-IRA
    • Wellness Programs coming up
    • Performance Evaluations – Goals section, no incentive for bettering one’s self, or no marked measurability
  • Council may also speak with Sarah about the voluntary retirement incentive program that existed a few years ago, the program’s limitations on who could participate, and if the program will be offered again.
  • Corey Getchell (Treasury) will prepare a budget report in August.


5)     President’s Staff Meeting (Fall semester)

  • The NESC and the ESC have been invited to attend a President’s Staff meeting in September/October
  • In preparation for the meeting, Barb asked the council to come up with items and/or concerns to bring forward to the President and Board members.  A few items were discussed by NESC:
    • Are staff members being stretched too thin with multiple job duties because of positions left empty – i.e. not replacing staff when someone quits or retires?
    • In-house catering menu causing additional expenses for student groups/clubs who have limited budgets. Can there be more price breaks for groups?
  • Further discussion on the topic will take place at August’s meeting. NESC will also add any staff concerns to Barb’s discussion list.
  • In light of the discussion on the policies regarding travel and internal catering, the council would like to invite Karen Harthorn to a future meeting in order to explain why such policies exist and how they save the university money.  (The meeting with Karen would also address other staff/student concerns about the policies to light.)


6)     Goal Setting

  • This item will be discussed at August’s council meeting. Council was asked to think of goals and/or ideas for next month’s meeting.


7)     Follow-ups from June meeting

A)    NESC Web page (Debbie Cattoor, Julie Kimlinger, and Ann Schiffer)

  • On July 25th Julie, Debbie and Ann will be trained on the new program taking over Collage.  After this time they will add new features to the NESC page and begin brainstorming on how to make the site better.
  • They would like to add a FAQ section, suggestion box, a help button, more pictures, a “New to UST” page for new employees, and surveys.  
    • Sarah Ramler (possible Ad hoc) could help take pictures and work with qualities surveys.
    • Debbie encouraged everyone to look at the page and figure out what to keep, update, or get rid of. Council members may e-mail any page suggestions to Debbie, Julie, or Ann and they will bring these ideas to Leif Johnson. 

B)    Communicating available benefits to staff (Pa Nhia Lee & Ann Schiffer)

  • Ann and Pa created a quarter-sheet handout listing the benefits of employment and what you can do with your UST ID.  Handout will be available at the ice-cream social and other NESC sponsored events.

C)    Welcoming Ideas (Debbie Cattoor, Barb Joynson, Pa Nhia Lee, & Ann Schiffer)

  • An example of the welcome card that will go out to new employees was handed out to the council. Suggested changes were made.
  • Welcome card will also include coupons for new employees – including 20% discount at the bookstore in September, discount at the service center for personal projects, and a coupon for Coffee Bene.


8)     Twins game tickets

  • Discussion held by council as to whether the council should sell tickets to a Twins game in August. Last year the council purchased 75 tickets and was able to sell these; however, it took a while.  This year the anticipated game date is early August, leaving little time for promotion. 
  • Suggestions were made to either sell a smaller quantity of tickets or table the NESC Twins game till next year.
  • Decision: Due to the limited interest in tickets this year and lack of promotion time the council decided to table the event till next year.
  • Next Time – In preparation for next month’s meeting, everyone should think about the following:
  • Goals for next year
  • The Appreciation Breakfast – What to do about those that work during this time? Do something different? Plan for a different day?
  • How can NESC communicate with staff?




Meeting adjourned at 2:06pm

Minutes by Brittney Wolf

Meeting Minutes, August 9, 2012

Non-Exempt Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2012  11:00 am – 3:00 pm

ASC 237


Members present:  Barb Dunker, Corey Getchell, Julie Jepma, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Ann Schiffer, Brittney Wolf, Kathy Sauro.

Unable to attend:  Debbie Cattoor, Mike Elwell.


Reflection:   Life’s Journey – Lisa shared this reading twice – first, asking us to focus on the meaning of this reading in relation to our own lives. On the second reading of it, we listened for its meaning for us as members of the NESC.


Approving July Meeting Minutes:  All are asked to review the minutes from July meeting and send edits to Brittney by Monday, August 13.


Brainstorming Session:  Review list of past activities, add suggestions for new activities, hold each up to mission statement and prepared questions in exercise to help define our goals and also select and prioritize activities for the coming year.   We will take a second look at the list of ideas to see how feasible, realistic, and aligned with our mission they are.


Mission statement: 

The NESC aspires to build a strong and healthy workplace by

fostering communication with the University’s administration and its constituents,

identifying and advocating for common interests,

focusing on collaboration, and

building community within the University.


  1. Appreciation Event – Breakfast  

A suggestion of having a Happy Hour rather than Breakfast was considered, but it was noted that the Breakfast is already quite well-attended and it might be better to try these improvements and keep it as a Breakfast:  offer more time for socializing, less of a formal program; give more time for browsing the auction items and making bids; consider some music or entertainment; run slideshow in background showing staff at their various places of work;  take pictures during the Breakfast and post on the site.  At September meeting look at date for the breakfast – usually in April.   Can NESC members help clean up?  Help replenish buffet table?  Offer a meal coupon to those who have to work the event?


2. Gratitude Project

Perhaps post “shout-outs” on the website from people who have messages of gratitude to share, or thank you’s to give to staff for various good works –


3. Volunteer to help with Commencement

This is an event that requires many volunteers – help with seating, handing out programs, giving out water – encourage staff to volunteer – something we can advertise throughout the years so that people know of ways they can help – talk more about this in November.


4. Anniversary and Welcome cards throughout year

This will continue as it definitely helps with our visibility and builds community – along with the welcome cards given to new staff members as they come to work at St. Thomas, they are given a welcome package via personal delivery that includes a bookstore coupon, info sheet of tips to free benefits, a free coffee card, magnetic screen cleaner, coupon for service center; alum kindness t-shirt.


5. Twins Game/Saints Game/Some Type of Outing

More thought will be given to this.


6. Cookbook

Barb Joynson showed a delightful way to package the remaining cookbooks for sale – all committee members appreciated her creativity and offered to help in any way necessary to make a success of the Purple mixing bowl - Tommie hot pads - Cookbook package by selling them in the UST bookstores and advertising with them at our events.


Proceeds from the Cookbook sales help fund the Scholarship Fund and Barb explained further that people who wish to make donations to the Scholarship Fund may do so through payroll deductions and the committee will be sure to inform all staff of this opportunity.



7. Freecycle –

We will contact Paul Hietpas to see if we could coordinate this event with the work of the Recycling Team on campus – we will collect used but still good office supplies and staff from across campus can come and help themselves to items they might need.  Whatever remains after the event can be recycled.  Location and date yet to be determined, but we will try to make this happen in late September or early October – and perhaps do it along the east side of the football field or on the library patio.  Dave Lepp will be contacted to see about schedule –

Things we believe will be useful for the event:  papers, pens, folders, hanging files, clips, staplers, tape holders, small desk holders.  We are not looking for furniture or file cabinets, chairs, IRT computer related equipment, or other large items.  Once date is set we’ll advertise to campus so they know it’s coming and they can start making boxes of things to bring on the drop off date.  One or two days after that, we’ll have the event. 


8. Blood Drive – Wellness is looking for others to take responsibility for these events

The Wellness Center is looking to hand off responsibility for future Blood Drives and they have approached the Non-Exempt Council to help find a new host.  Barb will invite Birdie Cunningham to a future meeting to discuss what is involved in hosting the blood drives on campus.


9. Brown Bag Sessions/Book Swap/J-Term Events

More thought will be put into topics for brown bag sessions – and we’ll try to host a cocoa and cookie event during J-Term as a social and informational community building event – we will include election information at this time and introduce the details of the annual Appreciation Award.  Another event to promote during J-term is a book swap among staff.   More about this in future meetings.


10. HR topics – Purchase additional PLT; donate vacation time

11. Collecting School Supplies

12.  Ad Hoc Community Service events  – be aware of opportunities for collections of food, baby clothes, household items, etc. depending on the circumstance


13. Greeters at Fr. Dease’s Christmas Dinner

Barb will ask event planner if there are ways the NESC can help.  It will be in Woulfe Hall this Christmas, 2013.



14. Leadership Academy classes – suggest more offerings during summer months


15. Annual NESC Scholarships Awards

We will work to make constituents aware that they can designate any gift they give to St. Thomas campaigns to be used for this award.


16. Fundraising Activities

Not a high priority of this group. 


17. Ice Cream Social/Donut and Coffee Welcome Event on same day as student walk through arches

We liked the idea of a donut-and-coffee table to welcome all to coincide with the walk through the arches. We talked about setting up on Monahan Plaza – perhaps in Mpls too – during Welcome Week along with the Interfaith Blessing event on Tuesday Sept 4.   In addition to the donuts and coffee we can distribute information about the Council, the work it does throughout the year, and how to get involved -- similar handouts to the ones included in the welcome package to new staff.   

               Advertising:  Barb

               Booth  - Lisa K. and Julie Jepma will do the booth

Set up table at 7:45 am until 9am

300 assorted donuts and coffee


18. Wellness concerns – workout facility access to staff who work on Mpls campus



Other items:

Barb explained that our committee begins each year with $4900 budget which funds the activities we wish to carry out during the year – for example, the Annual Appreciation Breakfast, Exempt and Non-Exempt Forum in October, back to school Ice Cream Social.  


Mike Cogan asked for representative from NESC to help with a current Climate Study as follow up to the 2007 Study – Lisa K will do this.


November 1st is the date for the Joint Forum for Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff Councils – It will be from 11:45 am until 1pm in Woulfe Hall, simulcast to Mpls, and will include the traditional chili lunch. 


The President’s Staff Meeting will be October 8th. 


Some more ideas for the NESC website – book blog and textbook exchange; highlight a department each month; post pictures of appreciation breakfast auction items.  Invite Sarah Ramler to September meeting to talk about ideas she can help with on our website.  All members are asked to get photos taken and send to Sarah and she will place on our Membership page on the website.  Appointments have been made for all who are eligible to have new photo taken – others please use photos on file.











Some topics addressed by Sara Gross Methner of Human Resources:


Legal aspects of campus life


Human Resources and Personnel issues


Promote HR health changes – Sara asked for our help in getting constitutents to carefully review the information in the upcoming health plans, understand the changes presented, and make the best choice of plan that will be best deal for individual and family.  


More comprehensive Wellness Program will be in place – online component – she will set up focus groups this fall – would like help from NESC to encourage participation in the Wellness Programs – she anticipates a defensive phase at first, but then people will come to realize they do feel better if they follow good health care practices.


She would like to see a more consistent “Onboarding Process” for new employees as they come to St. Thomas so that is consistently positive for them.


There will be multi-year manager training programs started – better tools to deal with situations for people who are promoted to manager positions - will work to get better offerings from the Leadership Academy.  Feedback can be sent to Carolyn Milbraith of Human Resources.


Unpaid leaves can be worked out with supervisors


Job Sharing?  No program yet for this – it is not a cost saver because benefits are paid to both people.


Performance Assessment – will be reviewed.


Mpls Campus Wellness?  Difficult – no place to build a gym – encourages all to make use of the refunds offered by various health insurances for those who are members of a gym.


Talent Management system?  Changes have just recently been made to this program.

Meeting Minutes, September 13, 2012

NESC Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2012

Present: Deborah Cattoor, Barb Dunker, Corey Getchell, Julie Jepma, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Lee, Kathy Sauro, Ann Schiffer, Brittney Wolf

Regrets: Mike Elwell


  1. I.    Blood Drive – Birdie Cunningham (Guest)
  • Birdie attended the meeting to ask the council if they would be interested in hosting the Red Cross Blood Drive. The event occurs twice a year at UST.  Birdie (of the Wellness Center) has been responsible for the blood drive for several years and is looking for a different area or program to take over the drive.
  • The blood drive is pretty self-sufficient. The Wellness Center is only responsible for reserving a space and providing volunteers for check-in and the canteen station.  The Red Cross supplies everything else, including food and nursing staff. The event lasts two days and they are willing to work with whoever hosts the event as to when it will be held. 
  • The NESC discussed the responsibilities involved in taking on this yearly commitment.  Many members were concerned about passing the responsibility onto future members and about the drive being dropped or becoming a burden.  The drive may be better suited for a department or stable club that will not have a yearly change in membership.
  • The NESC voted on whether or not to take on the Blood Drive.
  • Vote: All members were in agreement that the council should not take on the drive.  It does not fit the goals of the council.  The council appreciates what the drive does, but given the NESC’s mission and plans for this year, it will not be in the council’s (or the Red Cross’) best interest to take on this event.


  1. II.    Minutes from August – Approved with minor edits

(Moved to approve by Kathy S. and seconded by Corey G.)


  1. III.    Budget Update – Corey G.
  • Only the Target receipts have been subtracted from the budget.  Corey G. is waiting on receipts from Catering for August’s lunch and the two Coffee & Donuts event.


  1. IV.    Event Debrief – Coffee & Donuts
  • St. Paul event went well. There were a few trays of donuts left over, so council members went around to different departments and gave them away.  This worked out very well, and those who were unable to get away from their desk were very appreciative of the gesture (and treat).
  • The Minneapolis event went well too.  The event started off slow, but had lots of people show up between 8:45-9:15am. Only a few donuts remained at the end, but there was quite a bit of coffee left. 
  • Tweaking for next year? The council could consider delivering the donuts to offices instead.  Another suggestion for next year, if the council does this again, is to just provide food as everyone seemed to already have coffee.


  1. V.    Debrief from August’s meeting
  • Barb typed up a list of all the activities the council discussed in August and asked the council to review the list. 


  1. VI.    Concern from Nonexempt Staff
  • A concern was brought forward from a non-exempt staff regarding parking fees in St. Paul.  Presently, having a permit does not guarantee a parking spot, which is an issue for those working and/or arriving later in the day to campus.  Those who arrive later are unable to find parking in lots, despite having a parking permit.  Ideally, a permit should automatically mean a spot is reserved for them on campus, but this is not the case. 
  • The council discussed the situation and brainstormed ways to address this concern. Should the NESC promote carpooling to staff?  Is there a current promotion or incentive for those who do car pool?  Should the council post something about carpooling on the NESC site?


  1. VII.    Office Supply Swap
  • A flyer for the swap was passed out to the council for review and suggestions. The swap will be held on October 3and 4 in the lobby of the Anderson Athletic & Recreation Complex.  Volunteers from NESC can help with set-up of items on the tables. 
  • Any changes to the flyer or other ideas may be sent to Lisa K.
  • Minneapolis will hold a similar Office Supply Swap in January 2013.
  • Action: Julie K. will submit the event to the Newsroom.


  1. VIII.    All Staff Forum – November 1st
  • Rooms and food are booked for both campuses (TMH & ASC)
  • Barb asked for a few NESC volunteers for each campus to be present at the forum.


  1. IX.    Updates & Miscellaneous Items

A)   President’s Staff meeting – October 8th

Barb D. and Lisa K. are attending this and will bring forth two concerns from the NESC: the retirement program, and not replacing staff that have left a position (big custodial concern). Other issues or concerns may be sent to Barb D. prior to October 8.

B)    Appreciation Breakfast

The breakfast will be held March 20th, the week before spring break.  Barb D. will reserve the space for the breakfast.

C)   Webpage – Julie K., Debbie C., Barb J. and Ann S.

There is still more work that needs to be done on the site. Right now the focus is on adding a FAQ section, suggestion box, and posting a video.

  • Photos for the NESC members are posted.  Should the council post additional information next to members’ names, such as position or contact information?
  • Suggestion made to add the title, campus location, and/or department of council members.
  • Council brainstormed a list of items to add and/or think adding to the website.
  1. Should we add a discussion board?
  2. How to ensure accurate info for FAQ?
  3. Should we add a blog to increase readership?
  4. Add a section to welcome new staff members (put their names and departments)
  5. Add picture of the new cookbook package.

Meeting adjourned at 3:34 pm
Minutes by Brittany Wolf

Meeting Minutes, October 11, 2012

Staff Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 11, 2012  2:00 - 3:30 pm, Room 290 Terrence Murphy Hall

Able to attend:  Ph Nhia Lee, Debbie Cattor, Barb Dunker, Julie Jepma, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Kathy Sauro, Brittney Wolf.

Reflection by Julie Jepma:  The Garden of Daily Living  read it here

September Minutes were approved.

Supply Swap Notes:  Lisa reported on a successful supply swap event on the St. Paul campus - timing was good - held in connection with UST Sustainability Week - this would be good to continue annually - publicity was varied and plentiful - can always use more - cooperation from PHP, Recyclers, and Athletic Department was wonderful and appreciated - would recommend holding in same location (AARC first floor lobby).  Recommend one-day rather than two-day swap.   Details (flyers, background, signs, photos, etc) are all available in deptstor - Staff Council - non-exempt - Supply Swap folder.    Mpls may hold a similar supply swap event during J-term, perhaps in the Skyway area.  Check with George Williams.

NESC Website Update:  Our site continues to provide additional information to our constituents - we need to work on ways to introduce this site so staff members know about it and become familiar with it and ideally find it helpful.  Some ideas proposed: Scavenger Hunt that forces them to visit the site:  Where's Tommie:  Newsroom question to answer - name in drawing - Council members recommended additional sections to add to the site and the subcommittee will meet and work on adding some FAQs.

Children's Christmas Party and Charitable Drive:  will be held on Saturday, December 8 from 9am - Noon in Woulfe Alumni Hall.   Details have been added to the Upcoming Events section on our main webpage.   

Staff Council to host J-Term Event - Details will be worked out and announced soon, but tentatively set to be on January 17 from 2-4; location yet to be determined, possibly the library;  it will be a book swap where staff bring books they have enjoyed from home, share their personal reading experiences, serve cocoa, coffee, and cookies; promote the NESC website. . . fun!


Budget Advisory Committee plans to decrease its membership from 40 to a more productive 10-12 members.  

Healthcare choices need to be made by everyone by deadline of Friday, November 16.  There are three plans rather than five to choose from.   All are urged to seriously consider what plan is best and be sure to fill out proper forms by the deadline so that you do not lose out on coverage.

Health Incentives are being discussed and plans will be announced in coming months.

BISK online learning is a new feature and will be discussed in the near future - watch for announcements.

Climate Study Committee will be seeking responses regarding how we feel about working at St. Thomas.  Please be forthcoming if you are asked to participate.  Departments vary across campus in how we are treated, how we feel we are cared about as staff, etc. 

All Staff Forum - joint meeting of hourly and salaried staff members - November 1, 2012 - chili lunch - many questions submitted will be considered and answered by invited speakers from the administration and pertinent departments.

Alumni Association invites staff to attend the December 7 Christmas Luncheon - Fr. Dease will be guest speaker.

March 20, 2013:  date set for the Staff Appreciation Breakfast - more details to follow.

Elections for next year - coming up in spring, 2013.  Watch for details.

Hostess Baskets are ready for sale - 5.00 from each purchase will go toward the NESC Scholarship Fund.

President's Staff Meeting  - concerns addressed included class size increase; staff sometimes feel as they get lost in the shuffle; Performance assessment changes coming.

November meeting: Cancelled.

Next Meeting: December 13, 2012. 



Meeting Minutes, December 13, 2012

Present: Debbie Cattoor, Barb Dunker, Corey Getchell, Julie Jepma, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Kathy Sauro, Ann Schiffer, and Brittney Wolf

Regrets: Mike Elwell



  1. I.        Welcome & Reflection

Reflection by Kathy Sauro


  1. II.      Wellness Program
  • Deb Sagstetter spoke about the new Wellness Program that UST is considering for employees.  A PowerPoint handout was given to the council laying out the importance of the program, as well as information about Vitality Group, the company in charge of the program.
  • Deb Sagstetter’s group from Vitality will be holding focus groups for UST employees in late December and January.  The focus groups are limited to 20 people per session. Anyone interested in attending should contact Deb. 
    • Action: Barb will send the list of council members to Deb Sagstetter, should anyone wish to attend a focus group session.


  1. III.    Minutes from October approved.

Barb Joynson moved for approval of the minutes, Julie Kimlinger seconded.


  1. IV.    Budget Update – Corey Getchell

There was a food service charge for November ($500 for October and $500 for November).  As of right now the group has approximately $3000+ remaining for FY2012-13.


  1. V.      Recap of November’s Forum event
  • The All-Staff Forum went well; however, St. Paul ran out of chili.  One reason for this may have been the increase in the amount of walk-ins. Also, several people either took two bowls of chili or went up for seconds before everyone had gone through the line once.
  • The council discussed a few ways to remedy the chili shortage for next year. One suggestion is to serve additional food items.  Next year’s council should expect to order more food because there will probably be a spike in attendance due to the new President.
  • Minneapolis had left over chili this year.


  1. VI.    J-Term Event: Book Swap
  • The swap is set for January 17 in St. Paul.  The event will be held in the Leather room at the library, between 2 and 4pm.  Cookies & coffee will be served.
  • Council brainstormed ways to promote the council at the event, including printing bookmarks with NESC information. Council should also promote the upcoming election at this event, in order to encourage people to nominate someone they know or themselves to serve on the council.
  • Books may be dropped off ahead of time to Julie K.
  • Barb will collect bags for the event for people grabbing a number of books.
  • Minneapolis will hold a book swap in mid to late January in the Fireplace room (TMH). Brittney & Kathy volunteered to make arrangements for this event.


  1. VII.  Committee Updates
    1. Climate Study – Lisa

The committee is working on the survey, which will be launching in February.  The committee is breaking down the survey to address both nonexempt and exempt employees.

  1. Affirmative Action – Debbie

A plan is expected in 2013.  The committee is currently working with HR for 2012-13 goals. 

  1. AAAC – Barb D.

Committee talked about Presidential search again.  The search has been pushed back from December.  Student applications for the Law School and the OCB are down this year. Also, there is staff equity money.

  1. Budget Advisory – Julie J.

The committee is looking to decrease its membership.  There is concern about the Bookstore’s sales, and they are working on solutions to compete with online vendors. Enrollment is down for the Law school, but there are an above average endowment funds.

  1. Fringe Benefits – Kathy

Kathy was unable to attend the meeting, but will pass on the minutes to the council.


  1. VIII.       Elections – Kathy
  • Kathy, Corey & Brittney will be in charge of elections.
  • A flyer will be created and distributed at the Book Swap, and a message will go out in the Newsroom.
  • For voting this year, pictures of the nominees will be taken and posted next to their bio.
  • There are 4 spots opened this year.
  • Action: Barb will check-in with Mike E. to see if he would like to remain on the council.
  • Election timeline:
    • Council will begin collecting nominations on January 17. 
    • On February 4, nominees will be contacted and asked for bios. 
    • Voting will begin on March 8and will go through March 15. 
    • New members will be contacted during the week of the 20. 



  1. IX.    Appreciation Breakfast
  • Council will present Father Dease with a gift this year.  Everyone should think of gift ideas.
  • Updates: This year’s breakfast will be more of a social event.  The room has been reserved for the event.
  • Council will also allow more time for the silent auction. The Bookstore should also be asked to be present at the breakfast. 
  • Council will continue planning for the breakfast at January’s meeting.


  1. X.      Additional Updates
    1. Christmas Party Recap – Event went well.  Got a lot of donations.
    2. Cookbooks – A few baskets will be sent to the Minneapolis Bookstore to sell there.  The baskets will also be at the Book swap.
    3. Webpage – The FAQ page is up, and council members were encouraged to visit the site and provide feedback.
    4. Should NESC send out an electronic Holiday/Christmas card. Council discussed sending out a “Happy New Year” electronic card after break.  Pa will work on this with IRT. 



Meeting Adjourned at 3:30pm

Minutes by Brittney Wolf

Meeting Minutes, January 10, 2013

Non Exempt Staff Council
Draft Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, January 10, 2013
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Able to attend:  Debbie Cattoor, Barb Dunker, Julie Jepma, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Kathy Sauro, Ann Schiffer, Brittney Wolf.
Unable to attend:  Mike Elwell; Corey Getchell.

Barb shared a reflection for the New Year.

Minutes were approved.

Book Swap, January 17
Event has been advertised with Newsroom article; library blog; e-mail with flyer created by Barb D.
Cocoa and cookies are set for delivery to Room 108 of the OSF Library at 1:45 pm. (Than you Barb.)

Set Up will begin at 10am on Thursday
   Julie, Lisa, Barb
   Barb delivered carry bags for those who might need them
   Julie K has additional bags if necessary
Greeting Table:  will have bookmarks, business cards, information/flyer about upcoming NESC elections and events.   
Room will be set up to be comfortable, books that were received in advance will be set out on tables;

Tentative schedule for taking turns at Greeting Table:
 2:00 Debbie
 2:30  Julie J
 3:00 Lisa
 3:30 Ann
Cleanup:  4pm:  Barb, Barb, Pa Nhia, Julie K

Leftover books can be sent or brought to Mpls for Book Swap in two weeks.
Mpls is set for hosting its Book Swap on January 29, 1-3:30 pm.   Corey, Brittney, and Kathy Sauro will set up.  Help from others is welcome, too.


Wellness Program – focus group feedback  (Lisa K, Julie K, Terrylynn, Deb C, Kelly R)
 Some suggestions and topics discussed by participants: 
online tracker with recipes;
brown bag lunches with educational topics featured;
more opportunities to volunteer for social events -- permissions from supervisors not always available;
shift appropriate sessions to reach more of the PHP and Food Service employees;
incentives such as free classes at AARC;
nutritional guidelines tailored toward specific illnesses would be helpful;
competition between departments fitness challenges;
more flexible AARC policies;
Wednesday Walks;
McCarthy Gym Schedule;
nutrition information and time management to help in areas of mental health/depression/ stress;
Weight Watchers on campus;
Health coaching;
Incentives to get health screenings.

Additional focus groups are being planned; no dates have as yet been announced.

NESC Elections
Kathy Sauro and Barb Dunker will prepare information to share with constituents including a timeline for nominations, publicity about candidates, voting procedure and deadlines.

Barb will check with Mike Elwell on status of his membership.  Nominees who agree to run for Staff Council will be asked to send in their bios and photos so that we can share this information campus-wide before voting takes place.

Barb will let Mike Ekern know that we’d like his help in getting photos done of all candidates who need them.

Below are some helpful handouts created soon after the meeting.   NESC website will be updated to include this information.  Newsroom article, e-mail publicity to follow soon. 


Appreciation Breakfast, March 20
We plan to allow more time for socializing, seeing the silent auction items up close; possibly shopping for bargains if Bookstore brings selection of clothing over.   Less emphasis will be placed on speakers this year.  Tony Erickson will be invited to host a Bookstore sale table as in years past.  We need to let people know if there will be a clothing sale so they will be prepared and can bring some money.  Silent Auction bidders can use credit cards if they wish.

Catering Order:  Julie Jepma will take care of ordering the food

Invitations and RSVPs: Barb D will do this with the help of Survey Monkey
Special Guests:  Barb will find out about special guests and see that they are invited.

Gift for Fr. Dease needs to be decided upon, all members are asked to give this some thought and bring suggestions to next meeting or send to Barb any time.   

Soliciting Donations:  Debbie Cattoor and Barb Joynson with help from Nancy Bruggeman and Carissa. An approved donor list will be provided and we will keep in close touch with Development so we do not overstep boundaries with gift solicitation for the breakfast.  All funds raised will go into the Scholarship Award.

Door Prizes and Silent Auction:  Ann Schiffer – need to get gift baskets; begin now to gather donations.  Hoping for five or six baskets for bidding.     Lively conversation about potential home-grown door prizes and silent auction items included movie tickets, coupons to the View, overnight stay at Gainey, golfing foursome with Fr. Malone; coupons for a bowling event; coupons to Estetica; coupons to Scooters; and many other ideas that will be investigated, for example tickets for the Christmas Concert at Orchestra Hall; special parking ramp privileges; free classes in AARC, veranda seating at Tommie football games.  Still more ideas:  Twins tickets;  dinner in the priests’ dining room; sports camps discounted or free.    Staff Council may use some of its funds for door prizes if necessary.

Flowers for centerpieces will be a possibility – Kathy Sauro will get in touch with former UST employee Sue Wagner who now owns Laurel St. Flower Shop and may be willing to donate.
Staff Council Candy Bars on each table is a possibility – work with Service Center to create fun labels.

Appreciation Award:  This is awarded during the Breakfast and details about this will be distributed soon.   All members of Council are asked to think about people on campus to nominate for this award.  Nominations need to be in by February 15.  A decision about the award winner will be made at the March NESC meeting.   Publicity about this award and encouraging participation is very important and all are asked to think of ways to get good returns and making the process easier.

University Committee Updates:
Climate Study – nothing to report

AAAC – nothing to report, next meeting is February 14

Affirmative Action – nothing to report

Budget Advisory – Julie J reports that the deficit which had been at 9.3 is now 1.3, an improvement, yet still needing to be watched.  There will be a recommendation to raise tuition and departments have been asked to make cuts.  Sam Levy stressed importance of staying competitive with smart rooms on campus (now at 75% of classrooms) and internet speed – students are opting to live off campus in many cases for this.   Jerry Anderley reports a few very large expenses ($1.2 million) were incurred this year with the installation of two new air handlers in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library – buildings on campus are aging – require much attention and money.

Fringe Benefits – nothing to report

Other items of interest:

An electronic greeting card is still something the Council would like to send to all hourly employees – Pa is working with IRT to make this happen.

An event sponsored by the Exempt Staff Council is promoted on our site and all are encouraged to attend  - it is a Brown Bag on the topic of “Sleep” and takes place in the Anderson Student Center at Noon on January 16, in Room 202.

One of the recipes in the Tommie Cookbook (Sloppy Joes) will be featured in T’s on Friday, January 11.  Promotion of the Tommie Baskets will be set up near the food line so people will be reminded of them.

Next meeting is scheduled to be another teleconferenced meeting –
February 14, 2013 2pm – 3:30 pm in Lib 102 and MOH 419 unless Mpls people decide they would prefer to come to St. Paul.     Barb will check on this.

Meeting Minutes, February 14, 2013

Nonexempt Staff Council Meeting

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Present: Debbie Cattoor, Barb Dunker, Julie Jepma, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Kathy Sauro, Brittney Wolf

Absent: Mike Elwell, Corey Getchell, Pa Nhia Lee, Ann Schiffer


  1. I.          Welcome & Announcements – Julie K.


  1. II.          Approval of Minutes from January

Approved by Julie J., Seconded by Lisa K.


  1. III.          University Committees – No new updates


  1. IV.          Updates/Miscellaneous Items

A)    Commencement Volunteer Opportunity – There are opportunities available for staff members to help out with the Undergraduate and Graduate Commencements on Saturday, May 25. Volunteers may help out with set-up and clean-up.  Those volunteering receive a day off of work for coming in on that Saturday to work.  The council will talk more about the volunteer opportunities as the date approaches.  

B)    Collecting labels for schools – Someone wanted to know if the council would like to take on collecting “Box Top” labels for local schools.  While this is a great idea, many staff members already have a set school in mind for box top donations. There may also be issues with the collection process in general – i.e. who would be in charge of collecting, how would the council collect. For the time being, the council has decided not to organize a Box Top labels collection.

C)    HR Fair The HR Fair is schedule for Tuesday, March 12 (Minneapolis) and Wednesday, March 13 (St. Paul). The fair will run from 11:30am to 1:15pm on both days.  The council will have a table at each event.  Volunteers from the council will need to run these tables during the set times.  

D)    New Year’s card – Barb D. and council members thanked Pa for creating the NY card that went out to staff.

E)     Book Swap Debrief 

  • St Paul (Thursday, Jan. 17): The event was pretty quiet, with lots of left over books.  Those that attended did enjoy the swap and would like to see more book swaps on campus.  The left over books were sent to Minneapolis.
  • Minneapolis (Tuesday, Jan. 29): The swap went very well.  There was a good turn out; however, the hot chocolate was delivered in packages instead of being premade for the event.  Like the St. Paul event, everyone liked the swap and wanted to know when the next one would be held.
  • The leftover books will be kept in Minneapolis until April, at which time they will be sent to St. Paul for the library’s book sale.
  • In the future, the event could be advertised on the TVs throughout campus.  The electronic material created for the event will be stored on the NESC’s Dept. Store.


  1. V.          NESC Elections
  • There were 22 nominations received.  Kathy S. contacted each nominee to see if they would be willing to run in the election.  Of the 22 nominations, 9 said “yes” to running, 4 said “no”, 5 said “maybe”, and messages were left for 5 people.
  • Kathy sent the nine people that said yes a sample bio and requested bios/pictures by Friday, February 22. 
  • Ballots will go out electronically using either Survey Monkey or Qualtrics.  Kathy will get the survey set-up.  Paper ballots will need to be printed and sent to Physical Plant and Food Service. Kathy will look into the best way to get the ballots to these employees.
  • The council will also need to find a replacement for Mike Elwell.  In accordance with the Bylaws, the seat will need to be filled by the next highest voted nominee from last year’s election. 


  1. VI.          Appreciation Breakfast

A)    Silent Auction/Door Prizes

  • A suggestion was made to put the Silent Auction items near the food or in the center of the room.
  • Debbie C. went over a list of the items donated thus far; Barb also has collected prizes for campus related items.
  • The council will meet in early March to decide which items will be put into the auction and which ones will be given away as prizes.
  • To cut down on time spent drawing names for prizes at the end of the breakfast, the council may draw names prior to the day of the event and then put the winners on a PowerPoint slide to display throughout the program.  Council will save a few prizes to draw live.
  • All winners must be present to claim their prize.

B)    Appreciation Award – Barb will send out the nomination letters she receives to the council, and then the council will vote on the winner electronically.

C)    Gift for Father Dease – NESC brainstormed more ideas for gifts for Father Dease, and talked about presenting him with a crucifix. The council would like Father Dease’s gift to have a story behind it.

  • Lisa Keiser found a place called 10,000 Villages on Grand Ave. that sells unique crucifixes from around the world. In addition to this, Lisa googled African crosses and found a few really nice ones.  Pictures were shown of the various crosses and items that Lisa found.  A wind chime from Uganda $54; Tree of Life wall hanging cross from Haiti $58; bookends from Kenya $38; Village Peace cross from Haiti $20; and a linked sculpture from Kenya.  
  • Father Dease is very interested in Cuba and Uganda, so finding a cross or item from this area would be great.  The council also talked about sending a donation of money to Uganda in Father Dease’s name.
  • The gift will be from all the nonexempt staff. The council considered also giving Dease two gifts – one from the staff and one from the council.  The gift from the council could be the charitable donation.
  • Barb J. will check with a student worker from Uganda regarding gift ideas from his country. Kathy S. will talk to Kate Herzog who owns House of Talents, a shop that sells items made by people in Africa, Uganda, Haiti, etc.

D)    Event Programing –

  • The council will need to allow enough time for people to do the auction and to mingle.  Barb Dunker will speak to Father Malone about MC-ing the event.  The council decided to do less programing.
  • The scholarship recipient will be attending the breakfast.  Instead of having the recipient read from a sheet of paper, the council will have Father Malone ask her questions.
  • Barb Dunker will check with the Bookstore to see if they are able to attend/sell items at the breakfast.
  • Kathy is checking with Sue Wagner at Laurel Street Flowers regarding donating flowers for the tables.
  • The council considered giving away candy bars with NESC labels.  The candy bars could be purchased from Sam’s Club, and the service center would be able to create/print labels for 10 cents each.  After a brief discussion, was decided that this would get very pricy.  So, instead Julie J. will look into the cost of getting stickers to place on small candy bars.
  • Council will stick with the same breakfast menu as last year.

E)     Event Itinerary - as decided at the meeting

  • Breakfast begins: 7:30am
  • Prayer: 7:50 am
  • Program:8:10 – 8:30 am (no more than 20 minutes in length)
    • o Program will include: New/Outgoing members, Appreciation award, Scholarship recipient. An interview-like style should be used in present the appreciation award and scholarship recipient.
    • o A PowerPoint will highlight the silent auction items.
    • o Announcements to be made about the silent auction throughout the breakfast, and a final announcement should be made prior to it ending. 
    • Auction Ends: 8:30 am
    • Breakfast Ends: 9:00am


Next Meeting – Early March to discuss Appreciation Breakfast details.


Adjourned at 3:15pm

Minutes by Brittney Wolf

Meeting Minutes, March 14, 2013

Non Exempt Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm 


Able to attend:  Debbie Cattoor, Barb Dunker, Julie Jepma, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Kathy Sauro, Corey Getchell, Pa Nhia Lee, Ann Schiffer.

Unable to attend:  Mike Elwell, Brittney Wolf.  (Mike Elwell has resigned from Council due to time conflicts.)


February Minutes were approved.


Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative

Mary Ann Ryan and Jerry Anderley spoke to the Council about the tobacco-free initiative proposed by the University Student Government group each year since 2010.  A policy document has been drawn up with specific guidelines and Mary Ann and Jerry are visiting groups across campus explaining this policy and its intent, and they plan to present it to the President’s Staff in May.  If it is approved, they will re-visit those same groups, (including NESC, RAA, faculty, budget advisory committee, ELS, Student Life, and others) and discuss ways to implement and enforce it.   It will take a community-wide effort to make it successful.   Jerry mentioned that fresh air intake areas outside of buildings will need to be identified and community educated about these.  Education on the negative effects of smoking, second hand smoke, insurance premiums, smoking cessation programs, etc will be part of the plan.   There will be no smoking allowed in personal vehicles if they are on St. Thomas property.  All UST properties, owned or leased, will be affected by the ban – for now that includes Gainey and Rome campus.  30 university campuses in Minnesota and 1000 across the USA have gone tobacco free.


University Committee Meeting Updates:

Climate Study -- survey is underway

AAAC – no report, next meeting is scheduled for April 18

Affirmative Action – no report, meeting is scheduled for April 25

Budget Advisory   --  work may be completed – budget has been sent to Board

Fringe Benefits – working on health and wellness



Election Results:

400 non-exempt constituents

176 total votes received this year – 120 received last year

118 online responses

                              58 paper ballots

Bios and accompanying photos seems to have been very helpful

New Members Elected for two-year term:

Rick Morcos (PHP)

Bill Zych  (Library)

Dede Hering (Anderson Student Center)

Jason Kaasovic (Family Business Center, Mpls)

Laurie Dimond (Theology)  


New members will be contacted by Kathy and will be introduced at the Staff Appreciation Breakfast, March 20. 


Barb thanked Kathy for handling the judging process so well.


HR Fair Debrief

NESC table at HR Fair –

Tommie Tiger zipper pulls and bookmarks were very popular – ran out before end of Fair.

Next year have handouts as well as some little treats to entice people to stop by

Stickers with NESC logo and website onto peppermint patties for example.

Have handouts available that tell about benefits associated with having money on their UST ID card

Suggestion:  See if we can get more businesses in Mpls associated with the card.



Appreciation Breakfast Planning:

Food was ordered for 230 people – so far 160 rsvps received.

Menu:  cheesy eggs; bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, etc.

Also invited:  Deans, Fr.’s staff, Mark Dienhart’s direct reports, Fr. Malone (will be emcee)


Pre-draw for door prizes and have winners shown on screen during breakfast so that time will not need to be given to announcing winners.


Some special prizes will be saved out and winners will be drawn and announced at end of program.


Tentative schedule:              7:00 am               Council will set up centerpieces and silent auction tables

                                             7:30 am               Doors open

                                             7:40 am               Welcome by Barb

                                                                          Shop auction, bookstore table, donate to Fr. Dease, eat, mingle

                                             8:15 am               Program      

Barb D will make these announcements:

Staff Appreciation Award winner:

                  Chris Igielski

Study Abroad Scholarship winner:

                   Rachel Johnson

Outgoing Members:

                    Barb Dunker

                    Julie Jepma

                    Kathy Sauro                                      

                    Brittney Wolf



Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2013

Non-Exempt Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2013

2:00 – 3:20 pm  Rm 237


Members able to attend:  Ann, Corey, Barb D, Barb J, Lisa, Deb, Julie J, Julie K.


March Minutes approved as submitted.


Committee reports:

               AAAC – no news,will meet next week

               Affirmative Action - Deb Cattoor reported on issues addressed and she provided these notes (thank you Deb):

Affirmative Action Meeting Monday March 18, 2013

Faculty Affairs sent a self evaluation of Committees of Faculty and Committees of the university as a part of shared faculty governance.  The following questions were addressed: (I have paraphrased the questions)

  1. Do you believe that committee as presently operating is making a meaningful contribution?  Ans: Perhaps change name due to changes by Supreme Court if disband “affirmative action” (possibly in June 2013)  i.e. Equality Opportunity and Diversity Inclusion Committee (3 yrs ago Susan Alexander tried to have name changed however ran into road blocks that may need to be addressed soon)
  2. Description of committee in Faculty handbook be revised? Ans: Handbook no longer carries this info mute point
  3. Committee continue to exist? Ans: Continue to exist – perhaps under new name – “affirmative action” carries more “teeth, however may not be allowed to exist once Supreme court rules.
  4. Committee be more efficient? Ans: Group promotes awareness, has no power to make changes in policies
  5. Committee size be changed – up or down? Ans: No change in size
  6. Committee meeting responsibility to keep faculty informed? Ans: Yes
  7. Faculty handbook be clarified or changed re committee? Ans : No change

Sara GM – 1 yr remaining on current Affirmative Action Plan, faculty is in a good place, staff side needs improvement re: underutilization of diversity

Sara GM indicated the Sexual misconduct policies are being revised and hate crime policies will be under review.(through HR)  There have not been any grievances at UST in yrs.

Committee reviewed the Purpose of Affirmative Action and will revamp to eliminate AA in wording and integrate, Diversity Inclusion and Equal Employment Opportunities


Breakfast Debrief

               Received rave reviews; lots of positive comments; people appreciated the visiting time; many prizes, the mood felt relaxes, the arrangement of the room worked well, drawing for the parking permit was fun.

               Next year, work out better plan for awarding the prizes and silent auction items.

               Raised over $800. for scholarship

               Set up was quick, even though it was not done the night before

               Helpful to have Tommie Central office as holding place for prizes, etc.

               Appreciation aspect of breakfast is important

               Funds given for Fr. Dease’s project amounted to 683.00 that day   (NESC officers will meet with Fr. Dease and present the gift in the name of all NESC members)



May Meeting:


               Let Barb know what you are interested in

               Amend the bylaws

               Vice chair will conduct the election, give results at the June Meeting


Duties:  learn from the website; helpful to know our constituents; what commitments are expected; what is the mission of the council; we are the voice for the hourly and union employees; what’s good; what would you change?


Responsibilities: Forums – work with Exempt Staff;  different committees, let people know what interests you; handoffs – things need to go into the shared site; send in photos for new members;


Be sure receipient of scholarship is a nonexempt employee or child of nonexempt employee.


Silent auction will always fund the scholarship.


May Meeting, 2013

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 9, 2013
2:00 – 3:30 pm
Room ASC 237

Members able to attend:  Julie Jepma, Barb Joynson, Deb Cattoor, Rick Morcos, Bill Zych, Barb dunker, Laurie Dimond, Brittany Wolf, Ann Schiffer, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Lisa Keiser, Dede Herring.

Unable to attend:  Kathy Sauro (on medical leave); Corey Getchell.

Outgoing and Incoming members gathered for today’s meeting.  The group bid farewell with many thank yous to Barb Dunker, Brittany Wolf, Kathy Sauro, and Julie Jepma.  Welcomed to the upcoming year:  Bill Zych of Keffer Library; Rick Morcos of PHP - assigned to BEC and Grace; DeDe Herring, Central Switchboard; Laurie Dimond, Theology Dept.

Barb D thanked group for its help in the past year – happy with what was accomplished in especially in focus area of community building.  Many of the activities of the Council will continue and these were outlined briefly for the new members.  An upcoming brainstorming session will take place over the summer to plan next year’s activities, and continue to find ways to reach out to all hourly and union staff members on campus so that they become aware of this committee’s existence and purpose.

NESC Scholarship amount was discussed – shall the amount be raised; should we add a second scholarship?  Lisa K will contact International Education and ask about the timeline for awarding the scholarship and report back during June meeting.

New Officers will be elected between now and the June 20th meeting.  Announcements will be made at that time.  Barb encouraged all members to consider running for one of the open positions and will accept names and nominations for a Survey Monkey voting piece she will send in late May/early June.  Duties of each of the positions are outlined on our NESC website.

All members are expected to attend monthly meetings (date and time will be determined at June meeting); and participate in one of the University’s standing committees, or one of the Staff Council committees.  Please see website for information about these opportunities as well.  The president of the Staff Council will let the leadership of the university committees know who from the Staff Council will be serving in the upcoming year.  Reports from the University committees will be made to the Staff Council at regular meetings.  

Next meeting:  Thursday, June 20, 2013 from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (earlier start time than mentioned during the May meeting - this is to accommodate those coming over from Mpls campus on shuttle).  We will meet in Room 238 Anderson Student Center.

Special Note: Jason Kaasovic of the Family Business Center, Mpls Campus had been newly elected to serve on the Council, but sent word that he left St. Thomas upon the recent reorganization of his department and subsequent elimination of his position.  The Council, surprised by this disappointing news, had looked forward to working with Jason and wishes him good luck.   The next person in line was Beth Bergfield of Faculty Development and she has agreed to serve.  Welcome to Beth – we will see you in June!

Meeting Minutes, June 20, 2013

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 20, 2013 1:30- 2:45
Location:  ASC 238

Members in attendance:  Beth Bergfield, Debbie Cattoor, Laurie Dimond, Corey Getchell, Dede Hering, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Rick Morcos, Ann Schiffer      Unable to attend:  Bill Zych

Check in:   Our President, Lisa Keiser, read a reflection, “Litany of the Circle”.  She then asked Members to introduce themselves, and relate what they hope to achieve with/through Staff Council.  Members would like to meet and build relationships with new people on campus including the new Administration, improve the environment, reach out and listen to concerns of other people on campus and make the NESC and the activities we sponsor more prominent on our campus.  Members were asked to sign up for Reflections at our monthly meetings.  Lisa also mentioned that if anyone has comments that they want to make, but are uncomfortable mentioning in our larger group; they can be e-mailed to her so they can be addressed at our meetings.

Minutes:  There was a motion to approve Minutes of the NESC May meeting by Debbie C., second by Ann S.

By-Laws:  Lisa passed out copies of the By-Laws.  Due to time constraints at this meeting, we will examine and recommend any changes to our By-Laws at our retreat meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Cory said that current balance is ($33.00). Budget dispersal for the next fiscal year has not been added to our account at this time.  He uses Murphy to view the information.  Lisa spoke with Mark Vangsgard and he assured her that we will have the funds added for the next year.

Old Business:
NESC Scholarship:  Current amount in the fund is $10,160. It is too late to make any changes for this year as to the amount and number of scholarships.  This scholarship is funded by Staff donations and the silent auction held at the annual NESC Staff Breakfast.  John Bannigan in DEV is in charge of the Scholarship; it has been in existence for 4 years.  If we plan any changes for this scholarship next year, the sooner we do it, the better, hopefully completed by fall.  We can look at this at our retreat.

New Business:

Meeting Schedule for the Year:  Members present discussed times available and we reached a consensus that the third Wednesday of each month from 1 pm until 2:30 would be a good time for future meetings.  Julie will check on reserving a room for the date of our next meeting in the Anderson Student Center and send a link with meeting dates to our website.  ** see below.

Retreat:  After general discussion, it was decided that our retreat would be held July 17th from 10 am – 2 pm. Members were asked to go to the website and look at past events and consider any others they would like to see in the future.

Committee Assignments: 
Members volunteered for these University committees.
 Academic and Administrative Advisory Council (AAAAC) --  Lisa Keiser
 Affirmative Action (title may change)-- Rick Morcos,   alternate- Bill Zych
 Budget Advisory (BAC)- Cory Getchell,  alternate-  Debbie Cattoor
 Fringe Benefits (FBAC) - Pa Nhia Lee,  Laurie Dimond;  alternate- Beth Bergfield
 Human Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC)--  Dede Hering,  alternate- Barb Joynson
 Library Leisure Reading Selection Committee-  Ann Schiffer,  alternate-  Rick Morcos
 University Advocates for Women and Equity-- Beth Bergfield
 Sustainability Committee—it was discussed that it would be good to have a member on this committee.

NESC Committees:
 Elections - Cory Getchell and Julie Kimlinger
 Website/Media/Publicity —Julie Kimlinger, Ann Schiffer, Debbie Cattoor and Beth Bergfield
 Charitable Giving --  Laurie Dimond, Julie Kimlinger
 Welcoming—Dede Hering, Ann Schiffer, Pa Nhia Lee, Debbie Cattoor and Barb Joynson
 Appreciation (includes Staff Breakfast/ Welcome back Donuts)—ALL Members

Miscellaneous items discussed: 
-Rick M. said Gayle Lamb will give us a good price on UST Mugs for our Welcome Packets.
-Lisa has a path to the Dept-Store for document storage on the back of the Agenda for today.
-Nametags can be ordered when we receive our budget allocation (July 1st).  Pictures of new Members are posted.
- Cory asked that Members let him know about ANY budget charges (food, etc.).
-Lisa will notify Administration of new University Committee Assignments from NESC.
-Cookbooks are still available on our website and can be ordered for $20.00.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede Hering, NESC Secretary

**Special NOTE to Members -  The meeting time we established for monthly meetings will need to be changed.

Retreat/Meeting Minutes, July 17, 2013

Non-Exempt Staff Council
Retreat Notes
Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Location:  ASC Iverson Hearth Room

Members in attendance:  Beth Bergfield, Debbie Cattoor, Laurie Dimond, Corey Getchell, Dede Hering, Barb Joynson, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Rick Morcos, Ann Schiffer,  Bill Zych

Check in:  President, Lisa Keiser asked our Members to view a Guided Imagery video to reflect and prepare for the work we will accomplish at our retreat.  Members then introduced themselves and told how many years they have been at UST.  Each member was asked if they had to be another person, who they would be and why.

Minutes:  Minutes of the June 20 NESC meeting were amended by adding Laurie Diamond to the Fringe Benefits Committee.   Motion was made to approve the Minutes as amended by Rick, seconded by Laurie.  June minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:  Cory gave approximate amounts spent for NESC events last year.  Welcome coffee- $250.
Staff Breakfast- $2,000., All Staff Forum (our portion)- $1,000.  There were miscellaneous expenses for copying, etc.  Our Budget Allocation for this year is $5,434.  Approximate income last year from Baskets was $140- $150.
At our June meeting we thought our account balance was -$33.00, in closer examination, the amount was about $800.  Lisa and Julie purchased some items (a NESC Banner, notepads to be passed out to constituents and business cards) from our Service Center with those funds.  Let Julie know if you would like more business cards.

Meeting Schedule for the Year:  After discussion by members it was agreed that we would meet at 11 AM on the fourth Friday of each month (with the December meeting date to be determined due to the holidays).  Meeting length will be
1 ½ hour.   Dede will send requests for meetings when the meeting location is secured by Julie.  It was decided to hold all meetings in St. Paul with no desire for teleconferencing expressed by Minneapolis members.  Committee members would prefer the small meeting room next to the Dean of Students or 341 in the ASC.  Date for the next meeting is August 23.

Scholarship:  There is about $10,000. In the fund for our scholarship that goes to either a NESC staff member or a child of a NESC staff member.   It is too late to change the terms of the scholarship for this year.  The amount we take in each year varies according to the amount donated at the Staff Breakfast and the annual campaign donations.  We think there are probably only about 5 applicants for this scholarship each year.  Debbie thought it might be more prudent to increase the amount of the scholarship instead of offering two at the smaller amount, or else  two at $2,000.  There was also discussion about two scholarships at $1,500. each.  Barb J. stated the original intent was to give away a good portion of the money each year instead of carrying over a large amount of money.  Debbie will check the amount earned for the past few years.   Rick made a motion that we give two scholarships at $2,000. each.  Barb seconded this motion.  This motion was originally approved but on further discussion, we decided it would be best to table it until Debbie can determine the amount of money contributed to this fund during the past few years.   Barb thought we might get more applicants if the scholarship was announced in Newsroom and promote it at our Breakfast.

 Mission Statement:  Dede read our Mission Statement.  Members were in agreement that it was well written and should remain as is.

By-Laws:  Article II, A. will need to be up-dated since the position of Executive VP  Chief Administrative Officer we reported to will no longer exist.   In Article V, B, 3,  Duties of Officers, The posting of our monthly minutes on the NESC website will constitute the “distribution of minutes” by the Secretary stated in b. and c of this Bylaw.  Minutes will be posted on the site as a “draft” until approved at the monthly meeting.  Article VII, C. The role that NESC has in regard to our Human Resources Department has changed and they may not be attending our meetings on a regular basis. Julie   thought that we should draft an amendment and run it by Sara Gross Methner before we incorporate it into our Bylaws.  According to Article VIII (Amendments) of our Bylaws, any amendments are to be made in writing 30 calendar days prior to our next meeting.  To adhere to this policy, anyone with thoughts or ideas on amendments should send them to Lisa for discussion and/or action at the next meeting.   Ann offered to prepare some proposals for amendments and get them to Lisa.

NESC Website:  Julie walked our members through the various links on our website (you can find it by going to the A-Z index on the home page and looking for Staff Council).  We can check there for information on meeting dates, posting of minutes, NESC scholarship, and our events.  All members agreed that our site is quite impressive and the committee has done an excellent job.  There was a suggestion to add pictures of people attending our breakfast and other events.

Committee assignment Up-date:   Julie thought we should have a new member on the Elections committee.  Dede volunteered for this position.  The Sustainability Committee on campus is an open committee so there are no permanent members.  We are welcome to have a representative there.  Lisa knows the dates for Sustainability week and we will plan our Office Swap during this week.

Meeting with Exempt Staff Council:  Lisa and Julie met with Kathy O’Neil from the Exempt Staff Council.  We cooperate with them on the All-Staff Forum—date for the Staff Forum this year will be October 29th in the Woulfe.  We will plan to serve Chili again.  Questions asked at the Forum will need to be submitted in advance to give the Administrator a chance to prepare a response instead of putting them on the spot with impromptu questions.  Invites to these major events can be done with the qualtrics system.  One possible topic for HR is the Vitality Program.  A meeting  including both staff councils was discussed or possibly another shared event.

Break for Salad Lunch:--- Blessing courtesy of Ann. 
Lisa did a “Would you Rather” team builder activity after our lunch break.

Brainstorming session -Ideas for promotion of NESC or new events or activities/service projects:
Julie will compile the suggestions posted on the charts posted in the room (Promotion, Charitable Giving, Service Opportunities, Breakfast and Events, and Brown Bag Topics) and we will discuss them at future meetings.
A NESC 2012-13 Activities and Events chart had been prepared and we discussed last year’s events.
Discussion points:
Invitations for NESC staff who do not work at a desk with a computer (Dining Services and Physical Plant) could be posted near time clocks or Rick said in the case of PHP workers, their mailboxes (where they get their keys)
 Welcome Back Coffee & Donuts- Due to low participation, and lots of leftover donuts, we decided that the funds for this event may be put to better use and we might try something new instead.  One suggestion was to offer a cookie (or other treat) at the HR Fair from the NESC instead because more members participate in this activity. 
Office Swap-  Date will be Oct. 9, Drop off Monday and Tuesday.   This was a successful event but Lisa thought it might be better to have it only for one day as there was no new product on the second day and it was quite picked over.  Admissions may have a lot of items for this event after their move to MHC.  Paul took all leftover items to recycle, so clean-up of any unwanted items was not an issue.  Julie, Barb, Dede and Laurie volunteered for this event.
Exempt and NESC Forum-  This event was also a big success.  Date scheduled for this year is October 29th.  We will need to get talking points in writing to Administrators in advance.
Book Swap-  This was held in the Library during J-Term and was open to all employees but we didn’t get a large turnout.  This might be an event we could coordinate with the Exempt Staff Council or even the Women’s Center.  Rick, Deb and Julie volunteered for this event.
Human Resource Fair- Hosting a table.  We can use our new banner for this event and give away the notepads we printed.  We could possibly have a sign up to raffle a cookbook or two here also.  Lisa will check on the dates for this year.  Bill and Cory will host in Minneapolis.  Beth, Ann and Dede volunteered in St. Paul.
Appreciation Breakfast- We should  find a date where we can reserve the Woulfe, possibly the first Wednesday of April.  Dates suggested March 19, April 2 or April 9.   Members were asked for suggestions for entertainment;  the newly formed Alumni Choir was mentioned.  Date will be confirmed at August meeting.
Cookbook Sales for Scholarship Fund-  Barb has modified these by adding UST hot pads and an apron and a spoon and bowl into a basket to encourage new sales.  She needs time to prepare them from orders.  They can be ordered from our website.  We may try to sell the cookbooks at the Children’s Christmas event.  Julie, Debbie and Barb volunteered to work on this.
Welcome & Anniversary Cards-  This is a continuous project and is a big success.  Ann shared a copy of the Anniversary card that is sent to NE employees on their anniversary.  These go out once a month.  Debbie thought we should run these past HR to be sure they are approved.  There are several items in the welcome packet along with a NESC business card so new employees are aware of our committee and can get information from our website.
Appreciation Award-  This committee asks for nominations for the award at the Staff Breakfast.  No discussion on this topic.

Miscellaneous items discussed: 
Ideas for Leadership Academy type of training-    Rick mentioned that he had talked to his new supervisor about getting the PHP staff and Dining Services staff trained in computer technology for things like work requests.  His supervisor was on board with this idea.  As mentioned earlier, notices of this type of training may be posted near time clocks or in mail boxes since these employees are not at a computer at work.  Other training that would be welcomed would be for the new version of Office being installed in many offices this summer and Budget workshops (Controller’s Office).

Julie read a final reflection.  Lisa thanked all members for the productive day.  Our retreat meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede Hering, NESC Secretary

Meeting Minutes - Friday, August 23 2013

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes- Draft
Friday, August 23, 2013 11:00 am- 12:30 pm
Location:  ASC 238

Members in attendance:  Beth Bergfield, Laurie Dimond, Dede Hering, , Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Rick Morcos,  Bill Zych    Unable to attend: Debbie Cattoor, Corey Getchell,  Barb Joynson,  Pa Nhia Lee,  Ann Schiffer    

Check in:   Dede read reflections on the importance of “attitude” and focusing on the blessings in our lives.  Members then shared thoughts and/or activities that were on their minds today.

Minutes:  There was a motion to approve minutes of our July retreat by Laurie and seconded by Beth.
Treasurer’s Report:  Cory was unable to attend the meeting today.

By-Laws:  We will wait until our Sept. meeting to approve the newly revised By-Laws.  This will be in accordance with the waiting time period required for revisions.    Lisa informed us that the preferred titles for officers for groups like ours, according to Gina in Sara Gross Menther’s office, are “Chair” vs. President and “Vice-Chair” vs. Vice President, so those are the titles we use in the revision of our Bylaws.

NESC Scholarship:  We were able to raise $815. At the Silent Auction last year and there is $10,000. currently in the fund for this scholarship.  Lisa suggested that we should take care of this business so that it can be submitted to John Bannigan by the deadline.  Beth made a motion that we offer 2 (two) scholarships at $2,000. each for non-exempt employees or their children to use for travel abroad class opportunities.    It was seconded by Laurie and approved.  Lisa will contact John Bannigan and she asked that the Publicity Committee find ways to publicize this opportunity to our members.

All Staff Forum:  This event will be held on Oct. 29th.  Lisa met with Kathy O’Neil from the Exempt Staff Council to work on details.  It will begin with the traditional Chili feed at 11:30, a Blessing at 11:45 and speakers will be on the program at 12:00 noon.  The plan is to have President Sullivan, Dr. Huber, Father Malone, Mark Vangsgard and Sara Gross Methner available to answer questions submitted in advance.  The Exempt Staff Council will take care of the Survey/invitation and Newsroom notice.  They will also take care of the technology set up in both Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Our Council will order the Food (Lisa offered to do this); we will put notices in mailboxes of our members in PHP and Dining Services and check into table advertising at the ASC.  We talked about ways to get more people in Minneapolis to attend the Forum.  Dede offered to hand out a flyer advertising it when she distributes directories in Minneapolis in September.  Laurie offered to design a flyer.  We talked about the possibility of having it set up in Thornton Auditorium instead of one of the smaller rooms with the food in the Auditorium.  Julie will post info on the forum on the NESC website. 
We will talk about more specific assignments at our next meeting, but we will need all members to be greeters.  We discussed having a table near the entrance with our new banner displayed.  In her introduction, Lisa will mention a few words about NESC and events we sponsor. 

Committee Information:
Bill said he had been contacted by Susan Alexander about a date for the Affirmative Action Committee.

Office Swap:  Date for this event is October 9th (one day instead of two).  It is during Sustainability Week.  There was discussion about combining it with the Book Swap we tried last year, after discussion it was decided it was best to keep the activities separate.  Julie and Rick volunteered to help with Set up the day before the Swap.  Dede can work the morning of Oct. 9th.  We held it in the AARC last year.  Lisa volunteered to reserve that space again.  Bill will check the interest of having a similar event in Minneapolis.  Beth and Julie will handle publicity and putting it in the Newsroom.  We can also display our banner to let people know who is sponsoring this event.

Cookbooks:   Before Barb Dunker left she told Lisa about storage NESC has on 4th floor of JRC.  Lisa got the key from Linda Halverson and found we have 264 cookbooks left.  Since there is so much interest in on-line for recipes, we discussed what to do with the ones we have remaining.  Julie made a motion to add a cookbook to the Welcome Basket for New Employees and also to have them as a raffle item at the HR fair.  Seconded by Beth and approved.

New Business:   Lisa discussed the possibility of inviting President Sullivan to a future meeting, possibly in November.  All agreed it was a good idea.  With ne new Health Care programs and Obamacare starting we thought it might be good to invite Sara Gross Menther to our February meeting.

Staff Appreciation Breakfast:  We want to get our date on the Calendar.  After discussion Julie made a motion to hold the breakfast on April 9th.  The motion was seconded by Bill and approved.

Miscellaneous items discussed: 
-Julie had cards for Barb Dunker and Kathy Sauro thanking them for their service to the Council.
- Dede spoke to Adele Stevens about the Leadership Academy basic computer training for PHP and Dining Services Staff.  She suggested that we put it in as a Suggestion to HR.  Dede completed the forms and will turn them in to HR as a team suggestion.
-Children’s Christmas Party.  There was discussion as to whether this popular event will be held this year. Barb Dunker had been in charge of it the past few years.  Our Council members were not sure if we had the resources to do this event.
- We talked about which charity to feature at our Breakfast this year.  Any ideas? 
- The idea of a Staff talent show was mentioned.  The “winner” could be featured at the Staff Breakfast.
- Another event possibility is a Brown Bag session on the new Vitality program.
- First Friday- Mark Dienhart had sponsored Staff Council to attend this event, so not sure where this stands.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede Hering, NESC Secretary


NEXT MEETING- Sept. 27, 11 am – 12:30 pm  ASC 233 - **please note room change
Guest – President Sullivan 12:00

Meeting Minutes, September 28, 2013

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 28, 2013,  11:00 am- 12:30 pm

Location:  ASC 233


Members in attendance:  Beth Bergfield, Debbie Cattoor, Laurie Dimond, Corey Getchell, Dede Hering, , Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Rick Morcos, Ann Schiffer,  Bill Zych    Unable to attend:  Barb Joynson, 


Check in:   Beth read a reflection on “making a difference” by Mahatma Gandhi.   President Sullivan will be present for the second portion of our meeting today.  Lisa collected questions to present to her and also prepared a folder of NESC history and up-coming events along with a gift basket, including our cookbook.



Minutes:  There was a motion to approve minutes of our August meeting by Ann and seconded by Rick.


Treasurer’s Report:  Cory said that the charges for meals for our retreat have yet to be posted.  He asked that any expense paperwork/receipts be given to him.


By-Laws:  The waiting time period required for revisions to By-Laws has been met.   Beth made a motion to approve the By-Laws as revised.  Seconded by Ann.  All approved.


All Staff Forum:  The Forum will be held on Oct. 29th   11:30- 1:30.  President Sullivan will be our main speaker.  Also on the list of guest speakers:  Dr. Michael Cogan, Assoc. V-P, Institutional Effectiveness,  Dr. Jane Canney, V-P for Student Affairs,  Sara Gross Methner, General Council and Chief Human Resources Officer, and  Lucy Payne, Accreditation Liaison Officer.  Father Rutten will give the Blessing.  The benefits packages will have gone out so there may be questions for Sara Gross Methner. Notice of the meeting in the form of a flyer will be delivered to mailboxes at the Physical Plant and Dining Services (Dede can take care of this).  Laurie did a great job on the flyer!  Cory will oversee the layout and food order for the Minneapolis Campus. Lisa will order the food and determine the layout for the St. Paul campus meeting.   Both regular and vegetarian chili will be served.  There will be an info table for our council and also a table for HR, where they can display Vitality information.  Sara Gross Menthner will make an announcement from the podium regarding their table.   All members will need to be greeters for the Forum.  Beth and Julie will add the link about the information on the Forum to the Poster and on our Webpage when they get it from the Exempt Staff Council.  (Handout had more details.)


Committee Up-dates:

AAAC- Lisa said this committee has been discontinued.

Affirmative Action-  Rick reported that the name of this committee has changed to “University Committee on Diversity and Inclusion”.    An ad hoc committee representing African American faculty and staff on campus was present.  Father Deases’ efforts for inclusion on campus were recognized.  The goal of the committee will be for compliance which will include efforts in hiring of minorities, included in this category are individuals with disabilities and Veterans.

Budget- Corey said that Mark Vangsgard sent the request for a meeting this week for this committee meeting.

Fringe Benefits- Pa Nhia and Laurie said we will be getting a new (and better!) Dental plan that can include families.  We may see rates go up about 3% this year for medical coverage.  The Vitality Program is being rolled out and already has 33% participation.  Look for those meetings through the Leadership Academy to find out more about Vitality.  We get 200 points just for getting a flu shot.  The flu clinics are being held on campus.  Laurie suggested that the NESC could give feedback from staff to this committee.

Tobacco Free Work Group-  January 1st is the roll out for this “initiative” (verbiage reworded, it is not “policy”).  Containers for used cigarettes are being removed from the outside of all buildings.  A guest from the committee will be coming to our next meeting (October 25th).  We are being asked to help remind people to comply with the rules of this initiative.

Wellness Council- Lisa stated that this committee would like representation from NESC to help get the Vitality program up and running.  Pa Nhia volunteered to represent NESC.  We could offer a table at the Staff Forum to promote the Vitality program since it involves our members and possibly combine it with the Tobacco Free group to distribute information

 Office Swap:  This event is October 9th  during Sustainability Week and begins at 10 am.    It is publicized on our website.  Beth will reserve Sandwich Boards from Tommie Central and put them out the morning of the Swap.  Corey and Rick also offered to help with set-up.  We can leave it up overnight and Paul Heitpas will remove any leftovers the next morning.  Items will be collected on Oct. 7th and 8th.  Lisa, Julie and Dede offered to help straighten merchandise during the day.


New Business:

Children’s Christmas Party-  Julie Kimlinger and Debbie Cattoor have volunteered to co-chair this event!  Help will be needed.  Decisions still need to be made on the “menu”, gifts, décor and security.  Date is set for December 14th from 8:30 -11:30.  It can be held in the Field House, as in the past.   Santa and his Elf are signed up and we have face painters.  A meeting with Games and Blow ups companies will be after Oct. 14th.  Dede mentioned that Steve Fritz could be contacted for volunteers from sports teams and Ed Kim from Clubs & Orgs.   Volunteers should have name tags so they can be recognized as having some authority to manage crowd control.  Another idea was balloon animals.  The budget is very limited.  The President’s Christmas dinner is the night before the party.

Mike Elwell had been the Santa for our party for many years and was a member of NESC.  We will plan to have one of his favorite charities at the Children’s party (Love My Melon) in lieu of food donations so anyone who chooses, may donate in his honor.  Our Council will donate $50. (Corey got approval from the EVP for this donation.)  Julie will be in charge of sending the money for this donation.

Correspondence- Former NESC member Cathy Crowell’s Dad passed away recently.  Laurie volunteered to send a card to her from NESC.

We received an e-mail from Jessie McShane in the LuAnn Dummer Center for the Welcome Packet she received.


Our guest, President Sullivan:

Lisa presented President Sullivan with a packet of information about NESC and a gift of appreciation and told her about our history and what events we sponsor on campus (Office Swap, Staff Appreciation Breakfast with Silent Auction, Cookbook project to spearhead the scholarship for travel abroad, etc.).  We each introduced ourselves.  President Sullivan thanked the council members for taking on the Children’s Christmas Party.


President Sullivan spoke about the campus-wide survey.  She was impressed with the high rate of response on our campus and how similar faculty and staff comments were.  The comments showed the commitment of people on the UST campus to our Mission, and to our students.  People commented that they are happy to be a part of a community that is so supportive and dedicated. 

She wants us to see the University as a whole instead of as “silos” and this is part of the reason why she changed the organizational structure from two Executive Vice-President Model to a Provost.  There is not a “business side” and an “education” side to St. Thomas.  We are one University and our mission is to educate with a Liberal Arts core.  More collaboration between units, transparency and avoidance of duplication are goals.  Other items mentioned in the survey were a Fine Arts Center and more on-line learning, a less hierarchal structure, more communication, flexible scheduling, our reputation in the Midwest and inclusiveness.

President Sullivan asked for our help in communication and building community.

Our questions for President Sullivan:

1.  Did you have a council like ours that represents hourly, union and non-union workers at San Diego?  Given our mission, what do you see as our role in service to our constituents as well as to the administration? (Ann Schiffer)

President Sullivan stated that there was a similar group there.  The idea of building community is great.  They had a many Spanish speaking employees so they needed a liaison for communication with those employees.  Alternate methods of communication here on our campus were discussed for our employees who are not working at computers (Dining Service and PHP) such as flyers and posters in common areas.  Group meetings for a few minutes for announcements may be appropriate.  She found that oral communication works best and is more efficient.  The ability to attend events is sometimes hindered by scheduling in those areas.

2.  In what way can we help to give you feedback before changes are decided upon or announced, especially when it comes to matters of any changes, especially pay and benefits for the non-exempt staff?  (Laurie Dimond)

She will keep our offer of being a “sounding-board” in mind. 

3.  From the recent survey that you administered, what were the concerns or changes that staff, especially non-exempt,  addressed?  Was there an interest in job-sharing or working part-time?  (Lisa)

Most of this question had been addressed previously.  The subject of job-sharing was presented and President Sullivan spoke about the possibility of more 10 month contracts for some people working on campus when it is possible.  Legality and fairness would need to be considered.

4.  Given our role at UST, are there ways that we can be incorporated into more administrative facets of the University?  For example, we are only able to serve on a handful of committees and some committees have disbanded but the need is still there to have our representation on those issues.  Could we have representation on an HR Advisory Committee and a voice in strategic planning ?  (Beth)

President Sullivan said that we can certainly offer suggestions,  but on some committees size is a factor.  Susan Huber is willing to continue the AAAC, but choosing how to represent everyone without favoritism is a problem without making the committees too large.  President Sullivan plans to continue to do Brown Bag luncheons and was impressed that the Woulfe was full for her last session.  She feels that there can never be TOO much communication and she is always open to it.  We can present our ideas to her either through Karen Hennes or Susan Alexander.


Our meeting was adjourned at 12:30.



Respectfully submitted,

Dede Hering, NESC Secretary




NEXT MEETING- October 25, 11 am – 12:30 pm , ASC 238

Meeting Minutes, October 25 2013

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes

Friday, October 25, 2013,  11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location:  ASC 238


Members in attendance:  Beth Bergfield, Debbie Cattoor, Laurie Dimond, , Dede Hering, Barb Joynson , Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Ann Schiffer,  Unable to attend:   Corey Getchell, , Rick Morcos, Bill Zych   


President, Lisa Keiser called the meeting to order at 11:06.

Check in:   Ann read a blessing from St. Francis to begin our meeting and then members checked in with news from their week.


Minutes:  There was a motion to approve minutes of our September meeting by Julie and seconded by Ann.  In regard to the September meeting, Dede mentioned how nice it was to meet with President Sullivan and thanked Lisa for inviting her to our meeting.  Also, Ann was asked to be in charge of sending greeting/sympathy cards as the need arises for NESC.  She graciously accepted this request.


Treasurer’s Report:  Corey was unable to attend today but told Lisa that a check was being sent to Love your Melon on behalf of our group.  Ann also sent a card Mike Elwell’s family; it mentioned the donation from NESC in his honor.


Old Business:


Office Swap- This event was held on October 9th  during Sustainability Week.  We were very pleased with how well the Swap went!  Having it on only one day was fine.   It was truly a group effort with a lot of members there for set-up and also straightening during the day.  Publicity was great, with Sandwich board and e-mail advertising.  Beth mentioned that next year we might want to find a way to advertise it to students.  Many students stopped to “shop”, but were not aware of what was going on.  Many staff members also brought items and also took other things that could be useful in their offices.  Beth will put together some notes about the event and store them on our website to reference for next year.  The UST bags Barb brought were a hit for people taking items.  Lisa mentioned that Paul Hietpas and Bob Reed appreciated our efforts and took back far less items then they brought to the Swap.


All Staff Forum-  The Forum will be held next Tuesday, Oct. 29th   11:30- 1:30  Julie sent the flyers Laurie created to the Physical Plant and Dining Services.   Lisa said we have RSVP’s from about 370 people, about 100 for Minneapolis.  The invitations for PHP only generated 7 RSVP’s, so next year we might just put flyers up in those areas with a sign-up sheet because that was a lot of extra work for the result. There is room for about 328 chairs in the Woulfe if the serving stations are set up outside in the hall.  Lisa has ordered the Chili and all the fixings, cornbread, and cookies.  There were quite a few questions submitted.  Kathy O’Neil from the Exempt Staff is gathering them and they will be divided by topic among the speakers.  All members were asked to arrive by 11:15 to greet, be sure to wear nametags.  Our banner will be displayed and we will put business cards with contact info for NESC in the center of all tables, there will not be space for a separate info table for NESC.  The Wellness Committee will have a table where they can display Vitality information.   


Committee Up-dates:


Budget- Corey reported through Lisa, that this committee met yesterday and discussed tuition pricing compared to other Universities.  Enrollment in Graduate programs at UST is below predictions.  It was reported that there will be no new staffing other than replacing current staff that leave and there may be other budget cutting measures.

Sustainability Committee- Corey also volunteered to represent NESC on this University Committee.  Thanks, Corey!

Fringe Benefits- Pa Nhia said that they were busy with rolling out the new benefits package so they did not meet and the meeting for next week was also cancelled also.  Roll out for the Benefits package is November 1st.

Tobacco Free Work Group-  Jerry Anderley was scheduled to talk to our group about this initiative today, but since it is scheduled to be presented in other ways, he decided it was not necessary to come today.

Wellness Council - Pa Nhia  and Barb said that there are complaints about the Vitality Program being  “too much work”. Some members mentioned that the website for Vitality is a bit cumbersome to navigate.  Alaina Erickson is in charge of it on this campus and they are working on ways to streamline it.  It is a program out of Chicago.  Ann Schiffer mentioned some rewards are tied to Wal-Mart purchases.  Walking groups to earn points are one way that might be tried to get people involved.  About 10,000 points are needed to earn any “reward” and it is also taxed.  The intent of the program is preventative health care, but we don’t know the impact it may have yet.


New Business:


First Friday Luncheon- Mark Dienhart had sponsored our table for this event in past years.  Lisa said she would ask Mark Vangsgard if he would be willing to sponsor us this year.  She volunteered to be table “captain” and she will check with members absent today about attending this event.  After some discussion, it was determined that if we are not sponsored, NESC funds could be used to pay the fee for the luncheon ($25.00) for members that are not attending through their departments.  Barb made a motion that we use money in our NESC budget to sponsor our attendance at this University event.  Seconded by Ann.  Motion passed.  This First Friday is held at the Crowne Plaza in downtown St. Paul and there are shuttles that run from campus on that day.  Note that the event is quite formal.


Children’s Christmas Party-  Date of this event is set for December 14th from 8:30 -11:30.   Julie Kimlinger gave us a handout with items that have been addressed and items that still need work for the party.   Julie, Debbie, Pa Nhia and Dede had a planning meeting this week to share ideas about the party.  Julie and Debbie met with reps from Fun Services.  They eliminated the most “dangerous” piece of equipment from the plan and instead are looking at games/options that are in tune with our budget.  Other ideas were a puppet show.  Laurie thought the Theology Club may take on this project.  Lisa thought the Health & Human Performance club may be able to do “balloon animals, etc.”.  NESC can cover cost of balloons and hand pumps.   We may ask students to volunteer for 2 hour blocks of time (or the entire session if they wish) to help with “traffic”, food, games and set-up and take down.  Clean up seems to be traditionally the biggest issue.  Tear down takes about 40 minutes.  Santa and his Elf are signed up and we have face painters.   Volunteers can come dressed as storybook characters or wear “festive” sweaters and they should have name tags so they can be recognized as having some authority to manage crowd control.  It was discussed that we may have a prize for best dressed volunteer.  Elf hats may be an option too for workers to be recognized.

It was recommended that we have a “map” of the games/story areas for people at the entrance and a reusable board listing times of puppet shows, stories, etc.   Julie will check with Steve Uhls about “props” used at past parties (Sleigh and gingerbread house) to see if they are stored somewhere and available for use that morning. Hand sanitizing stations were also suggested.  NESC also had a camera, but no one was sure where to locate it, so Debbie will check with Mark Jensen about photos.  The committee is looking for “gifts” that are within our budget.  Any ideas appreciated.   

Pa Nhia will set up a Qualtrex invitation with RSVP (gender and age of children), but we need to check with Matt Wash about space for this since her Department cannot support the size we would need.  There is a distribution list we can use.  Ann, Lisa and Laurie will also be available to help that morning.


Our meeting was adjourned at 12:28.


Respectfully submitted,

Dede Hering, NESC Secretary


NEXT MEETING- November 22, 11 am – 12:30 pm , ASC 238

Meeting Minutes, November 22, 2013

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 22, 2013, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Location:  ASC 238


Members in attendance:  Laurie Dimond, Corey Getchell, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Rick Morcos, Ann Schiffer, Bill Zych   Unable to attend:  Beth Bergfield, Debbie Cattoor, Dede Hering, and Barb Joynson


Check in:  Rick Marcos read quotes from Albert Camus and a Thanksgiving poem from an unknown source including Santa Claus around the corner in memory of Mike Elwell.  We went around the table and shared Thanksgiving plans or news. 


Minutes:  Lisa asked for any changes or edits to the Minutes from our last meeting.  Laurie corrected the paragraph regarding the Wellness Council and specifically the Vitality program be amended to correctly state that “Ann Schiffer mentioned some rewards are tied to Wal-Mart purchases” (not Laurie).  Rick motioned that the Minutes be approved when the change is made; Laurie seconded the motion and the Minutes were approved.  Ann will email the changes to Julie Kimlinger.


Budget Report:  Corey reported that we received two charges for the All Staff Forum:  $500 and $250.  The charges were split with the Exempt Staff Council.  Based on last year’s costs, the accuracy of that figure was questioned.  Corey will research; we could be missing the cost of the chili.  So far we have spent $800 of our budget.


Old Business:  All Staff Forum Review – Corey reported that on the Minneapolis side it was well attended; they ran out of the vegetarian chili option even though he ordered more than last year.  The room was filled and people and although some did come and go, overall, it was well attended.  On the Saint Paul side, the room was also filled.  We did not run out of chili.  Great turnout may be due to  the transition to a new president and desire for information.  Having President Julie Sullivan speak was an important feature of the meeting.  The other speakers were not as well-known and people in Minneapolis tended to leave when it was their turn to talk.  Also noted that on the video the NESC banner was not showing very much and the camera operators preferred the bright purple of the Exempt Staff banner so they focused on that more.  Julie and Lisa will look into getting another banner with brighter signage to be done before the HR Fair.  There were some complaints from Minneapolis attendees that the Vitality information table set up on the St. Paul side was not also set up for them. 


Rick said the Physical Plant people loved it –the chili, the opportunity to hear Dr. Sullivan, and council representation.  They generally give positive feedback to Rick about his involvement with the council.  Regarding what to do next year in terms of sign up and RSVP from Physical Plant personnel?  Ann suggested a sign-up sheet with blank lines to fill in if they are coming posted near their time clock.  Rick thought that might work.  It doesn’t solve those submitting questions; however, they could still do that with the paper version.  They do not tend to RSVP either through email or the paper version.


Overall feedback was that the event was well-received and positive.  It did go a bit too long.


Regarding the speakers, some thought the Exempt Staff Council was more interested than the Non-Exempt constituents in what some of the speakers had to say.  There were really no questions for our invited guest speakers so they were given questions from the Exempt Staff Council.  Next year it is suggested that besides the President and Admin Staff, the guest speakers be invited based on what sort of questions are submitted.


Overall feedback from the All Staff Forum is positive.  There is a link to the event from our website for those who missed and would like to hear the speakers.


Alumni Christmas Lunch:  Ann, Deb and Barb will not attend.  Everyone else will be going.  Lisa will submit the names for the reservations for our table.


Christmas Party update:  This discussion actually took place at the end of the meeting to allow us to cover the new business for some that had to leave early.



University Committee updates:


Strategic Planning Committee – this is a new committee being formed by President Julie Sullivan and the NESC has been invited to participate on this committee.  It takes the place of the AAAC Committee that is no longer in place.  Lisa Keiser will be our representative.


Diversity and Inclusion – Rick reported that they have been working on revisions to their Mission Statement.  Mission Statement is now called Action Plan and their focus is to address issues of diversity and inclusion on the campus.  They will probably get a new person who will be in charge of the committee – Marianne Graham is the new Director of Diversity; perhaps she will appoint someone.  Rick said they want to invite persons to their committee from different groups around campus to “kick-start” those different groups into being more active.  There is an African American group that is getting more active after a “lull” time.  Rick said he suggested having workshops on diversity around campus since he believes it has been a long time since there has been one.


Budget Advisory Committee – Corey said the met Wednesday, September 26, 2013.  They discussed the problem of the graduate enrollment needing to grow and how to increase it.  Undergrad involvement is also expected to go down because our largest class will be graduating this spring.  Joe Kreitzer’s office is using some analytics to see graduate progression and where students come from and how to capitalize on it.  He talked about increasing international enrollment.  He said UST was founded as an immigrant school, so last year we had 50 non-transfer international students and they are trying to increase it to 92 in the undergraduate program (they do not count transfer students nor ELS program students when they count demographics for international students).  Their staff went from one to three people.  A lot of the students from China only stay about 1 year and they tend to have a more difficult time feeling comfortable, so the office for international students is trying to see how to make their time here more comfortable.    Mike Cogan presented ideas regarding how to use data collected to look at areas of the college where UST stands out.  UST stands alone in giving financial aid to students based on the semester vs. on the credit hours the student is taking.  If they change to the per credit basis, students with less than 12 credits can get financial aid to help get more part-time students.  Corey noted that this helped him get his degree – he took 12 credits and worked an unpaid internship.  The grants then paid for his studies.  The committee is also looking at the ACTC program.  There are a lot of students that go to St. Kate’s or Macalester.  92% of the UST students that go to St. Kate’s take fine arts classes.  70% of the classes taken at Macalester are in the Arts program focused around dance.  Corey said they talked about whether or not UST is getting their money’s worth participating in the ACTC program – it does seem to level out in terms of our sending students and receiving students here.  However, they want to monitor if there are a lot of students attending less expensive schools and then taking classes at UST which means UST is paying the higher costs servicing more students without the benefit of the tuition they might bring if they were UST students.  Also noted is that this is the first year the residence halls at UST are not full.  The new apartment on Grand Avenue seems to have taken a large chunk of the students off campus.


Fringe BenefitsPa Nhia and Laurie reported on this committee.  Vitality – they are trying to streamline how it works.  There are more participants since the table at the All Staff Forum.  Benefit open enrollment went smoothly; there is a drop in the number of people participating in the eye care benefit.  Regarding the early retirement packages, HR has sent out packages to those who have requested them, there is no report of how many they have sent.  There is a difference in the program this time in that departments do not have to “freeze” the positions left open – they are allowed to hire as needed.  There is no limit to the number of people who can participate in the program.  You do not need permission from your supervisor to apply.  If you do apply and change your mind – you lose the benefit if you are in the end let go and you are not guaranteed to be able to keep your job.  Regarding open positions, they hope to reallocate from within when possible.


Sustainability committeeCorey said they are looking at having a farmer’s market on the St. Paul campus to encourage healthy eating and eating local, and they are continuing the community garden on campus.


Tobacco Free Work Group:  Lisa reported they did not meet.  They had a program November 21, 2013 to celebrate the decision to become a smoke-free campus beginning January 1, 2014.


Wellness Committee:  Pa Nhia reported they are still working on setting goals and making subcommittees to get the committee going.  Lisa attended their  meeting and explained the annual Augsburg/UST Wellness challenge.


New Business:

NESC Scholarship for Study Abroad:  there were no applicants for the scholarship this year.

  • Need to get some more advertising out to the students so they know it is available
  • On the Agenda in January to make sure NESC implements program to advertise each year

All Staff Forum suggestion:  Kimm Thiboldeaux sent suggestion that we book Woulfe Auditorium for the All Staff Forum next year since that space is popular and filling up fast.  Lisa and Julie will look into this.


Meeting dates for March and May:  Julie Kimlinger will look into this on the website.


NESC Reporting Structure:  It is official that the NESC will report to Human Resources.  Sara Gross Methner will get back to us to let us know what this will look like.  Carolyn Milbrath is the person directly responsible.

            There was some discussion regarding this topic given that the physical plant employees are also union members.  We talked about our purpose being a communication vehicle and that hopefully, being under HR helps us have closer and potentially better access to communication of our constituent needs with HR.  We are not a bargaining unit, but rather a source to communicate things that are seen as needs for our constituents to HR and help HR communicate to constituents (like we do with the Vitality program for instance); we also  help implement events to build community within St. Thomas between all of the employees.


Children’s Christmas Party:  Julie gave a report on where things are at with these plans.

  • Everyone is helping with the packing of the gifts for the children on December 12 – time is currently in the morning, may need to push it back to the afternoon if the hats do not arrive on time.  The gift is coming through the bookstore and due in that morning.
  • Day of event helpers will wear elf hats from Barb Joynson.  LaCrosse team is helping, Theology dept club is doing puppet shows, Lisa will check into Health and Human Performance students helping out.  Julie will make a chart with shifts of people working and duties so it is organized.
  • Pa said the survey counts about 400 children registered so far – last year we believe there were 800. 
  • Check-in table for people when they arrive – they will get tickets to pick up their gift bags and do some of the game options.
  • The games include jumpers, Santa, coloring table, puppet show area, face painting, a few carnival type games with prizes.
  • Tables include juice and donuts, love your melon donation station, a few tables and chairs for eating and resting.





Meeting Minutes, January 24, 2014

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes- Draft
Friday, January 24, 2014  11:00 am- 12:30 pm
Location:  Room change to ASC 343

Members in attendance:  Beth Bergfield, Debbie Cattoor, Laurie Dimond, Dede Hering, Barb Joynson,  Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Bill Zych             Unable to attend:  Corey Getchell, Rick Morcos, Ann Schiffer

Check in:   Pa Nhia read a reflection on “Life’s Journey” and members checked in.  Three members noted that they submitted their election forms for early retirement.  There could be eight open spots to fill with our up-coming election.
Barb Joynson brought a camera donated to NESC by the Alumni Office to use for our events.  We also received a Thank you note from Brittney Wolf (Ann had sent a sympathy card).

Minutes:  There was a motion by Dede to approve minutes of our November meeting after a correction of Mike Cogan’s name (to replace Hogan).  Seconded by Laurie.

Budget Report:  Cory sent Lisa information that indicates there is about $3,000. Left in our budget.  The Forum bills have all been resolved.

Old Business:
Children’s Christmas Party-  Julie reported their budget was $11,000.  Final cost was $9,748.22.  Linda Halverson sent a thank you for conducting the event.  Julie noted that comments have been positive.  Dede said that the Puppet Show was a real hit.  Student Volunteers seemed to enjoy their experience.  Marla Friederichs had a list of suggestions for next year (she worked at the treat/food table).

March Meeting:  Our March meeting is scheduled during Spring Break (March 28th).   Group consensus was to move the meeting to March 21st.  Room 240 in the ASC has been reserved for March 21st.

University Committee Up-dates:
Strategic Planning-  Lisa had asked Laurie Dimond to take her position on this committee since she planned to retire in May, but Susan Alexander asked her to stay since there were already two members of the Committee from the Theology Department, and her role was scheduled to be completed by spring.  Two meetings were held in January to determine “goals or themes”.    Corri Carvalho and Mike Cogan presented themes involving Academic Excellence, Catholic Mission and Diversity.  Once decisions are made, a Brown Bag session will be scheduled to relay information to the University community.

Diversity & Inclusion- Rick was absent; no report.

Budget Advisory-  There is an expected $5,000,000. Budget shortfall.  All departments will be asked to make cuts.  Decline in enrollments and the large graduating class for 2014 is a large contributing factor.  There was discussion about access to used furniture since this is a large expense for some departments.  The warehouse is in Shoreview and unless people get items from the truck before it gets there, chances of access are low.  Also our endowment was bumped from $404,000,000. To $454,000,000. to match other schools of similar size more closely.

Fringe Benefits- Pa Nhia and Laurie said this committee hasn’t met since October due to the benefits roll-out during this time period.

Sustainability- There is a plan to start a Farmer’s Market on south campus on Fridays during the summer.

Wellness-  This committee met yesterday.  They talked about having a booth at the HR fair and types of giveaways.
Lisa will do another Fitness Challenge vs. Augsburg.  It will begin the first week of spring semester.  Participants will receive 350 vitality points if they complete all weeks.  She will send a flyer to Bill to communicate with employees in Minneapolis.  We need more people involved.  Last year we had 90 people from UST and Augsburg had 150, so we just couldn’t compete.  There will be an article in the Newsroom and notices sent to last year’s participants.

New Business:
All Staff Forum:  Upon recommendation from Kimm Thiboldeaux, the Woulfe has been reserved for the Staff Forum next year on October 29, 2014.  We upped the chili order in St. Paul this year and had plenty.  Minneapolis ran out.  Next year we may try to choose the speakers dependent on the questions we receive.  President Sullivan has been invited.

Early Retirement Incentive:  Barb Joynson thought it would be nice to send a card with a coupon for coffee or a cookie to our constituents who elected to take this option.  This will be considered when we get a cost estimate for our Staff Breakfast and do a check on our budget.  Many employees are being asked to write training manuals for their position.   Barb suggested that we check with HR and possibly give suggestions for new staff training on basic things about navigating the University.

HR Fair:   This event is on March 3rd for St. Paul and March 4th for Minneapolis.  Time is from 11:30- 1:30.  Work shifts were discussed and ½ hour shifts were preferred so people also have time to also participate in the fair.  We will have sign up for shifts at our February meeting.  Give away items were discussed.  Julie said we have a lot of NESC paper pads.  Since we are not sure about our budget today, and the cost of cookies we need to buy on campus could be prohibitive, it was decided that we would give away mints with special printed labels from NESC.  Barb and Julie will work on printing the labels.  We will give Bill these items for the Minneapolis HR Fair at the February meeting.

NESC Banner:  Our current banner is not very colorful and camera people didn’t want to use it for our Staff Forum so we will order a new one with colors similar to the Exempt Staff Council.  We would like to have it for the HR Fair.  Julie will check Service Center for a price.  We can use the current one in Minneapolis for our events there since it is less likely to be used on cameras.

NESC news: Lisa told us that we are officially under the umbrella of the HR Department and Carolyn Milbrath is our contact.  Lisa met with Carolyn and Kathy O’Neil (president of ESC).  Carolyn has been invited to attend our meeting in April.  Our group decided not to do an event for February/Valentine’s day since we don’t have a lot of planning time at this point.  Beth suggested that we instead plan something for May since we will know what is left in our Budget after the breakfast.  A “Beach Book Swap” was an idea presented.

Publicity: A post card will go out to constituents listing dates for our spring events.  Edits to Julie’s original card were discussed.  Instead of listing all dates for elections, it was decided it might be better to put a link to connect to all the information.  This will also be done for the Staff Appreciation Award.  We will have dates, times and locations of HR fair.  A publicity article with this information on our upcoming events will be submitted to the Newsroom for February 10th.  Beth distributed mock ups of Posters for upcoming events (Elections, Staff Appreciation Breakfast and Travel Abroad Scholarship).  Suggestions were offered to cut some of the text, but all agreed that they looked great!

Elections:  Corey, Julie and Dede met to establish a timeline.  Corey plans to run for reelection so he will be dropping from this committee.  Laurie volunteered to add on to this committee.  Members either retiring or whose term is up are: Julie, Corey, Debbie, Barb, Lisa, Ann, Pa Nhia, and Dede.  Members with time remaining on their terms for the NESC will be:  Bill, Laurie, Beth and Rick.  Those with a possibility of running for reelection:  Corey, Pa Nhia, and Julie.

Scholarship:  Beth presented two options for a Poster to be run on the screens in the ASC to advertise.  She updated our links on the web page for this too.  Deadline for application is March 15th at 11:59 pm.  People can apply through the International Studies Office.  Suzanne Lentz is the person in that office dealing with our scholarship.

Staff Appreciation Breakfast: Possibilities for entertainment.  Eleanor Ostman (Pioneer Press) would speak for free, it is a 45 minute speech and she would like the opportunity to sell her book after the Breakfast.    Karen Hennes had suggested the Summit Avenue Singers (an acapella group on campus that sang in President Sullivan’s inauguration video).  Tom Glass would be the contact for them.  They could perform for about 15 minutes, which is a better time allotment for this event.  Lisa or Debbie will contact Tom for more information.  Nominations for the Staff Appreciation Award are due by March 7th.  It was suggested that we might use Hammond Trophies on University for the Staff Appreciation Award.  The group decided plaques were not needed for people leaving the NESC this year.  We will do printed certificates to save money (we will ask Ann if she would be willing to print the Certificates).  John Bannigan will want to show a short video to encourage staff to give to give back to UST.  Debbie stressed the importance of giving something, the amount is not as important as the fact that people are giving.  We talked about scrolling the names of our constituents who are retiring on the video screens at the Breakfast.  Debbie has offered to work on donations for the Breakfast and has already begun work on this since there needs to be compliance approval of the requests through the DEV Office.   Since no one applied for the Study Abroad scholarship, it was discussed if we should do the silent auction fundraiser this year since this money raised from the auction went to that fund.  Members felt that there may be an expectation that it be done each year so we will continue it, but may scale it back a bit.  Send Debbie an e-mail if you have any leads on possible new contributors.  We will discuss more details of the Breakfast at our next meeting.

Our meeting was adjourned at 12:40.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede Hering, NESC Secretary

NEXT MEETING- February 28, 2014, ASC 238

Reflection for February:  Debbie Cattoor

Meeting Minutes, February 28, 2014

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes- Draft
Friday, February 28, 2014 11:00 am- 12:30 pm
Location:  ASC 238

Members in attendance:  Beth Bergfield, Debbie Cattoor, Laurie Dimond, Corey Getchell, Dede Hering, Barb Joynson,  Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee,  Ann Schiffer     

Unable to attend:  Rick Morcos, Bill Zych 

Welcome:   Debbie Cattoor read a reflection about Noah, ending “With God there is always a Rainbow”. 

Minutes:  There was a motion by Barb Joynson to approve minutes of the January meeting (with a correction noted on the number of Vitality Points earned through participation in the Challenge with Augsburg).  Seconded by Pa Nhia.

Budget Report:  Corey said there is about $3,400 currently in our budget.  Our largest expense has been food ($1,700.00), mostly for the Staff Forum.

Old Business:

HR Fair (Employee Benefits & Services Fair)-   This event is on MONDAY from 11:30- 1:00!  A sign-up sheet was passed among us for shifts (half hour or 45 minute time slots) and set-up.  Julie purchased peppermint patties and members added a NESC sticker to them for a fun “give-away”.  We will also have our notepads, business cards and bookmarks. Debbie will prepare 2 baskets including our Cookbook for St. Paul and 1 for Minneapolis for a door prize.  She will bring a purple bowl for the mints too.  We will use our banner, and we will also display info on our scholarship, voting for NESC, nominations for the Staff Appreciation Award and the Staff Breakfast.  Beth will prepare posters with the information. Bill has agreed to be in charge of the table for the Minneapolis Fair.  The items used in St. Paul will be packed up and delivered to him.  Debbie could take the items on Monday since she has a meeting in Mpls.  Corey is also willing to help at the Mpls. table for NESC.
Election up-date-  So far we have 11 candidates; Lori Seavers, Megan Smith, Amy Petruck, Chiara Babcock, Corey Getchell, Lindsey Loree, Bev Johnson, Sara Ramler, Ann Serdar, Nancy Sannerud, and Deb Cattoor.  Of the people nominated, one person didn’t get back to us, two chose not to participate and one was recently made exempt. Julie needs to have the bios and pictures of candidates by Wednesday, March 5th.  She will work with Beth on the Qualtrex for voting. We will need 4 or 5 containers for paper ballot voting for Dining Service and PHP employees.  Laurie will prepare paper ballots and Dede can do the poll boxes.  We can put paper ballots in mailboxes for these employees.  A write-in line was discussed, but we did not know if this was necessary.
Staff Appreciation Award- Information has been sent, but at this time there are no nominations from NESC members.  We can have information about nominations for this award at our HR Fair table.  Current members of Staff Council are not eligible for this award.
Staff Breakfast- Date is April 9th beginning at 7:30 am.   Volunteers on this committee are Lisa, Julie, Barb, and Dede.  Lisa told us what is done so far:  Bookstore will sell their wares; Summit Singers (7:30- 7:45; Fr. Malone will do the Blessing; Dr. Sullivan will speak at 8:00 for about 10 minutes; John Bannigan from the Development Office has an entertaining video (5 -10 minutes); there is no scholarship award recipient this year; the supervisor of the Staff Appreciation Award recipient will be invited to introduce him/her; winners of the election for NESC will be introduced; and door prizes will be given out.  Current Staff Council members will be introduced and asked to stand.
Debbie would like ANY help with donations for Silent Auction.  She has lots of prizes in the works.  Mark Vangsgard needs to be contacted about donating the parking pass.  Barb Joynson will ask Tony Erickson about a prize donation from the Bookstore.  Other suggestions were asking Dr. Sullivan about a prize of lunch with her. Dede will check with Vanessa Ryan about donation from Tommie Central. Laurie suggested getting some of the “to-go” boxes from Dining Services.  If you have any ideas of businesses that could donate, send Debbie an e-mail as soon as possible.

University Committee Up-dates:

Welcome Committee- We are still giving our Cookbooks.  Debbie said we could use more as our supply is low.

Budget Advisory- The University will be hiring some of the positions made vacant by retirement.  New faculty and staff positions will be in Engineering and Social Work.  Capitol expenses will be for the new Engineering and Recycling building on the south campus.  Also new roofs are needed on TMH and MHC.  The Art History and International Education buildings will be remodeled.  Currently, UST stands in about the middle for total college costs when compared to the top 25 Catholic Universities.  Enrollment is down for next year so we were asked to be good Ambassadors for the University.  Students at UST who were asked did not want to go to the model like Concordia with no financial aid and just a base sticker price tuition, they prefer to be “rewarded” for their hard work.  There is value associated with the Financial Aid.

Strategic Planning-  Mike Cogan and Dr. Corrine Carvalho will be our guests today at 12:00.  Members introduced themselves to Corri and Mike.  They told us that they currently have seven Strategic Goals; One University, Excellence in Learning and Student Engagement, Excellence in Teaching and Professional Engagement, Catholic Mission, Diversity and Inclusive Culture, Globalization and Operational Excellence.  They want to have broad representation on all subcommittees.  They had an overwhelming response for these positions.  Two hundred employees applied for 30 spots!  They invited us to visit the website, which is attached to the President’s web page.  The site is interactive and the tools allow us to connect to the goals.  All responses go directly to the subcommittees and you can sign up to get automatic updates on topics of interest.  Their goal is transparency in this process and they want people to feel protected with as much anonymity as possible.  They feel the Steering Committee is strong and our NESC President, Lisa Keiser, has been a great contributor.  They feel Staff ideas are very important.
This raised the problem of communication with NESC Staff in Dining Services and the Physical Plant who may not have frequent access to computers.  They may be underrepresented and we discussed how we can reach out to them.  Lisa suggested the possibility of Department meetings as a way for them to participate.
Corri talked about the separating “teaching” (professional engagement) from “learning” (student engagement).  They expressed an interest in all Goals and would like to get discussions going and into the system with an emphasis on “getting it done”.  There will be ongoing planning and dialogue to build a foundation for continuous planning.  We discussed assistance with Staff Development through Supervisors, and getting dollars for training other than the Leadership Academy.
Corey mentioned that he liked the idea of “one University”, but said that the opportunities for us to help are not clear.  Mike and Corri said that what they need from us is units or groups of administrators to meet with them and talk about ideas about what is and what is not working.  They talked about “shared governance” and said all ideas/feedback will be considered.  We talked about all of the change at the University with 92 employees retiring.  They see this as an opportunity for change.  They will go through all the studies done and see what needs to happen to make things better.  Unless names are added to comments, the contributor will be kept confidential.  If you would like to be called back, please add your name.  Systemic problems and the “bullying” in the supervisor/ employee relationship should not be an issue because these are confidential.

Fringe Benefits-  Pa Nhia said that tuition remission policies are being revised.  They are hard to read and follow.  Their meeting was cancelled again because of the HR Fair.

Sustainability-  Lisa told us that the Farmer’s Market idea has met with some roadblocks through the City of St. Paul.  There appears to be a problem with access in the south campus for trucks.  They are also exploring the idea of obtaining solar panels through a grant at a great price.

Wellness-  This committee meets today.

New Business:

  Dr. Alexander would like our help in quieting false rumors about hiring to replace early retirees.  She would like us to reassure employees that there is a process for hiring for these positions.  It was agreed that it would be better to do this with colleagues in person and not post the letter on our website.

Letter to Leadership Academy-  Julie composed a formal letter asking HR to provide basic classes for beginning computer users and for these classes to be offered at times that are convenient and accessible for NESC employees who work varying shifts.  Since many of these employees don’t have access to e-mail, they could possibly sign up at the PHP desk.  Ann mentioned that some of the tutorials on line are good, but definitely not for beginners.
Retirees- We discussed a way to keep retirees linked to UST, but we are not sure if this is within the scope of our power.  Linked-in and Etsy were mentioned but maintenance of something like this might be an issue. Barb Joynson thought it would be nice to send a card with a coupon for coffee or a cookie to our constituents who elected to take the early retirement option.  This will be considered when we get a cost estimate for our Staff Breakfast and do a check on our budget.  Many employees are being asked to write training manuals for their position.   Barb suggested that we check with HR and possibly give suggestions for new staff training on basic things about navigating the University.

Our meeting was adjourned at 12:35.
Respectfully submitted,
Dede Hering, NESC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, March 21, 2014 - DRAFT

Non-Exempt Staff Council Meeting Minutes- Draft
Friday, March 21, 2014 11:00 am- 12:30 pm
Location:  ASC 240

Members in attendance:  Beth Bergfield, Laurie Dimond, Dede Hering, Lisa Keiser, Julie Kimlinger, Pa Nhia Lee, Rick Morcos, Ann Schiffer, Bill Zych        Unable to attend: Debbie Cattoor, Corey Getchell, Barb Joynson

Welcome:   Lisa welcomed us.  Rick Morcos updated us on PHP happenings. 

Minutes:  Minutes for February were not posted and Dede forgot to bring copies, so we will address approval of the February minutes at our next meeting.  One change noted was that Beth also volunteered for the Staff Breakfast Committee.  She will be included in future meetings.

Budget Report:  Corey is absent today due to work activities, so Lisa reported that we have about $3,400. In our Budget at this time.  She has requested food for 250 people for the Staff Breakfast.  Last Year’s request was for 240 and it seemed to be adequate.

University Committee Up-dates:

Strategic Planning- Lisa is on the Operational Excellence subcommittee.  They are meeting about once a week.  They have been getting lot of on-line feedback.  Lisa asked if Corri Carvalho and Mike Cogan should be invited to our Staff Appreciation Breakfast.  We agreed it would be good for them to have a table so staff could give personal input and also have our notepads on each table if someone wanted to submit a suggestion or ask a question.  Dede will prepare a box, in case people wanted their comment to be anonymous.  

Diversity and Inclusion-  The name of this committee has officially changed.  Mari Ann Graham is the chair.  Rick could not attend the last meeting, but gave us info from the minutes of the meeting.  He will attend the next meeting.  The climate of hiring is a concern.  Statistics are a bit deceiving but our record has been only acceptable, especially in the area of female hires, and they are aiming for better than that.  There are some roadblocks in HR that need to be resolved to improve the situation.

Fringe Benefits- Pa Nhia said this committee hasn’t met for 3 months for various reasons, but do have a meeting scheduled for next week.  She is on the search committee to select the new AVP and reported that the top 3 candidates have been selected and should be on campus for open interviews soon.  She also stated that Mark Vangsgard is now responsible for the HR Department.  Sara Gross Methner is the General Counsel (no longer the HR Director) for the University and she will also report to Mark Vangsgard.

Old Business:
Election up-date-  Beth gave us on-line results of the election and reported that we received 125 on line votes;  98 from StP, 20 from Mpls. and 1 from Owatonna, also one duplicate that was tossed.  Rick will pick up ballot boxes on south campus from the Binz and the science building.  Dede will retrieve the Dining Services in Minneapolis and Julie will be sure to get the PHP from north campus and Minneapolis.  Beth will tabulate all results.  We decided to call all nominees.  Julie will call the people selected and Dede volunteered to call the others.  A note that the by-laws will need to be changed next year to reflect a change in the voting process.  We have not selected people by department type as this is very complicated and the number of votes from some departments have been traditionally low.  Candidates who choose to run are not always from specified departments and it depletes our pool of applicants.

Staff Appreciation Award-  Lisa has received 4 or 5 nominations.  She will send out the information on each nominee and ask for a vote from NESC members via e-mail—we can vote for our top 2 choices.  If there is a tie, we will again vote on the top 2 choices.  Lisa will invite the family of the person who wins the award to our Staff Breakfast.  We talked about letting people know they were nominated and mentioning their name at the Breakfast.  We can also have a picture of the award winner for the video screens.

Staff Breakfast- Date is April 9th beginning at 7:30 am.  Lisa distributed the “To-do list” and the Time Table for the event.  Debbie is doing well on prizes, she is out of town and not able to attend our meeting today.  Julie will put an announcement in Newsroom and send out e-mail invites.  She and Beth will also work on flyers with info for PHP and Dining Services areas—they can RSVP on the flyer. 

The Summit Singers are confirmed.  There is a student photographer in the Development Office that will come to take some pictures.  John Bannigan will show a short 5 minute video.  Lisa will invite the “actors” (Cari Haaland, Tanh Pham and Tim Lewis) to the Breakfast.  Lisa will check if we had tablecloths last year.  The tables are newer so we could go without, but they look much nicer. Any centerpiece will go to the person with most years of service to UST.  We can have our notepads on the table for people to submit questions/comments about Strategic Planning.  Dr. Sullivan and Susan Huber have confirmed attendance. We will also invite Doug Hennes, Susan Alexander and Carolyn Milbrath.  Mark Vangsgard is unable to attend.

There was discussion about how to do the prizes.  It was decided to draw in advance for all but the top 5 prizes and the silent auction winners and do the rest in advance from the RSVP’s we have received.  We will post the winners on the video board in the Woulfe.  Julie volunteered to do a power point for this and we will request a tech person to be in the room to help with the video boards.  Prizes can be collected at the end of the breakfast at tables we will have set up just outside the room. We will again state that you must be present to win the prizes.  Positive feedback was given last year about not announcing winners during the Breakfast because it was so disruptive.   Rick, Laurie and Pa Nhia volunteered to work at the “prize table”.  Julie, Beth, Ann and Bill volunteered to work with the Silent Auction.

Bill Z will bring the Banner and other items from Minneapolis that were used for the HR fair table.  Dede will check on parking for him in ASC garage for that morning since he will have a lot to carry. 

New Business:
Meeting with Mark Vangsgard-  Lisa met with Mark yesterday.  He wanted to clarify his understanding of the purpose of our Staff Council.  She told him about the events we sponsor for UST.  He feels that the role of our NESC can be important to the Strategic Planning goal of “One University”.  He would like us to sponsor 3 or 4 events that engage the entire UST Community.  We already do this with our Office Swap, All-Staff Forum, The Staff Appreciation Breakfast and our Scholarship.  He would like to see a commitment from our group to also head the Children’s Christmas party each year.  Laurie expressed concern that the role of NESC should not be only a “party” group, but as “change makers” on our campus; mentioning improvements made for members by past councils such as the employee purchased leave time and establishment of the Leadership Academy.  Our Council was also a help to HR when there was a major job reclassification from exempt to hourly.  She wants us to have a voice in HR.  Other members wondered if it might be a conflict of interest if our group reports to HR.  Ann said that there needs to be checks and balances.  Carolyn Milbrath told Lisa when they met that HR has no plan to take control of our group.  Lisa and Julie both thought that our committee could serve a dual role, as a voice for our members, and also for community engagement.  Dede suggested that this topic be explored further when Carolyn is a guest at our April meeting.  Bottom line in Lisa’s discussion with Mark is that he would like us to commit to being in charge of the Christmas Party for Employee’s children and grandchildren, he did not think it would be a good idea for us to co-sponsor it with the Exempt Staff Council.  He may ask the Exempt Council to be in charge of the Staff Golf Outing.

After discussion by members, Rick Marcos made a motion that the NESC coordinate the Children’s Christmas Party as a function of our group.  Beth seconded the motion.  All approved.  Lisa will request a date to reserve the Fieldhouse for the party in December so we won’t run into the problem we had this year with booking it.

NESC Scholarship-  Lisa reported that there were 7 people that applied for the scholarships.  All but one would use it for a J-term.  The international Education Center group determines who will be awarded the scholarships.

Our meeting was adjourned at 12:35.
Respectfully submitted,
Dede Hering, NESC Secretary