Our Mission

The Non-Exempt Staff Council (NESC) aspires to build a strong and healthy workplace by fostering communication with the University’s administration and its constituents, identifying and advocating for common interests, focusing on collaboration and building community within the University.


2014-2015 Non-Exempt Staff Council Officers

Chair: Beth Bergfield

Vice Chair: Debbie Cattoor

Treasurer: Pa Nhia Lee

Secretary: Ann Serdar


We invite your suggestions, feedback, comments:

Contact any of the council members or click the purple "Contact Us" button on this page.

We welcome your ideas and questions any time throughout the year.

I heard I can get discounted meals at the View and Binz - how does that work?

If you purchase a meal plan at the Card Office you will get ten meals at the View or the Binz for the cost of $70.00  ($7.00 per meal.)   There is no expiration date. 

Currently meal prices without the Meal Plan are:

  • breakfast $7.90
  • lunch $8.75
  • dinner $9.85

This perk provides a nice savings, fun food choices, and the only restrictions to keep in mind are:  1) this benefit is for UST faculty and staff only, and 2) must be paid for with cash or personal check.

Where and when are the 2014 Vitality Wellness Biometric Screenings going to take place?

Vitality Wellness Screenings
will be held March 18, 19 and 20, 2014
Human Resources invites employees to participate in free wellness biometric screenings.

The screenings will take place on both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses:

-          Tuesday March 18: Minneapolis Campus – Terrence Murphy Hall, Room 301

-          Wednesday March 19: St. Paul Campus – McNeely Hall, Room 100

-          Thursday March 20:  St. Paul Campus – McNeely Hall, Room 100


The biometric screenings, administered by Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL), are a health assessment opportunity that can help you identify and uncover potential health problems before they become more serious. The screenings include blood pressure tests, weight and height measurements, and blood draws that will undergo more than 25 lab tests to measure cholesterol, glucose, iron, calcium, potassium and triglycerides, and other values that health professionals commonly review to assess your health.


Fasting for 9-12 hours prior to the screening is required. While fasting, continue to take all medications, follow other guidance as provided by your physician and drink plenty of water.


The assessment is confidential, and you will receive a customized report of your results, which you can share and discuss with your personal physician. St. Thomas will not receive copies of individual reports and will not know your individual results.


Register by Phone:

Register for your screening by calling CRL Wellness Group at 800-311-3559.


Register through Vitality:

To register for your screening, please log into your Vitality portal at www.PowerofVitality.com and navigate to Get Healthy > Vitality Check > How to get a Vitality Check > Employer Preferred Partner and select the link under CRL and follow the steps below:

-          Choose an event and screening time click “Sign Up”

-          Review your information and click “Confirm”


Your appointment is scheduled! (Reminder: please bring your confirmation page with you to your onsite event.)

Note: If you have not yet signed up for Vitality, please register for your account following the below instructions:

1.         Go to the Vitality website, www.PowerofVitality.com

2.         Click on “Register Today!”

3.         Complete all required (*) fields: first and last name, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security number

4.         Once your information is validated, the system will ask you to create a username and password.

5.         Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

6.         Enter a security question.

7.         The process is complete.

If you have questions about the registration process, please contact the CRL Wellness Group at 800-311-3559 or wellnessgroup@crlcorp.com.

If you have any other questions about the wellness screenings, please contact the HR-Benefits office at 651-962-6520 or benefits@stthomas.edu.


What does the Staff Council do?

Members of the NESC (non-exempt staff council) serve all hourly employees at the University of St. Thomas.  Some of our activities include:  welcome back to campus event in the fall;  office supply swap;  staff appreciation breakfast in the spring; various outreach programs that provide donations to local charities;   sponsorship of a study abroad scholarship for children of hourly staff members; and more.   We want to do all we can to be sure that all hourly staff members are aware of the benefits available to you by virtue of working at St. Thomas and we work to promote clear and open communication between staff and administration.

What are some of the perks of being a staff member at St. Thomas?

There are many advantages of working at St. Thomas and they are listed in the Benefits Handbook on the HR website - included are descriptions of these great perks and many others:

Credit Union on Campus - 209 Loras Hall

Convenience Store in Student Center

Service Center for your printing needs: invitations, stationery, posters, etc.

Post Office in Murray Herrick basement

Bonus of 10% when you put money into your Express Account.  Add funds online at get.cbord.com/stthomas with a credit card OR by automatic payroll deduction (fill out the form on the Payroll website).  For example:  put $100.00 onto your card - you are credited with $110.00!

Discounted Meals at the View and the Binz when you put money into your Express account - you can just use your ID at so many lcoations!

Who are the Tommie Walkers? How can I join them?

Tommie Walkers:

Sponsored by the Wellness Committee, Tommie Walkers meet from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. every Wednesday in the AARC. Check in at the desk and walk the entire time, or for as long as you can. There is also a group that meets in Minneapolis (meet in the hall outside of Food for Thought, near its checkout).  This is another great opportunity to earn Vitality points and to meet Wellness Committee members. Come by yourself or bring a co-worker—or two or three!  

If you have any questions, please contact

HR-Benefits at benefits@stthomas.edu or 651-962-6520.

Tommie Hostess Baskets for Sale!

Cookbook goes Gourmet!   Inside this delightful purple mixing bowl you will find a Tommie Cookbook, Tommie apron, darling homemade hotpads sewn using the UST purple bandana, and more.   Each purchase helps fund the NESC Scholarship Fund.

Baskets are $20.00 each.